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Vietnam is an Asian country known for a lot of things, but most of them have nothing to do with the amazing female population of Vietnam. We mostly know about the fascinating history, marvellous beaches, and addictive cuisine of Vietnam. However, if you are a single man looking for a perfect wife, there are many reasons why you should choose a Vietnamese bride, and here is everything you need to know about Vietnamese women for marriage.

Why Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Vietnamese mail order brides are coveted not only internationally, but also by men from other Asian countries. The popularity of Vietnamese women for marriage is the result of their lovely character and numerous attractive relationship qualities. These are just some of the things you will love about Vietnamese brides.

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They look like fairytale princesses

Itโ€™s impossible to meet a Vietnamese woman online or in person without noting her stunning appearance. Vietnamese girls are not very tall, but they have exceptionally feminine figures. Most Vietnamese women have long, straight, black hair and very expressive facial features. Vietnamese women are fans of natural beauty and rarely make any drastic changes in their appearances. You will also love the fashion sense of Vietnamese girls, which is both elegant and slightly revealing.

They are humble and undemanding

Most Vietnamese girls donโ€™t grow up with too many material goods or an outstanding treatment of men in their lives. That is why, when you meet a Vietnamese bride and treat her with respect and care, she wonโ€™t demand anything else from the relationship. Vietnamese mail order brides are not the type of women who will constantly nag you with new material demands or complain that they donโ€™t get enough attention from you, which makes a relationship or marriage to a Vietnamese bride easy and satisfying.

They have no problem with loving one man for the rest of their lives

Vietnamese girls have rather old-fashioned views on love, dating, and marriage. They are completely monogamous individuals whose ultimate goal is to find someone good and love him forever. When a Vietnamese bride is in a relationship, let alone married, she will never even get the thought of being unfaithful to her partner. When dating a Vietnamese girl, her loyalty is something you will never need to question.

What Are Vietnamese Wives Like?

Vietnamese mail order brides would have never gotten so popular if they didnโ€™t also make some of the best wives on the planet. If you are still in doubt over marrying a Vietnamese bride or looking for other options, here is why a Vietnamese wife will make you a forever happy man.

A Vietnamese wife will not challenge your leadership

Most Vietnamese women are brought up in patriarchal environments, where the woman is treated with respect but the man is still the undisputed leader of the household. Whatโ€™s even more important is that Vietnamese women for marriage have no problem with the same distribution of power in their own families. A Vietnamese wife will confidently hand over the most important decisions in the family to you, while she will offer her support and wise input.

Vietnamese wives will do anything for their loved ones

Family ties are very strong in Vietnamese culture and itโ€™s going to be even more apparent in your own marriage to a Vietnamese wife. Vietnamese women can often tell when their family needs them and they will always be there for their husbands and children. A Vietnamese woman will never choose work or seeing her friends over spending time with her family. Your Vietnamese wife will always first take care of her loved ones and only then consider doing something else.

The cooking skills of Vietnamese wives will impress anyone

The kitchen is a source of pride for a Vietnamese wife and a place where she truly shines. Vietnamese women donโ€™t just cook by following the recipes from TV shows or cookbooks. They use their own experience, instincts, and knowledge of flavors to whip up dishes that everyone loves from the first bite. With a Vietnamese mail order bride as your partner, you will find a new appreciation for home cooking.

Why Are Vietnamese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Some Vietnamese girls are perfectly content with the life they have in their home country, but they are not the ones actively looking for foreign husbands to take them abroad forever. The main reason why Vietnamese mail order brides want to marry foreigners is that they want to make their lives better: more prosperous, safer, and filled with love and respect. Vietnamese women believe that they can achieve it all with foreign husbands, and in most cases, they are not wrong. They also watch Western guys in movies and TV shows, and they are undeniably attracted to that confident, sensible, and respectful image of a man.

The Guide on Marrying a Vietnamese Woman

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Tips on dating a Vietnamese girl

In this day and age, you cannot simply marry a Vietnamese girl without getting to know her better for a few months or even years. When you are just beginning your romance, these five tips will help you make the relationship nearly perfect.

  • Pick nice venues for your dates. Vietnamese girls are completely unspoiled and many of them have not had a lot of fine dining experience in their lives. Choose fancy locations to instantly impress your bride.
  • Cover the expenses. Needless to say, the costs of the date should only be covered by you, and that includes not only paying for the dinner, but also covering her ride home and buying a nice gift before the date.
  • Listen carefully to everything she says. Vietnamese women are not too talkative, but they can share a lot with a man they like. You can find out more about her thoughts, tastes and opinions if you just listen carefully enough.
  • Avoid drinking too much. Vietnamese girls either donโ€™t drink alcohol at all or drink very little and only on very special occasions. When you are on a date and you drink too much, she will be instantly turned off.
  • Never miss a chance to get to know her. After a few dates, and if things go well between you, a Vietnamese bride can invite you to spend some time with her friends and family. Consider it to be your lucky day, as you will learn more about your bride than ever before!

Meeting Vietnamese bride parents: 3 tips

Getting an invitation to meet the parents of your Vietnamese mail order bride can only mean one thing: she is serious about you and can easily see herself getting married to you. Use these tips to make the best possible impression on her parents.

  • Follow their lead. Vietnamese people are very diverse and their personalities depend on many factors, including their income and where they live. However, if you are attentive enough, you will see how you need to behave from their cues.
  • Show respect for the elders. If you are meeting not just the mom and the dad, but also the grandparents and other elders of the family, you need to pay them particular respects. Offer them food, assistance, and ask them for advice on anything.
  • Get ready for uncomfortable questions. The Vietnamese parents of your bride will want to know if you are ready to start a family, how many children you want, what your job position is, and lots of other things that you may not expect on the first meeting.

Vietnamese wedding customs and laws

A Vietnamese wedding is one of the most essential parts of culture in Vietnam, so you can rest assured your bride and her family will put in a lot of time, effort, and money into making the wedding flawless. These are the 5 things you will see at every Vietnamese wedding.

  • Traditional engagement. A few days before the ceremony, the groom and his closest people in the social circle will visit the brideโ€™s parents at their family home. The groom will bear gifts and will officially ask for the brideโ€™s hand in marriage
  • Tea and candle ceremony. A central part of a Vietnamese wedding is the tea and candle ceremony. The couple will serve green or chrysanthemum tea to every guest of the wedding, starting with the elders, and in the end, they will light a symbolic candle.
  • Ao dai. Traditionally, both the bride and the groom wear ao dai to a Vietnamese wedding. Itโ€™s a classic gown that can come in all shades and patterns. You and your bride can choose completely identical ao dai or go for slightly different versions.
  • Optional white wedding. A popular way to celebrate a wedding between a Vietnamese bride and a foreign groom is to have a white wedding right after the traditional ceremony. However, some couples prefer to incorporate a few Western wedding traditions into the ceremony without creating two separate events.
  • Making the rounds. During the wedding reception, the newlyweds will go from table to table, thanking the guests for coming and listening to their well-wishes and advice on happy married life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Vietnamese brides have a problem with English?

English does not have any official status in Vietnam and the older generations of Vietnamese people, especially when they live far from the major Vietnamese cities, speak little to no English. However, most young women have a fairly good knowledge of English and will be quick to get better at it once they meet a many they want to marry.

How many children do Vietnamese mail order brides want?

Many Vietnamese girls grow up in households with multiple children, and while a small percentage of them also want to build big families, most of them are completely fine with one or two children. They prefer to give more resources to fewer kids over dividing their time and finances between more children than they can handle.

Does my financial situation matter to a Vietnamese bride?

The only thing a Vietnamese bride doesnโ€™t want in marriage is being with someone who has less money than her. If your financial situation is even slightly better and more stable than your Vietnamese brideโ€™s finances and as long as you have a house for your family to live in, she will not ask for more than you can give to her.

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