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When talking about Asian mail order brides, Thai women are among the first ones to be mentioned. Thai mail order brides are one of the largest groups of foreign women for marriage and their popularity dates back to the 20th centuries, when thousands of Thai brides moved to other countries for marriage. These days, their popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and there are many reasons for it. Here are the most important facts about Thai women for marriage.

Why Are Thai Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

There are many qualities about Thai mail order brides that will turn you into their fan, and while some of them are obvious from the first glance, others may take you a while to uncover.

thai mail order brides

They captivate you with their looks

The first thing you notice when looking for Thai women for marriage is how beautiful they all look. Thai girls have set a new standard of Asian beauty: not only are their features refined and balanced, but they also invest a lot of effort into looking their best every day. The most common beauty features of Thai women include sunkissed skin, silky black hair, and striking facial features. Thai girls are petite, very fit, and look younger than they really are.

They are incredibly easy to be around

When you are getting to know a Thai woman or are already dating her, you will never need to think too hard about what to say next or worry about the way she feels about you. Thai women are like an open book and when they have feelings about you, they find it impossible to hide them. You can easily make a Thai girl laugh, talk to you about anything, or agree to do something sheโ€™s never done before just to make you happy.

They will make you feel special

When you are dating a Thai girl, you can rest assured that no other man will ever get in her field of vision. A Thai woman in a relationship is someone who directs 100% of her time and attention to the man she loves. Her attention can take a variety of forms, from packing you a nice homemade lunch for work to remembering an important date in your life and organizing a spontaneous romantic date to celebrate the occasion.

What Are Thai Wives Like?

thai mail order brides

Western men would never go through the hassle of marrying a Thai mail order bride if it didnโ€™t result in the most loving, fulfilling marriage you could ever imagine.

The only thing they care about is family

For a Thai woman, the decision to get married is a very serious one. When she agrees to be with just one man until the end of times, she absolutely means it. From the moment you are officially together, let alone have children, you will become your Thai wifeโ€™s top priority. No matter how busy she may be, she will always find the time to attend to your needs and make you want to get home as soon as possible.

They consider home duties to be their prerogative

A Thai wife is not someone who will insist on splitting house chores or make a scene when you donโ€™t do the dishes after dinner. Thai women are brought up in very traditional families where the mothers are fully responsible for household duties, and they are in no rush to change this setup once they get married. Thai wives will appreciate your help once in a while, but they are more than happy to do everything themselves.

They will be the backbone of your union

No matter how much you work or how many other commitments you may have, you can always expect your wife to wait for you at home with a warm dinner, a cup of tea, and all the time in the world you need. You can share anything with your Thai wife and expect her unconditional support, a wise piece of advice, and even a reality check when you need it.

Why Are Thai Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are several reasons why so many Thai girls eventually become mail order brides and move to other countries for marriage. First and most importantly, a typical Thai woman is simply in love with the image of a Western man. She considers him to have everything she is looking for in a partner, and even the thought of leaving Thailand for good doesnโ€™t stop her in her plans.

Second, Thai women know that life in Western countries can often be easier, safer, and offer a higher standard of living than their home country. If a Thai girl is not born into a wealthy family, she has very limited opportunities in nearly every aspect of life, and many Thai brides believe itโ€™s completely unfair. That is why they try to achieve better living conditions by marrying a foreigner.

The Guide on Marrying a Thai Woman

hot thai woman

Tips on dating a Thai girl

Dating a Thai girl is a crucial step on your way to marrying her. Knowing that you are a foreigner who may not be completely familiar with the dating culture in Thailand, a Thai bride will likely try to make things easier for you. These are some ways for you to make the relationship with a Thai mail order bride happy and satisfying.

  • Become a good listener. If you are attentive enough, you can find out everything youโ€™ve ever wanted to know about the Thai woman you are dating. You can then use that knowledge to secure your status as the perfect boyfriend.
  • Donโ€™t ignore the differences in your backgrounds. There is a high probability that you and your Thai date come from completely different walks of life. However, instead of trying to ignore those differences, you can introduce you to your way of living and experience hers afterwards.
  • Show off your gentlemanly side. Thai women are not very used to polite and respectful treatment from local men, so when you see you behave differently, they will be much more likely to consider you for a serious relationship and marriage.
  • Discuss your future together. A Thai bride will be fine with just dating for a while, but in order to feel confident in the relationship, she needs to envision a future together with you. You need to be the one initiating discussions about marriage, children, and family life.
  • Donโ€™t make any advancements early on. Thai girls have an unfair reputation for being easy, but the truth is that they donโ€™t take a relationship lightly, especially when they are interested in marrying the guy. That is why she may need more time to get to the next stages of a relationship than women from your own country.

Meeting Thai bride parents: 3 tips

The opinion of her parents is extremely important to a Thai bride and the impression you make on them during your first meeting will have a huge impact on your brideโ€™s attitude to you. Here is how you can get your future Thai in-laws to like you from the first visit.

  • Be polite but not too formal. Smiling politely, talking calmly, letting them talk first, and avoiding any heated arguments is a surefire way to success when you are meeting the parents of your Thai bride. At the same time, you shouldnโ€™t be too formal โ€” they want to see the real you.
  • Know how to take a joke. Even on your first meeting, you may become the subject of many jokes at the family table. If you are overly sensitive, then you may not like this peculiarity of Thai parents, but itโ€™s actually a sign of them liking you and accepting you into their family.
  • Prepare to have a good time. The parents of your Thai mail order bride will want you to have the best impression of their family and Thailand in general. That is why they will invite you to various celebrations, insist on you meeting more distant members of the family, and experiencing the best aspects of life in Thailand.

Thai wedding customs and laws

A wedding in Thailand is always a religious event โ€” specifically, itโ€™s a Buddhist ceremony with numerous traditions, some of which are several centuries old. When getting ready for your own Thai wedding, you will need to spend a lot of time learning, and here are the 5 most essential steps of a traditional Thai wedding.

  • Make Merit ceremony. Before the wedding, the bride and the groom need to invite 9 Buddhist monks to their home or the wedding venue and serve them food and drinks, as well as make donations to their temple in exchange for a blessing.
  • Khan Maak procession. During the Khan Maak ceremony, the groom will lead a colorful procession to his brideโ€™s home, where the party will give the brideโ€™s parents a dowry plus some traditional Thai gifts.
  • Going through the gates. When you arrive at the brideโ€™s house and want to see your bride, you will first need to pass through a series of symbolic guests, constructed by the brideโ€™s family and friends, by answering questions or even paying money.
  • Pouring the water. An important step of a Thai wedding ceremony is pouring the holy water from a shell on the hands of the newlyweds. The pouring will be done by the closest family members and guests one by one.
  • The marital bed. Finally, after a long day of celebrating, you and your new wife arrive in your room. However, before you can relax and enjoy each otherโ€™s company, you will need to accept the final gifts from your parents and listen carefully to their lecture on married life and keeping each other happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Thai bride only interested in my finances and citizenship?

A common stereotype about Thai mail order brides is that the only reason they marry foreign men at all is to get permanent status and financial stability in another country. However, while your financial situation does matter a lot to a Thai bride, she will need to feel a genuine attraction to you to agree to become your wife.

Will my Thai brideโ€™s parents be too involved in our marriage?

Thai parents can often be overbearing to their daughters, and itโ€™s especially true for young Thai mail order brides moving to a different country for marriage. However, they are wise enough to know that no man wants his in-laws to be too involved in his married life. They may give your Thai wife advice from time to time, but it doesnโ€™t have to impact your marriage if you donโ€™t want it to.

How difficult is it for Thai women to get used to living in a new country?

Thai women are famously resilient and flexible. They can survive any changes and conditions in their home country, and those qualities become even more apparent when a Thai bride moves out of Thailand. Your Thai wife will have no problem getting accustomed to life in your country and will soon feel like a native.

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