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The Secret of Puerto Rican Mail Order Brides

Women from the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico are gentle and sensitive. Besides, their well-shaped bodies and passionate dances make men crazy. The tips below help reveal the mystery of these precious ladies.

Tropical beauty

A tanned skin touched by the southern sun, dark or black eyelashes and eyebrows, brown curly hair alongside perfect body shape without excessive weight are the main attractions of these beauties. They support their perfect physical condition in all ages. Besides, Puerto Rican women love bright and pretty outfits, dressing themselves tastefully and skillfully. Altogether it makes a pleasant impression of femininity.

Expressive and passionate

Sincere, passionate, hot, prone to flirting women, Puerto Rican brides always say the truth, never lie. They are always open to any ideas, eager for discussions and seldom argue. Being self-confident and acting in the way they like and think correct, they do everything with passion and ardor, demonstrating a high level of energy and lust for life.


Itโ€™s a wrong opinion that Puerto Rican girls are undereducated. They are smart and clever and have a wide outlook. Physical attractiveness is combined with the inner beauty in them. They know much about Puerto Rican traditions and customs, learn thoroughly the history of their nation. Being open to the new information about other countries, Latino mail order brides are pleasant companions in your travels and good interlocutors.

Wide outlook

Puerto Rican brides are quite different from the European or North American women due different cultures and values they are brought up in. They are industrious and hardworking. Due to their working capacity, they also are engaged in hobbies and pay much time to them. The most prominent are singing and dancing. Cute and energetic salsa dance is an obligatory skill for almost every female in Puerto Rico.

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What are Puerto Rican Wives Like?

With a Puerto Rican wife, you are sure to get the best wife ever. These women make their beloved happy in their families during their whole life.

Puerto Rican lovable chicks seem to be light-minded. However, these mail order brides, on the contrary, are brought up with the strongest family values, which make them quite different from the western feminists. Family is on the first place for a Puerto Rican woman as soon as she becomes a wife. She puts aside their friends, work and hobbies and devotes herself to a husband and kids.

Puerto Rican wives never compete in the family. They recognize their husband as the only leader in a family allowing him to decide on the most important issues himself and never argue. However, these women make their men assured in their support.

The cooking skills of Puerto Rican girls are prominent. They learn the tastiest dishes receipts from their moms and never need prompts from reference books or life hacks. After a few weeks of the treats cooked by these excellent chefs, be prepared to gain some extra kilos.

These women for marriage are economic and are not prone to spending money. They value the efforts in earning the living of their spouses, support them and try making reasonable purchases.

Puerto Rico women bring up their children themselves, rendering them main family values, a history and customs of their nation.

Why are Puerto Rican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Although the Puerto Rican brides are family oriented, they do not hustle to marry Puerto Rico men. Latino beauties consider them less reliable, wealthy and interesting as foreign spouses.

Gorgeous women of Puerto Rico eagerly participate in dating websites considering them effective for their dream, which marriage with a foreign single is. Girls have such an aim due to several reasons.

The natural curiosity pushes Puerto Rico females out of their family nests, however their traditional beliefs do not allow them to travel freely and live without restrictions. The best way to investigate the world and life in different countries for these Latino ladies is marriage with a foreigner, which is a real possibility to change their lives for the better. 

They also want their spouses to be men from the countries with good economies and high life standards, possessing high income or big assets. Thus, their children will become well-to-do people being the best manifestation of the success these women achieve.

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The Guide on Marrying Puerto Rican Women

3 Main Tips to Date Puerto Rican Girls

To impress a Puerto Rican lady and invite a mail order bride to a date, only a few recommendations are needed. If a female has some positive attitude toward you, she will try to reveal your best qualities and fall in love with you.

  1. Learn some Puerto Rican facts from their culture and traditions. The most prominent of them is salsa dance. Almost all girls can dance it. Learn some steps to become her dancing partner. You are sure to enjoy these flexible movements with your curvy and hot Puerto Rican mail order bride.
  2. Puerto Rican girls are not hunters for money. However, as all women they love gifts or flowers. These simple manifestations of your attention will impress them.
  3. Avoid getting acquainted with women in the streets, or at least be attentive, polite and courtesy. Say compliments but be sincere. Remember, that unlike western women, these Latino beauties have a more traditional outlook and family values upbringing. Be patient, make her trust you and she will reveal her feelings to you openly.

Meeting Puerto Rican Brideโ€™s Parents

Puerto Rican young women do not leave the native house of their parents at 18. Living together until they get married, they make big families. Sometimes grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts live under the same roof. 

All family members are usually amiable and kind. The people of this country are expressive, so be ready for numerous hugs and kisses with your future in-laws.

To reveal your best features, think thoroughly about the information that you will disclose about yourself. Just be frank and sincere, avoid ambiguous facts and arrogance.

One of the best ways to meet your new relatives is to organize the party yourself. However, even if youโ€™ve already been invited to your Puerto Rican mail order brideโ€™s house, be polite with everybody and try to bring along small presents, not forgetting about something for a dining table.

Puerto Rican Wedding Believes and Superstitions

Spanish roots make traditional Puerto Rican weddings something special. It quite differs from western celebrations. Here are the most remarkable facts

A wedding ceremony

Marriage in Puerto Rico resembles Spanish ceremonies and is carried out in catholic churches. In the presence of a priest newlywed give their vows and exchange rings. The only difference is a traditional Puerto Rican โ€œArrasโ€. This is a tray with 13 golden coins, which is blessed by the priest and handed out to a bridegroom. He in his turn presents it to a bride to symbolize financial success and happiness of the couple, and his readiness to provide for the family.

Wedding centerpiece decorations

There are traditional decorations for the conventional Puerto Rican wedding made of the tropical plants and trees, as palm branches and ferns. Additionally, seashells and candles may be used. One of the main parts of the dining table placed in its head is a doll. This is a Barbie-sized toy wearing the exact copy of a brideโ€™s dress.

A wedding cake

Wedding cakes receipts in Puerto Rico contain traditional southern ingredients (pineapples, cocoanuts), soaked with rum, and are decorated with seashells. Very often, the upper tier is preserved. It is kept frozen until a one-year wedding anniversary.

A brideโ€™s bouquet

The wedding bouquets, including those for the bridesmaids, contain bright local flowers (orchids, amapolas) unlike pastel colored bouquets for western brides. Fans are frequently parts of the bouquets as they are believed to bring luck.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it beneficial to use dating platforms to meet a Puerto Rican mail order bride?

Sunny beaches of the island country of Puerto Rico are very attractive for those who search for vacation and relaxation. However, if you are looking for serious relationships, there is no guarantee that such a trip will result in your happy marriage. Nowadays, mail order bridesโ€™ services are the easiest and the most reliable method of meeting a partner of your dreams, and dating Internet platforms have numerous advantages.

  1. Convenience

Just open your laptop and input the required information in the search engine to define a reliable website listing the gorgeous Puerto Rican mail order brides. Reliable and trusted dating resources are convenient in use, and a match of your life may be found easily.

  1. Quickness

Allow automatic search work for you offering the choice of brides according to your preferences. It will take seconds.

  1. Reliability

Serious dating portals are usually selective in the contacts they list. Providing truthful information about yourself you make the selection process more adequate, thus avoiding frustration in the future. Usually the data is cross-checked. The system will not show you divorced women or women with kids if youโ€™ve asked to omit this in your request.

  1. Versatility

You are just a few clicks of the mouse from your happy life! However, many sites offer additional services to supplement mail order brides search. Usually some extra money is charged for voice messages or video calls, possibility of private photo or video exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of mothers are Puerto Rican mail order brides?

Marrying a Puerto Rican woman you are sure to make a family not only with a gorgeous and hot lady, but also with a perfect mother for your children. 

Puerto Ricans have strong family traditions, influence greatly their decisions and bring up their children with the understanding of these values. Thus, Puerto Rican wives devote all their time and energy to their husbands and kids putting aside other occupations.

What type of men are Puerto Rican brides looking for?

From the point of view of the Puerto Rican females, Western men have many advantages compared to their male compatriots, such as a foreign country of origin with a higher level of life, different culture and openness to new experiences. 

Thus, you have additional scores. However, personal qualities are also important.

  • Taste in dress and style. Gorgeous Puerto Rican women for marriage like beauty, thus they appreciate manโ€™s good look very much.
  • Smartness and education. Bering educated and curious, Puerto Rican girls like interesting conversations and fascinating stories.
  • Leadership and ability to provide for the family. A man is a head of the family, and his role is to earn money. Sometimes, a woman may work after getting married, however, traditional views of this nation are in the main role of a man in earning the family income.
  • Sincerity and compassion. Expressive women from Puerto Rico are very sensitive and vulnerable, so that are looking for the openness and emotional response in their closest family members.

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