Despite being a relatively young country, Croatia has become extremely popular among international love seekers. Stories about happy marriages with Croatian ladies appear every day. The following post reveals some secrets of Croatian ladies and helps you find your international bride among them.

Why Are Croatian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Croatia is a Balkan state with an excellent geographic location. Its climate is mild and warm. The state is renowned for its beaches and resorts. It is no wonder that such a rich land gives birth to beautiful women. In addition, Croatian brides are characterized by character features and talents. Here is what you should know about Croatian brides.

They Are Healthy And Beautiful

Mediterranean cuisine and a national obsession with sports yield results. Croatian girls are tall, slim, and healthy. Multicultural origins also contribute to the natural beauty of Croatian brides. Women of Croatia have good facial features and blond hair in most. 

They Are Active

One will hardly meet a bored Croatian woman. On the contrary, Croatian brides prefer an active way of life and spend their time in motion. Cycling, jogging, and gyms are obligatory parts of leisure time. On the other hand, Croatian women also spend their energy working. Many of them try to build a career and be independent in all senses. 

Croatian Brides Are Communicable

Croatian ladies like meeting friends. Outdoor parties and picnics are among the most popular way to kill time. Excellent communicative skills let them get acquainted with strangers with ease. Add a good sense of humor, and you will understand why so many tourists are amazed by Croatian brides. 

These are the main features that make Croatian brides so popular among men. However, do not forget about the Slavic origins of Croatian women and all the positive stereotypes about Slavic women. What is more, Croatian brides are clever: they learn new things and languages fast, and it seems they can find a way out of every possible situation. 

What Are Croatian Wives Like?

A Croatian wife can make every man happy. Besides natural beauty and excellent character, she has many features of a model wife:

  • Croatian wife is a real friend. When a Croatian wife feels love, she will never betray her husband. She is always ready to help to overcome all difficulties. Croatian women are very devoted. 
  • Croatian wife is hard-working. She is ready to work, make money for the family budget, or care about the household. Besides, Croatian girls learn handiwork and cooking since childhood. 
  • Croatian wife is a caring mother. Croatian wives become magnificent mothers for their children, even if they marry a husband being a parent already. They teach their children different activities and always care about their performance at school. 

A typical Croatian wife will never leave her house untidy and her husband hungry. Numerous talents and natural wisdom help her be a splendid supporter of her man. 

Why Are Croatian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Apart from some apparent factors (curiosity, passion for traveling), Croatian mail order brides have reasons to look for an international husband. Their patriotism is not an obstacle for a willing to marry a man from the other country. 


Croatian population shows equality between men and women. It means that a share of single women with little chance to find a husband in Croatia always exists. Croatian mail order brides are likely to move to Europe to find a man. 


Being a leading country in the Balkan region makes Croatia very attractive for immigrants. Besides that, Croatia has always been a homeland for various peoples and nations. So, Croatian mail order brides got used to the idea of multiculturalism, and they are tolerant of international marriages. 

Career Searches

Though Croatia is a modern European country, its economics cannot be compared with global leaders (Germany, Great Britain, USA, etc.) Many Croatian brides connect international marriages with career opportunities. 

The Guide on Marrying Croatian Women

You have to learn many things to marry a Croatian bride. First, you need to decide how to date her: online or offline. The Internet today gives countless opportunities, so meeting a Croatian mail-order bride online is not a problem. What is more, the Web creates a safe space for the first conversation and removes the awkwardness of the real-life acquaintance.  

You can try to visit Croatia to find a girlfriend there. Despite your choice and way to meet a girlfriend, you need to learn how to arrange a date and what to do next. 

Four Tips on Dating A Croatian Girl

Dating a Croatian girl in real life is not complicated if you know how to act and impress her. The following tips will help you to pass this step with flying colors. 

Be Active

Dinner in a restaurant or a night in a bar sound splendid, but your future Croatian bride can get bored. Suggesting her various activities is a good strategy. Keep in mind the obsession with sports in the country and invite your Croatian bride for hiking, cycling, or skiing in a resort. Do not forget about the beaches. Sometimes, even going to the gym together can be an excellent solution for a date. 

Be Patient 

All Croatian girls seem to be of an extroverted personality. They are very communicative and lively. Consequently, they will talk and express emotions intensively. Get ready for such behavior of your future Croatian wife and learn how to listen.  

Be Smart In Every Sense

Croatian brides are not deprived of attention from the opposite sex. They got used to men who knew how to dress and look perfect. Get yourself a nice outfit and care about your appearance. A visit to a barbershop is recommended before the first date. 

Be a Good Friend

For a Croatian bride, a boyfriend is a friend foremost. You need to be a comfortable person who can support, laugh, and have a good time together. These aspects are more critical than traditional courting. So, get your sense of humor ready and learn something about exciting conversations to amaze your Croatian bride. 

Meeting Croatian Brideโ€™s Parents: Three Tips

Meeting the parents of Croatian brides is an obligatory step before a wedding. Nowadays, it is not that essential, as parents do not rule the life of your bride. However, many men worry and do not know how to act. Here are three tips to ease the process.

Aim for Her Mother

When it comes to the solution over a daughterโ€™s future, a mother has more authority than a father. She will affect the final decision about marriage of every Croatian bride. If you get along with her, consider the job done. 

Relax and Be Yourself

Act as you do with your Croatian bride: be honest and serious about your relationship. Do not try to lie. Show her parents that you will care about their daughter. Finally, remember: you are going to become a part of the family, so show respect and love to your future parents-in-law. 

Arrange a Real Life Meeting

It can be a difficult task in the case of a Croatian mail order bride, but meeting her family personally will raise your chances for success. Be ready to meet all the relatives, not only her parents. Croatian families prefer crowded meetings and holiday celebrations.

Croatian Wedding Customs and Laws 

Globalization has modified Croatian weddings. More young people prefer the so-called American marriage (the one without long celebrations but with a honeymoon trip). However, some traditions and wedding customs still take place:

  • A tradition similar for the majority of Slavic nations presupposes a ransom for a bride. A bridegroom and his father offer the brideโ€™s friends money and ask them to show her. 
  • Traditionally, a wedding menu contains many fish dishes and no fowl food. Fish is believed to bring luck and health to future children. A fowl can fly away and steal the happiness of a young family. 
  • The church wedding is an obligatory part of the ceremony, even if a Croatian bride is an atheist. Before the ceremony, a priest lectures a couple and emphasizes the meaning of love and togetherness. 

Generally, a traditional Croatian wedding is a big event with many friends and relatives invited. The central part of the ceremony is likely to be held in an outdoor restaurant or hotel. 


Will Croatian Brides Move Abroad?

It is OK for Croatian girls to move to other countries. They get along with locals and meet new friends fast. What is more, they learn new languages quickly. Many Croatian women live in Germany, Austria, and Italy. 

Are There any Taboos in Conversation with a Croatian Woman?

In comparison with girls from other countries, Croatian ladies are not that sensitive and harmful. They are patriotic, so do not underestimate Croatia and say anything offensive about it. 

How Many Children Are There in an Average Croatian Family?

Like in the rest of European countries, the average household size in Croatia drops. Now it equals 2.7 people. It means that the majority of families have one child, and one-third of them has no children at all. Every Croatian bride is unique, so the attitude to children can vary. However, one or two children seem to be an optimal family size.