American brides are extremely attractive. Many men from Western European countries are ready to travel overseas to meet American women and marry them. What makes these ladies so hot and how to find the right approach to them? Find out from this guide!

Why Are American Girls So Popular: 5 Features That Make Them Amazing

They Are Natural

This is both about their appearance and behavior. As for the look, pretty American women prefer the casual style. They wear plain clothes that are comfortable and help them emphasize their natural beauty. The favorite clothes of sexy American girls are T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, jeans, and sneakers.

Some ladies wear official outfits at work if there is a dress code in the office. Also, some American chicks dress up for parties, putting on bright mini dresses and high heels. But for many women, going out to a cafรฉ or cinema is not a reason to dress up. A lot of girls wear their favorite casual clothes even on dates.

As for behavior, it is not typical for women from the USA to pretend or show off. They are frank and plain, which attracts men to them.

They Are Self-Sufficient

American brides are not the type of women who are looking for men whom they will be dependent on. They have their own opinions on every issue and improve themselves constantly. Career means much to American brides because they believe the presence of their favorite business in life and financial independence to be essential for happiness.

They Love Themselves

All psychologists say that others love people who love themselves. Perhaps, this is the thing that explains the attractiveness of American brides. Their love and respect for themselves are absolute. And this self-assurance and high self-esteem excites men and makes them fall in love with beautiful American girls.

They Are Friendly

Women from the USA are very sociable. They are fond of parties and other events where they can meet new friends. These girls easily find a common language with others because they are positive, talkative, and have a good sense of humor. Also, they are not shy to share their opinions and thoughts on different issues frankly.

They Are Uninhibited

American brides are relaxed and not too shy when they meet men. They easily find topics to discuss and the right jokes to make someone laugh. Thanks to this, it is quite easy to establish contact with a woman from this country. Also, when sexy American girls fall in love, they are not shy to express their feelings for their boyfriends.

What Kind of Men Do American Brides Like?

Are you amazed by ladies from the USA but are not sure whether women from this country are going to reciprocate you? Here is the list of features American brides appreciate the most:

  • Successful and confident. American brides are self-sufficient. Many of them have good careers. Therefore, they are looking for equal men who also have some career achievements and adequate self-esteem.
  • With a good sense of humor. American girls like positive people who can make them laugh. Thus, a good sense of humor is a great instrument for winning the heart of a lady from the USA.
  • Sociable. Ladies from this country like to gather in large companies to have fun. And it is great if a man can join his girlfriend in this.
  • With common interests and hobbies. This is important for American brides because they are looking not just for lovers and fathers of their future children but for true soulmates whom they can always find interesting topics to discuss and fascinating activities to do together.

If you have the features listed above, you have a high chance of making a girl from the USA fall in love with you.

3 Reasons Why Foreigners Choose American Women for Marriage

Before you decide whether it is worth dating an American woman seriously, learn more about the most typical features of the wives from this country.

Hot American Girls Are Awesome Lovers

Women from this country are uninhibited and have no taboos in sex. They like to experiment in bed with their husbands, so love life never becomes boring.

American Women Are Neat Housewives

Ladies from this country like to keep things in order and to keep the home clean. They never neglect their household. The cozy atmosphere and tidiness at home are highly appreciated. Thus, women of the USA always keep their homes clean and comfortable either by themselves or by delegating household chores to the hired housekeepers.

American Wives Are Hospitable

People from this country are fond of socializing. They are always glad to welcome guests to their place. American wives never mind having dinner or barbecue together with friends or colleagues if they have enough spare time for this.

American Wives Find Balance between Family and Taking Care of Themselves

It is not typical for all American wives to concentrate on the family only. Only about a half of women from this country are content with the role of a housewife. The other half of them manage to combine taking care of a family and working or running their own businesses.

But still, a man is considered to be the main breadwinner in a family. A husband is expected to earn more than his wife and to be responsible for buying or renting the house or an apartment the family lives in.

American Attitude to Child-Rearing

Love, Understanding, and Friendship

Parents love their children, take interest in their feelings and opinions, support them emotionally and financially. Also, they do their best to find common interests with their kids and spend some leisure time together. As for fathers, they are expected to give life lessons and advice to their kids.

Socializing Children

Social life is very important for Americans. Parents teach their kids to establish social connections and create favorable circumstances for this. For example, mothers organize parties for their children, to which their friends or classmates are invited. Also, they encourage their kids to attend extracurricular activities where they can meet new friends.

Encouraging Independence

Mothers look after their kids thoroughly but donโ€™t strive to protect their children from everything in their life. On the contrary, parents cultivate independence in their kids. They entrust their children to do some household chores and teach them to manage their personal finances by giving some pocket money to them.

Also, they donโ€™t tend to impose their opinion on their children. On the contrary, they encourage their kids to make all important decisions by themselves. They can only give advice but never make decisions instead of them.

Furthermore, children are expected to separate from their parents as soon as they reach legal age. It is not customary for American families to live together with adult children.

Where to Meet American Women Online?

The best place to find a lady for a serious relationship is a mail order brides service. This is an online marriage agency that helps men and women from different countries to meet each other, keep in touch, and develop long-distance relationships.

There, you will find many American mail order brides who are looking for European husbands. Only American singles who are interested in romantic relationships with foreigners join these websites. So, you will not have to waste your time communicating with girls who are not ready to date foreigners.

4 Tips on Dating American Girls

Take Interest in Her Inner World

American brides expect suitors to consider them not only as potential wives and mothers of their future children but also as personalities. So, take interest in the ladyโ€™s hobbies and achievements and ask her about her feelings and opinions on different issues.

Join Her in Her Favorite Activities

This will help you get positive emotions together and become closer to each other. For it not to be boring or difficult for you to spend leisure time together with your girlfriend, it is better to find the one with common interests.

Make True Friends with Her

American brides are looking for reliable life partners they can always count on. To show that you are the right person to rely on, always comfort and help your girlfriend when she needs this.

Respect Her Freedom

No matter how strong the love for each other is, sometimes, a woman and a man need to spend time separately from each other. Donโ€™t be too jealous and donโ€™t take it as an offense. Donโ€™t try to limit your girlfriend if she, for example, wants to go out with her friends without you.


Do American Women Speak Other Languages Except for English?

The most commonly taught at schools and universities foreign languages are Spanish and French. But not all students attend these classes. So, it is better to improve your English before you meet American mail order brides.

How Many Children Do American Families Usually Have?

Back in the past, families with 3-4 children were rather widespread in this country. But nowadays, the fertility rate has reduced to 1,7 kids per woman. Thus, the majority of families have 2 children while some of them have only 1 kid.

Are American Brides Ready to Move Abroad?

Americans are rather patriotic, but true love means more than borders to them. Many American mail order brides are ready to move to Europe.