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Why Are Turkish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

The popularity of Turkish women for marriage may not be as huge as the popularity of Russian or Ukrainian mail order brides, but itโ€™s too big to ignore. Turkish mail order brides are captivating menโ€™s hearts, and here are just a few ways for them to do it.

They have the perfect mix of European and Asian beauty

The unique geographic location and history of Turkey made an impact not only on the countryโ€™s culture, but also on the appearance of young Turkish brides. They have very recognizable beauty that has so many features that men find irresistible. From flawless skin and dazzling eyes to the fabulous figure and lovely hair โ€” Turkish mail order brides have everything it takes to make you think about them all the time. Whatโ€™s equally important is that Turkish women are big proponents of natural beauty and will never drastically change their appearance.

They are traditional with a touch of modernity

The personality of Turkish women for marriage is fascinating and complex. On one hand, they strive to live life like their mothers and grandmothers, where the man is the undisputed head of the family and the woman acts as a support system and a counselor to her husband. On the other hand, Turkish girls have enough education and ambitions to build an impressive career, and they are not ready to give it up even for the most amazing husband. If you choose a Turkish bride as your partner, you will constantly experience this unique arrangement.

They donโ€™t care about superficial things

With a few exceptions, you will hardly ever meet a Turkish woman who is obsessed with luxury clothing brands, cosmetics, gadgets, perfumes, cars, and vacations. Turkish girls love nice things in life, but they never put them on top of their priorities. You can be with a Turkish bride forever and never hear her demand anything expensive or complain that she doesnโ€™t get enough gifts from you.

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What Are Turkish Wives Like?

Marriage to a Turkish mail order bride is something that can change your life forever. Turkish wives take marriage very seriously and will make you proud of your decision to marry a Turkish woman every day. These are some of the best things about Turkish wives.

They understand how important family is

For a Turkish wife, there is nothing more important in life than her family. She may have an active social life and a brilliant career, but she will only want those things when there is a loving family by her side. A Turkish wife is devoted to her family and nothing can distract it from her true calling, which is making her husband and children happy.

They will take care of your needs

Turkish women consider it a personal failure when their husbandsโ€™ needs are not satisfied. The more time you spend together with your Turkish wife, the more she will learn about your needs and preferences. She will then use this knowledge to fill your days with care. With a Turkish woman as your loving wife, you will never go to bed hungry or go to work in a dirty shirt.

They will be the backbone of your household

In Turkish culture, the woman is the one responsible for the normal functioning of her family. Raising children, taking them to school and back, arranging their extracurriculars, taking care of the health of the family, planning family vacations, and even managing the family budget are traditionally womenโ€™s business in Turkey and your Turkish wife will want to follow the same dynamic.

Why Are Turkish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

For millions of Turkish women, Turkey is the best country in the world and they wonโ€™t give it up even for the most thrilling romance. However, some women are not very happy with living in their home country. They find the government to be too oppressive, religion to be too overwhelming, local men to be less respectful and open as theyโ€™d like, and their own parents to be overbearing.

Those are the main factors driving Turkish women to become mail order brides. Still, itโ€™s not a completely practical decision for them. Many Turkish girls have already met Western men who arrive in Turkey for tourism or business. These women are so impressed with the personality of a typical Western man that they see marriage to a foreigner as their best chance to experience it every day.

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The Guide on Marrying a Turkish Woman

Tips on dating a Turkish girl

Turkish mail order brides are understandably popular for marriage, but these days, you cannot get married after just talking to a woman online for a couple of months. You will go through a dating period that can last from several months to over a year, and here is how to make it truly count.

  • Always make the move first. Turkish women have modern views in many regards, but they still prefer to be wooed by men. You can catch a smile or a wink from a Turkish bride, but itโ€™s your prerogative to reach out to her, introduce yourself, and kickstart the relationship.
  • Traditional dates work best. A Turkish mail order bride may prove you differently later in the relationship, but in the beginning, these women prefer traditional dates. Restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops, and romantic city walks are a perfect way to start the relationship.
  • Donโ€™t expect her to bring you home right away. Turkish mail order brides are not like Western women, who see no problem with taking a man home after the first or third date. By the third date, you may only get to the kissing stage, but the wait will only make things more interesting.
  • Ask her what sheโ€™d rather do. While you are still getting to know your Turkish bride, you may not be familiar with the less obvious sides of her character. All it takes for you to spend a wonderful time with your woman is to ask her what she wants to do together.
  • Donโ€™t make promises you canโ€™t fulfil. Men making big promises and then failing to deliver on them is one of the biggest turn-offs for Turkish mail order brides. If you are not sure you will be able to deliver, itโ€™s best not to say anything at all, and if it works out, itโ€™ll be a sweet surprise for you both.
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Meeting Turkish bride parents: 3 tips

The opinion of her parents matters to every Turkish mail order bride, and that includes dating a foreign man with a prospect of marriage. You can rest assured that youโ€™ll meet your brideโ€™s family sooner or later, and here is how to leave them with a positive impression.

  • Handshake or cheek kisses. Your first instinct may be to hug your future Turkish in-laws, but hugging is reserved only for close family members and friends in Turkish culture. Instead, you can shake the menโ€™s hands and kiss the women on the cheek twice.
  • Follow their lead. Turkish parents can be very different. Depending on their religion, job, age, and even where they live, they can be strictly traditional or fairly modern. Ask your girlfriend what they are like in advance or look for cues in their behavior.
  • Prepare to drink lots of tea. A lot is said about Turkish coffee, but for many Turkish families, tea is the drink of choice. After a big, loud dinner a family will relax and discuss the day over a cup of tea with some traditional Turkish sweets, so you can look forward to that.

Turkish wedding customs and laws

The look and feel of a Turkish wedding can differ based on the familyโ€™s religious views and how traditional they are, but there are some customs you will see at most weddings in Turkey, including your own. Here are just some of them.

  • The henna night. The day before the wedding, the bride and her closest friends will have the henna night. The event will feature henna, traditional outfits, a lot of fun, and even some sadness over the bride saying goodbye to her old, single life.
  • Getting your bride. On the morning of the wedding day, you will arrive at your brideโ€™s family home to get her. Your car needs to be decorated with sashes and flowers, and the brideโ€™s family will make entering the home intentionally hard for you as a joke.
  • The marriage ceremony. The Turkish marriage ceremony itself is surprisingly short and only lasts 15 minutes. It is not religious and is completely civil. The representative of the local registry office will issue a marriage certificate and pronounce you husband and wife.
  • Asserting dominance. While the newly married couple is standing in front of their families, the bride or the groom will try to jokingly step on the partnerโ€™s foot. Whoever manages to do it first is said to have the upper hand in marriage.
  • Pinning the money. The wedding reception in Turkey will last until very late night and will include eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing. Throughout the ceremony, the bride and the groom will wear sashes on their necks, and the guests will take turns to take photos with them and pin money to their sashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Turkish brides only marrying foreigners for financial gain?

Definitely not! While itโ€™s common in Turkey for men to take financial care of their wives and support them without the woman needing to work, that is exactly the thing Turkish brides want to escape. Turkish women prefer being financially independent or, at the very least, making a contribution to the family budget, so your financial situation doesnโ€™t matter too much.

Are Turkish mail order brides overly religious?

There is a significant part of Turkish women who put religion above everything else, but they are not the same women who become Turkish mail order brides. If the woman decided to marry a foreigner and move to another country, it already means she is able to accept her manโ€™s different views and that religion wonโ€™t play a dominant role in her life.

Will her parents be constantly the third wheel in our marriage?

The influence of parents on a Turkish bride cannot be overestimated. Those are the people who guide her and give their advice in every important aspect of living. However, Turkish mail order brides are also capable of directing their own lives as grown-ups and if their parents are getting too persistent, they will make sure to resolve the issue without hurting anyone.

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