Serbia is a Central European Balkan state with an excellent climate and beautiful landscape. It is populated by proud and independent people. Though Serbia is not a world-famous resort, it is very popular among tourists. Hot Serbian women are one of the main reasons for that. 

Serbian brides have always been a national treasure. Women from this country live in almost all neighboring European states. You will find many Serbian communities in North America.

The best way to understand Serbian brides is by visiting this Balkan country, of course. However, you can try your luck online if you learn the background. The following post will clarify many exciting things, starting from their appearance and finishing with the secrets of dating. 

Why are Serbian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Serbian brides have many advantages that make them popular. Starting from appearance and finishing with character features, they know how to highlight their strong sides and manage to win the hearts of men. Here are the main common features of all Serbian Brides you should learn. 

They are Extremely Beautiful

Serbian women are tall and slim. Serbia is characterized by sunny weather, so local girls have a bronze shade of skin. The country has an exact geographic diversification of womenโ€™s appearance: you will find many blond girls in the Northern regions and women with black hair living in the South. 

They Are Very Proud

Serbian nail order brides do not open their hearts at first. They diversify their relationship with friends and boyfriends and act differently in both cases. They laugh and hug with their friends and act formally when they date. If you notice how your Serbian bride changes her behavior, it seems that she starts loving you. 

Serbian Mail Order Brides Can Be Very Caring

Do not be surprised if your Serbian bride will start to learn your every move and make sure that you are OK. They are likely to call you every 10 minutes to guess if you have got home. They will gladly manage your life in the future, when you get along with one of Serbian mail order brides. 

Advantages of a Serbian Wife

A Serbian wife is similar to wives from the other Balkan states. She is loving, obedient, and proud. She always cares about her husband and is not likely to divorce her husband. Here are the other advantages of a Serbian wife.

They do Miracles in Kitchen

The Balkan region is characterized by fascinating and delicious dishes. Serbian wives learn how to cook since childhood. What is more, Serbian wives know that the household is their main duty, so they are not against a role of a family cook. 

They Are Hot

It can sound strange, but the Balkan region manages to mix patriarchy with deep and rich traditions in the sexual sphere of life. Serbian wives are not against sex. Serbian wives love it and are always ready to share this happiness with a husband. 

A Serbian Wife is a Caring Mother

Children and boys, in particular, are the main life goal for every Serbian woman. Serbian wives love their children and always care about their well-being. They spend lots of time with them and do not make their husbands share the duties. 

Why Do Serbian Brides Look for a Foreign Husband?

Though Serbian brides and people are very patriotic, a Serbian woman looking for an international husband is not that rare. There are at least three reasons for that. 

There Is a Slight Population Inequality

Serbian brides look for a husband from abroad due to a slight inequality of population. There are more women than men in the country. Though the average marriage has increased to 28 years, many Serbian women are afraid of staying lonely. 

Serbian Mail Order Brides Are Curious About Travelling

Many Serbian brides want to marry a man from abroad to visit new countries and meet new cultures. Their bright mind always seeks new impressions, so they enjoy learning new languages trying new meals and visiting as many locations as possible. 

Serbian Mail Order Brides Seek Better Live Opportunities

With all respect, Serbia cannot be called a prosperous state if it is compared with major European or North American countries. It is not a part of the European Union, so it lacks social freedom and workplaces. Some progressive Serbian women go to the other states to start a career and live in a liberal environment. 

How to Marry a Serbian Woman: Step-by-step Guide

Here come the main steps of winning the heart of your Serbian bride. At first, you need to get acquainted with a girl. Then, it is time for a proper date with your Serbian bride. After that, it is time to meet her parents. Do not worry. You will get everything you need to know in the following chapters.

Two ways to meet a Serbian bride exist. The first one is an international dating service. It is not as complicated as you might think. Many Serbian mail-order brides look for their future husbands on the Internet. The second way is visiting Serbia. The country has equal shares of rural and city population, so aim for big towns, like Belgrade, Kraljevo, or Leskovac. 

Four Tips on Dating a Serbian Bride

If you want to impress your Serbian bride, remember the following tips. They will help to raise your chances for success. 

Treat Her Like a Princess

It is a common feature for all Serbian brides and the majority of Slavic women. They treat courting very seriously and expect their men to be very gentle and caring. Get ready to open doors for her, give her a hand, help her to take a seat in a restaurant, and so on. Also, you need to look fabulous, so get yourself a proper outfit and take care of your appearance. 

Get Ready To Be Ignored at First

During the first date, it might seem that your Serbian bride does not express any emotions at all. It is not true, indeed, but Serbian women do not open their souls on the first dates. It is time for them to make the final decision concerning the future relationship. You need to be patient to achieve the reward: a Serbian bride will turn into the most caring woman if she loves you. 

Choose the Proper Place for Meeting and Dating

In Serbia, the exact locations for meeting and dating women exist. These are nightclubs and bars in most cases. Of course, a Serbian girl can speak to you outdoors or anywhere also, but she will never connect the conversation with courting. 

Forget About Coffee

Coffee is not just a beverage for Serbians. It is a part of the culture, like pizza in Italy and hamburgers in the USA. The first European coffee shop is believed to appear in Serbia. Coffee shops and cafรฉs in Serbia are not designed for dating. They are relatively cheap, and your Serbian bride will keep this stereotype in mind. So, taking her to drink coffee will probably offend and will not impress her at all. 

How To Meet Serbian Brideโ€™s Parents?

Regarding a wife from abroad, meeting her parents is not as easy as it is in your country. You will face people of a strange culture. Concerning the Serbian bride, the task is even harder, as the country is a token of family values. However, there is no need to worry about your future Serbian wife after reading the following tips. 

Make Her Father and Brothers Like You

In a Serbian family, the oldest man has full authority. He takes responsibility for all family members and makes vital decisions. Being sure that his daughter or sister marries the right man is among the main responsibilities. Your task is to make your Serbian brideโ€™s father or brother respect and like you. 

Do Not Touch Politics

If it is possible, try not to touch the political or historical topics. Serbians are very proud, and offensive words about their country or history can spoil the relationship with you entirely. If you feel that you will talk about politics much, it is better to consult your Serbian bride about the political preferences of her family and get ready. On the other hand, if you manage to learn Serbian history, you can win the hearts of your brideโ€™s family with ease. 

Get Ready For Alcohol

Great feasts are the main way to spend time with family. In Seria, feasts are always accompanied by big amounts of wine. Add here one more feature of the majority of Slavic nations: they trust people more after drinking with them. So, get ready for a feast with drinking when you visit the family of your future Serbian wife. 

Three Serbian Wedding Customs and Laws

Like in every Slavic country, a Serbian wedding is a happy holiday that lasts for many days and has many traditions. Here are the most intriguing wedding customs and peculiarities you can face if you marry a Serbian bride. 

A Serenade

One of the most beautiful customs before a Serbian wedding is a serenade. A groom comes to his Serbian brides with a group of friends, and they sing national songs for many hours. It is a part of a ransom for a bride. Like in other Slavic countries, the ransom procedure implies a series of tests for a groom on a wedding day. 

Alcohol Instead of Wedding Invitations

While Americans send all guests an invitation written on a card, Serbians present them alcoholic beverages. Traditionally, it must be a bottle of wine or rakia, a traditional Southern Slavic beverage that tastes like fruit brandy. The bottle is decorated with paper and flowers. 

Kolo Dance

Music is an important part of Serbian culture. Every wedding there is accompanied by national music. The folk dance Kolo is a Serbian substitution for a traditional wedding dance. All family members and guests stand in one circle and take the shoulders of each other. The dance symbolizes the unification of the families.


Will a Serbian Bride Move to My Country?

Serbians are very patriotic, and many of them got used to living in their homeland. However, you can meet many Serbian brides who moved to their husbandsโ€™ countries. For instance, the biggest Serbian community abroad is in Germany. 

How Many Children Does a Serbian Bride Want?

The average household size in Serbia is 2.8 people. It means that families with one child are the most frequent, and the share of families with two or more children is much smaller. However, children play a big part in the life of a Serbian wife, as the country is still very patriarchal and family-oriented. 

Do Serbian Brides Take The First Step in Relationships and Sex?

It can be a feature of some Serbian brides, but they wait for the first step to being made by men on the whole. In Serbia, you will face traditional courting that is accepted by the majority of the population. Serbian brides wait for a glorious proposal and dream about beautiful weddings.