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Why Are Lebanese Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

There may not be as many Lebanese brides to meet right now as there are some other Asian or European women for marriage, but their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. There are many reasons to be enamored with Lebanese mail order brides, and here are the top 3.

They are naturally stunning

Female beauty is probably not the only deciding factor for you when you are looking for a potential partner, but itโ€™s still pretty important. Itโ€™s safe to say that Lebanese mail order brides are naturally blessed in this department. They have strong features and highly contrasted appearances with olive skin, dark hair, bright lips, and a pair of very expressive eyes. Lebanese girls are rather conservative in their approach to fashion, but you can still get a pretty good idea about their stunning figures when you meet them.

They combine modern and traditional views

To an outsider, Lebanon can be a perplexing country. On one hand, itโ€™s a mostly Muslim country with the usual restrictions and beliefs that are typical for Muslim states. On the other hand, itโ€™s surprisingly modern. Lebanese mail order brides value their religious upbringing and their family beliefs, but they also have a lot of contemporary views. They have many dreams and aspirations and they wonโ€™t allow any religious prejudice to stop them.

They are intelligent and sociable

In Lebanon, education is a very important aspect of society and men and women there have equal access to education. As a result, Lebanese brides are as educated and well-read as any women youโ€™ve met before. On top of that, they are outgoing, curious, and sociable. They have no problem with meeting new people, maintaining conversations with them, and making them long for the next meeting, which is exactly what will happen to you.

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What Are Lebanese Wives Like?

Lebanese women for marriage are now getting more recognition among Western men, and itโ€™s completely deserved. A Lebanese wife has everything it takes to make you the happiest man on the planet, and here are the three best qualities of Lebanese wives.

They are very serious about family

Lebanese women for marriage are not idealistic. They know that a relationship or marriage may not work out for many reasons. However, they are determined to make it work regardless of the time and effort it may take. The ultimate dream for a Lebanese wife is to stay married to her beloved husband for many decades and grow old together, so you can rest assured she will not get any second thoughts after a couple of years in marriage.

They are not lazy about housework

Lebanese wives donโ€™t believe that the woman is only good for housework or should spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing five-course meals for her family. At the same time, Lebanese women for marriage have a smart and determined approach to the chores. They believe that the better they are at housework, the happier their family is going to be. There is nothing more rewarding to a Lebanese woman than seeing her loved ones at the table, enjoying the meal she just made for them.

They will always be there for you

To an absolute majority of Lebanese wives, marriage is not just a way to do more with their lives or get new opportunities. A Lebanese woman will only get married when she is ready to spend a lifetime by the side of her husband. Lebanese wives are supportive and understanding. They will make you want to come home after work as quickly as possible to enjoy more time with your loving Lebanese wife.

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Why Are Lebanese Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Lebanon is an Arab country, but it doesnโ€™t have many of the usual characteristics of an Arab country. Lebanon is a great place for women to live. Girls have all the freedom of choice and opportunities they want. They can get an education, build a career, or move abroad if they want.

That is why Lebanese mail order brides are not trying to achieve better living conditions or get more opportunities by marrying a Western man. They are simply drawn to the personality traits, ambitious nature, and attractive appearance of foreign men and they are ready to transform their lives for love.

The Guide On Marrying A Lebanese Woman

Tips on dating a Lebanese girl

You will soon realize that Lebanese women are not as exotic as you think and in many ways, they are similar to the women you already know. However, Lebanese mail order brides have certain expectations from dating, and here are 5 tips for making the most out of your time with a Lebanese bride.

  • Find a creative way to approach her. Beautiful Lebanese women are used to attention from men and know every trick in the book guys use to get a woman to notice them. That is why you need to be creative and innovative in your approach, but not to the point where you are being performative.
  • Put extra thought into the date ideas. The same goes for your dates. A Lebanese mail order bride will be happy to spend time with you in any setting, but she will also expect you to impress her with your dates. They donโ€™t necessarily need to be expensive, but they need to be memorable.
  • Pay attention to her personality as much as her beauty. Like any lady in the world, a Lebanese bride will love hearing about the admiration you have for her looks. However, she also wants to be seen as a fascinating and smart individual, not just a beautiful lady.
  • Show utmost respect for her beliefs. You and your Lebanese woman will share a lot of views, but she will also have many unique beliefs and sometimes even superstitions. Your job here is to happily accept them instead of mocking them or trying to make her change her mind.
  • Prove that she can always count on you. Lebanese brides pay a lot of attention to the attraction they have with a potential partner, but they also want to see a reliable and trustworthy man by their side. If you make any promises to your woman, you need to always fulfil them.

Meeting Lebanese bride parents: 3 tips

Young Lebanese women can be surprisingly independent for an Arab country, but they have a strong attachment to their parents. A Lebanese bride wonโ€™t ask for their permission to date you, but when things get serious and there is marriage on the horizon, she will definitely want her parents to meet you and form an opinion about you. Here is what you can do to make it better.

  • Bring an edible gift and offer your help with the table. Like many people in the world, the parents of your Lebanese bride will likely meet you over the dinner table. As a guest, you are expected to bring something edible such as wine or sweets and help set the table and clean it afterwards.
  • Let them know why you are the best partner for their daughter. The older generation of Lebanese people may not completely understand their daughterโ€™s need to marry a foreign guy and move with him abroad. So the best thing to do is subtly talk about your advantages over other guys.
  • Donโ€™t bring up controversial subjects until you know them better. Your potential in-laws will be very excited to meet you and they will welcome you with open arms. However, itโ€™s important to keep the conversations perfectly appropriate when you are just getting to know them.
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Lebanese wedding customs and laws

Experiencing a foreign culture through a wedding is very exciting, especially when itโ€™s your own wedding. Your Lebanese will gladly give you a tour of everything you should expect prior to the wedding and on the wedding day, but here are the top 5 Lebanese wedding customs to know about.

  • Pre-wedding parties. In Lebanon, people begin celebrating a wedding long before the actual ceremony. There are going to be several lavish parties, including a henna night for the ladies, to signify the upcoming nuptials and to allow the guests to bond.
  • Singing for the happy couple. There is always a lot of singing during a Lebanese wedding. A lot of it will be done by the female family members and friends of the bride, who will sing beautiful poetry in a native language with well-wishes to the couple.
  • Dancing all night long. A Lebanese wedding reception is a big, expensive event and it lasts until the early morning. Dancing, eating, and praising the newlyweds will keep the new husband and wife, as well as the guests, up all night.
  • Cutting the cake. The wedding cake is one of the most important objects at a Lebanese wedding, and, like with everything else in their lives, Lebanese people prefer to go all-in with their cake cutting ceremony. They will do it with a huge symbolic sword to the delight of the guests.
  • Fireworks. A Lebanese wedding is a no-expense-spared occasion and itโ€™s necessary for as many people as possible to learn about the event. This is why Lebanese brides and grooms love creating elaborate firework displays to let the whole community know about the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many partners does a typical Lebanese bride have before marriage?

Lebanese brides are pretty modern and they donโ€™t like to have their dating options limited. However, they are monogamous by nature and they are not interested in having a lot of ex-boyfriends by the time they get married. Itโ€™s not uncommon for Lebanese mail order brides to marry their first serious partner, although some of them have one or two exes before marriage.

How well do Lebanese brides know English?

Lebanese is one of the most Westernized countries in that region. Most of the women there are no strangers to Western culture and they are also taught English at school. As a result, a typical Lebanese mail order bride can understand you and talk English well enough to let you easily understand her.

Do Lebanese wives want to go back to work?

There is no universal answer to this question simply because Lebanese brides come from all walks of life and have all kinds of beliefs. Generally, Lebanese wives have certain career aspirations and they are not willing to give them up. There are also plenty of Lebanese women for marriage who donโ€™t mind being a stay-at-home wife, so you just need to discuss this issue with your bride.

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