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Why Are Norwegian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Norwegian mail order brides are rather rare and you should feel lucky to meet a Norwegian bride online. Here are a few reasons why Norwegian women are so coveted by men around the world.

They are naturally gorgeous

From an appearance standpoint, Norwegian girls look similarly to other Scandinavian brides. They have tall, lean bodies with long legs and feminine shapes. Most Norwegian brides are fair-skinned and light-haired, but lately, the looks of women in Norway started getting more diverse. However, Norwegian mail order brides keep their appearance absolutely natural, so there are not going to be any unpleasant surprises as you start getting closer.

They know what they want in life

One of the most impressive qualities of Norwegian mail order brides is their ambitious nature. From a very young age, Norwegian girls know exactly what they want to achieve. More importantly, they know the steps they need to take to get where they want. A Norwegian bride is a strong, determined individual who is prepared to work hard in life. This also goes for relationships: when a Norwegian girl wants to be with someone, sheโ€™ll find a way to do it.

They need romance to be happy

If you listen to the stereotypes about Norwegian women, you may think that all they think about is their career. And while work is definitely an important part of a Norwegian brideโ€™s life, there is something else she needs to exist. We are talking about romance. Norwegian mail order brides are surprisingly romantic. When they are in love, they will surround the man with attention and romantic gestures.

They are smarter than you think

Norwegian women are famous all over the world for being deeply intelligent, but they will surprise you with their perception when you get to know them in person. Women in Norway are highly educated and well-read, but itโ€™s not the only thing that makes them smart. They are also naturally curious and will always use any available opportunity to learn something new, which makes them excellent conversation partners.

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What Are Norwegian Wives Like?

If you are looking for Norwegian women for marriage, you probably already know a few things about them. However, Norwegian wives have even more desirable qualities than Norwegian girls for dating. These are the top 3 reasons to marry a Norwegian woman.

Norwegian wives take marriage seriously

You can often find that the majority of Norwegian mail order brides are not very young. This is simply because marriage is the most important event in the life of a Norwegian woman. She doesnโ€™t take it casually and she wants to know she picked the best possible partner. So when a Norwegian bride accepts your proposal, the moment will feel extra special to you.

There wonโ€™t be a boring day in your life

Norwegian women work a lot, but they also know how to maintain the right balance in life. When they get some time to spend, they always try to spend it the right way. They lead an active lifestyle and they will want you to share it. Having a Norwegian wife means always enjoying yourself and her company, whether you go hiking, dancing, or make cocktails at home.

A Norwegian wife is an excellent cook

Being busy with work and other commitments doesnโ€™t prevent a Norwegian wife from being a talented and inspired cook. There are factors influencing the cooking habits of Norwegian wives. First, itโ€™s the desire to do things the same as their own families did it, where the woman usually cooked. Second, itโ€™s caring about nutrition and what their loved ones eat.

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Why Are Norwegian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

There are few countries in the world that are as good for women as Norway. In fact, many foreign women would love to move to Norway. So you shouldnโ€™t expect Norwegian mail order brides to be desperate to marry anyone just to live in another country. Norwegian brides are not at all pragmatic in their desire to marry a foreign man. They just find Western men irresistible and neither the need to move abroad nor the cultural differences will stop them.

The Guide On Marrying A Norwegian Women

Tips on dating a Norwegian girl

After learning so much about Norwegian brides, you probably want to marry one of them as soon as possible. However, Norwegian women donโ€™t take marriage lightly, so theyโ€™ll need to get to know you first. Here are some tips to help you build a perfect relationship with a Norwegian mail order bride.

  • You need to have a lot in common. Norwegian women will never date someone who is a complete stranger in terms of interests and beliefs. You need to constantly talk to your Norwegian bride to find the things you share and strengthen your connection.
  • Spending time with her friends is a must. Friendships are an essential aspect of the life of a Norwegian woman. She may even bring her friends to the first few dates with you, and youโ€™ll have to be your most charming self to make sure they like you.
  • A casual approach to dating works best. A Norwegian bride may be put off if you constantly declare your love for and shower her with compliments every minute. Norwegian women prefer to take things slow at first.
  • Have a discussion about your relationship. Some Norwegian women believe that they donโ€™t have to commit to one man after just meeting him. They may even see other people, so if you donโ€™t want that to happen, tell her you want a monogamous romance.
  • Pick the right time to propose. A Norwegian mail order bride is obviously quite a catch, so your first instinct may be to propose as soon as possible. However, this strategy is not good. Norwegian women need to date someone for at least a year before marrying him.

Meeting Norwegian bride parents: 3 tips

Most Norwegian mail order brides live on their own, but they are very close to their parents and will want them to meet you sooner or later. You Norwegian bride may give you some ideas on how to impress them, but here are three extra tips to help you.

  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in their family and culture. Norwegian people are very family-oriented and patriotic to a degree. They love their family and culture and nothing makes them happier than a foreigner who wants to get to know their country and family better.
  • Bring something for the table or the home. When you are visiting the home of your in-laws for the first time, itโ€™s a good idea to bring a small gift. It can be something they can immediately serve, such as wine or sweets, or something they can display in their home, such a candle or a painting.
  • Be confident without getting arrogant. The parents of your Norwegian bride need to know that your level of confidence can at least match their daughterโ€™s. However, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance that you should not cross. Respectful and restrained behavior is very appreciated by Norwegians.
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Norwegian wedding customs and laws

Over the past century, Norwegian weddings have changed a lot. Many of the oldest Norwegian wedding customs are now done by fewer and fewer couples, and the event generally has a more relaxed vibe than in most Western countries. Here are the 5 must-know wedding traditions in Norway.

  • No engagement rings. Norwegians donโ€™t have a big engagement ceremony and they donโ€™t even wear special engagement rings. Instead, their parents and friends make them a celebratory dinner and the couple can choose to wear their wedding rings to demonstrate their engagement.
  • The wedding procession. The first thing youโ€™ll do on the morning of your wedding day, after getting ready, is going to your brideโ€™s house and taking her to church. According to an old tradition, you will walk on foot in a wedding procession. A fiddler will go in the front, the bride and the groom will follow, and family and friends will go in the back.
  • The kissing ritual. During the wedding reception, the guests may unexpectedly begin cheering on the bride and the groom. This is a signal for them to kiss. In the meantime, the guests will give gifts to the couple, and the more gifts they give, the longer the couple will kiss.
  • The brideโ€™s cheese. A wedding reception in Norway can last until after midnight. When the bride serves the brideโ€™s cheese, which is regular cheese, sliced and soaked in honey with nuts, it means itโ€™s time for everyone to go home.
  • The morning after. After the bride and the groom spend their first night together as husband and wife, the groom is expected to shower his new wife with gifts in the morning. Jewelry and other valuables are especially popular for this occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Norwegian brides only seriously consider men who make more than them?

This is usually the case with most foreign women you meet, but Norwegian brides are different. They are pretty confident in their ability to make money and support the family, so unless you are unemployed and have no plans to find a job, the possible difference in your incomes shouldnโ€™t matter too much.

What is the situation with English in Norway?

When you first arrive in Norway, you are going to be blown away by how many people there speak excellent English. From teenagers to retired Norwegians, they know how to talk to foreigners. This is especially true for Norwegian mail order brides, who brush up on their already impressive knowledge of English for a more effective communication with Western men.

Do Norwegian mail order brides like gifts, and if so, which ones do they prefer?

Unlike many other nations in the world, Norwegians donโ€™t put too much emphasis on gifts. A Norwegian bride will not expect you to bring anything even when you are only beginning to date, although an anniversary gift is definitely important. However, you can surprise your Norwegian bride without any occasion with a cute and thoughtful gift, such as a book, a decor item for her home, or a piece of romantic memorabilia.

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