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Why Are Irish Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Irish mail order brides are relatively rare on the international dating scene, but to many men, it only makes them more coveted. Here are the things that make Irish brides particularly attractive.

They look incredibly pretty

There are nations where women look very diverse, but Ireland is not one of those nations. Most Irish brides actually fit the stereotype you often hear about Irish people. They have pale skin with adorable freckles, red hair, green eyes, and subtle facial features. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but as a whole, Irish women look exactly how you imagine them to look.

They make you feel at ease

Being around Irish mail order brides is fun and easy. They allow you to be yourself and enjoy yourself even when you are meeting an Irish bride for the first time. An Irish woman will want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as if youโ€™ve known each other for years. There will be no confusion or shyness โ€” just cheerful discussions, entertaining banter, and trying and enjoying new things together.

They are very serious about relationships

Irish girls may seem very light-hearted, but the truth is that they donโ€™t really go for casual relationships. They want to date partners for a long time and they want strictly monogamous relationships. You donโ€™t need to worry about your Irish girlfriendโ€™s fidelity or wonder if sheโ€™ll abandon you when a more attractive, wealthy, or younger gentleman comes along. This is simply not what Irish brides do.

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What Are Irish Wives Like?

Irish women for marriage may be even more popular than Irish girls for dating. After you spend some time with an Irish bride, you will want it to never stop. Here are just some of the reasons why an Irish wife is a catch for any man.

They are fun to be with

Dating an Irish woman is a lot of fun and it doesnโ€™t change too much after the wedding. No matter how many years youโ€™ve been together, you will enjoy being with your Irish wife as much as you did in the beginning. Irish wives always know what to do to have fun, whether it involves just the two of you or your whole family.

Motherhood is their top priority

Irish wives are in no rush to have children and can even wait for a few years after getting married before having kids. However, Irish women make outstanding mothers and you will never regret your decision to have a baby with an Irish wife. These women have the ability to fully focus on being mothers without forgetting about the other aspects of their lives.

They donโ€™t make a problem out of the chores

Housework can often lead to conflicts in families when there is no easy way to decide who should do them, but that is not the problem with Irish wives. First of all, they are very casual about it and would rather do it quickly and then go on to enjoy their lives. Second, they believe that if every member of the family contributes to housework, things can be done faster and more efficiently.

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Why Are Irish Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Ireland is a fantastic country with plenty of career and education opportunities for women. However, itโ€™s also relatively small. For many Irish women, the dating pool in their country is also very small. They often cannot find a man who fits their idea of a good partner in Ireland, and that is why they consider becoming mail order brides.

Another reason why Irish women want to marry foreign men is that they know quite a lot about Western guys and are very attracted to them. They love basically everything about foreign men, from the way they look to the way they treat women. Plus, Irish women are daring and adventurous. They are not scared by the thought of moving abroad โ€” they are intrigued and inspired by it.

The Guide On Marrying A Irish Woman

Tips on dating an Irish girl

Whether you simply want to date an Irish girl or are considering Irish women for marriage, you will need to research Irish dating culture. Here are the five tips that will help you create a perfect start for your romance.

  • Find some shared points. An Irish bride will never date someone she doesnโ€™t consider to be her soulmate. You may have different cultural backgrounds, but your beliefs, tastes, and opinions about the big things should match.
  • Donโ€™t try to impress her with expensive dates. Fancy restaurant dates can easily impress an Eastern European woman, but Irish women care more about the personal connection between you than about the ambience of the date.
  • Social connections are very important. The friends of an Irish mail order bride are the most important people in her life after her parents. You should use every opportunity to spend time with them and make a good impression on the people close to your bride.
  • Let her into your personal life. Irish mail order brides wear their heart on their sleeve and are always happy to share their memories and feelings. You should do the same and never try to keep secrets from your lady.
  • Demonstrate your flexibility. For Irish brides, flexibility is all about being able to change your beliefs and the way you do things to accommodate your partner. For example, if youโ€™ve never tried a certain activity before but are ready to give it a go, thatโ€™s going to resonate well with your bride.
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Meeting Irish bride parents: 3 tips

Irish brides are very close with their parents, so as soon as things start to get serious between you, you can expect an invitation to your brideโ€™s family home to meet her parents. You should know that they will be as excited to meet you as you will be about meeting them, but here is what you can do to make them absolutely love you.

  • Donโ€™t try too hard to get them to like you. Irish people are not the kind of people who will try hard to make a good impression on anyone and they can always tell when you are not being entirely true to yourself in an effort to charm them. Being yourself is the only correct strategy.
  • Enjoy local culture and food. Irish people are incredibly proud to be living in Ireland and they are delighted when someone likes their country as much as them. As a foreigner, the easiest way for you to demonstrate your stance is to actively take part in local traditions and compliment the food.
  • Assure them that youโ€™ll take care of their daughter. The parents of your Irish mail order bride are likely old-fashioned in a way that they believe the man should take care of the woman in a relationship. So the only way they will be at peace with their daughterโ€™s decision to leave Ireland permanently is when they know sheโ€™ll be in good hands.

Irish wedding customs and laws

Ireland is a land of ancient traditions and customs that hold a special place in the heart of every Irish person. You will learn a lot about Irish traditions when simply spending time with your Irish bride, but here are the customs you will see at every Irish wedding.

  • The weather matters. Irish people believe that the rain on a wedding day is one of the worst things that can happen. And while there is no real way to influence the weather, Irish couples will often put the statue of the Child of Prague outside before the wedding to prevent the rain.
  • Accompanied by the pipes. The sound of pipes is something you will always hear on your wedding day, especially before and after the religious ceremony. Irish, or Uilleann, sound similar to Scottish pipes. There is even a chance some of the family members will step up to play the instruments.
  • Horseshoes everywhere. Irish brides and grooms are big believers in symbolism. One of the common Irish wedding symbols is a cloverleaf, but a horseshoe is a mainstay at every wedding. It can be found everywhere, from the venue decoration to the bridal bouquet.
  • The Claddagh ring. When an Irish couple gets married, they donโ€™t just get standard gold wedding bands like most Western brides and grooms. Instead, they get each other Claddagh rings. The placement of these rings matters a lot, so make sure to ask your bride for directions.
  • Handfasting. The term โ€œtying the knotโ€ is known in every English-speaking country, but Irish couples take it to the next level. As part of their wedding ceremony, they will do handfasting. In other words, they will let someone tie their hands together with a rope or a ribbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which male qualities are important for Irish brides?

First of all, an Irish mail order bride is looking for someone who shares her interests and values. They canโ€™t stand rude or inconsiderate people, but when you treat others with respect, your Irish bride will definitely appreciate that. Irish women also love it when men can unwind and have fun instead of being focused and serious 100% of the time.

What kind of gift will my Irish mail order bride like?

A gift is an easy way to get yourself noticed when you are just beginning to know your Irish mail order bride or to cheer her up when youโ€™re already dating. A surefire way to impress an Irish lady is to get her a book that fits her interests. Irish brides also love spending time at home and enjoy comfort, which is why they will always love something cute for their house, such as a new blanket or a tea mug.

How many partners do Irish brides have before marriage?

Irish women begin dating in their late teens, but they donโ€™t treat those relationships very seriously. An Irish girl can have one or two exclusive relationships by the time she gets married, but she tends to marry her first-ever serious partner. Irish brides prefer getting married earlier than many other European women, so they donโ€™t have as much romantic experience.

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