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Why Are Czech Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Czech mail order brides may not be the first ones to jump to your mind when you are thinking about European women for marriage, but they have all the qualities you want to see in your potential partner and are therefore worth checking out. Here are the three things you will love the most about Czech brides.

They look cute and feminine

The appearance of Czech mail order brides shares its best features with other European ladies. Czech women have light skin, subtle facial features, and blonde or brown hair that is often wavy or curly. These girls are surprisingly tall and always very fit, but they also have gorgeous curves. A Czech mail order bride is a woman who is perfectly comfortable in her appearance. She will never wear a full face of makeup during the day or a mini skirt with heels to run errands, but she will make an effort to look even more stunning for a special occasion.

They can talk about anything in the world

A Czech mail order bride can have any profession, level of income, and lifestyle you can imagine, but the one thing that unites them all is their high level of education. The absolute majority of Czech brides have both school and university education in addition to their innate love of knowledge and wisdom. As a result, a Czech woman is one of the most fascinating and intelligent conversation partners youโ€™ve ever had and sheโ€™s always striving to get more knowledge.

They know how to show their appreciation

When a Czech mail order bride begins a new relationship, she never takes a passive position waiting for the man to impress her. A Czech bride knows how to make the man feel valued and special. Dating a woman from the Czech Republic means always being at the centre of her attention. From taking care of your needs to surprising you with small gifts, a Czech mail order bride will invest as much effort into the romance as you do.

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What Are Czech Wives Like?

When you meet Czech brides online, you should know that they are not just looking for a temporary partner โ€” they want a husband and a happy marriage. If thatโ€™s what you want too, here are the best things about being married to one of the wonderful Czech mail order wives.

They are ready for absolute commitment

For Czech brides, marriage is a serious accomplishment and they will not jeopardize it by developing a romantic interest for another person or ending the marriage because of a small disagreement. A Czech wife is prepared to work for the success of your marriage and you will see her efforts every day.

They will surprise you with their cooking skills

When it comes to the chores, Czech wives prefer to share them with their husbands โ€” that way, everything can be done faster and you will be able to go back to enjoying your time together. The one thing a Czech mail order wife is not prepared to share is cooking. Czech wives are not just good at it โ€” they actually enjoy doing it and will never complain about it.

They are happy to have you around

Expensive gifts, luxury vacations, and fancy dates are all great things to have in a happy marriage, but none of those things matter when there isnโ€™t a strong connection between the spouses. This is not something you should worry about with a Czech wife. These women cherish their husbands and they are at their happiest when they are at home doing nothing with you.

Why Are Czech Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

The Czech Republic may not be as well-known around the world as some of its neighbors, but itโ€™s a well-developed country that is constantly getting better. Women in the Czech Republic have all the education and career opportunities, healthcare, and respect from their male peers they want. So they are not trying to marry foreign guys just to move abroad.

The reasons for Czech mail order brides seeking Western husbands are more complex. They are trying to expand their countryโ€™s fairly small dating pool by looking for their most desired features in foreign guys. Additionally, they are attracted to life abroad and believe that the best way to experience it is with someone they love.

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The Guide On Marrying A Czech Woman

Tips on dating a Czech girl

A relationship with a Czech bride will help you both understand whether you want to be together for a long time, which is a crucial step in deciding to get married. Whether you meet your future Czech wife online or in person, here are the 5 must-know tips for a better dating experience.

  • Talk to her in a casual setting. In general, Czech mail order brides prefer to take things slow. They donโ€™t want to make the relationship too serious too soon. Itโ€™s best to spend a couple of weeks simply going out in a friendly environment before deciding to make your relationship more focused.
  • Make sure sheโ€™s interested in further communication. Czech women are incredibly polite and are afraid to hurt anyoneโ€™s feelings. A Czech bride will continue talking to a man even if she doesnโ€™t have a romantic interest in him, but that will only waste everyoneโ€™s time. So make sure to have that serious talk before taking things further.
  • Donโ€™t try to keep any secrets from her. Czech mail order wives are very perceptive. They can notice the tiniest things in your behavior, even the ones you thought youโ€™ve hidden pretty well. So there is no point in not being completely open with your Czech bride. Talk to her about anything โ€” she will understand.
  • Find out how she views the big picture. You and your Czech mail order bride may be a perfect match in every aspect of a relationship, from your tastes in art to your vacation style. However, there can be major differences in the way you see your future life together. That is why itโ€™s so important to discuss it early on.
  • Make some changes to your lifestyle if necessary. The women you meet in the Czech Republic can be very different from the women you used to know before. They often have a more active, meaningful lifestyle, and they want to see someone with matching interests by their side.

Meeting Czech bride parents: 3 tips

The parents of your Czech mail order bride are likely very laid-back and donโ€™t interfere in their daughterโ€™s personal life too much. That is why you will probably meet them later in your relationship when things get serious. Here is how to make the best first impression on them during your first visit.

  • Talk about the things that will make you a good husband. The idea of their daughter marrying a foreign guy and potentially moving abroad permanently may not be completely understandable for the parents of your bride, so take your time to assure them that she will be in good hands.
  • Tell some cute stories about your family. The parents of your Czech mail order wife will love to know more about you, and not just about your work or social life, but also about your family background. Tell them the most important facts and nice stories, and show some pictures if possible.
  • Ask questions about their history and culture. If things go well, you will have a lifetime to tell your in-laws more about you and where you come from, but you also need to show a genuine interest in their family. Ask questions and actually pay attention to their answers.
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Czech wedding customs and laws

A typical Czech wedding can be surprising when it comes to the number of ancient traditions that are still alive today. You can add your own twist to the ceremony if you want to, but at its core, it will still be a traditional Catholic ceremony with a number of key customs. Here are some of them:

  • Throwing flower petals. When the wedding procession is walking to the church, one or two girls will go in front of everyone and sprinkle the bride and the groom with flower petals. This is believed to ward off the evil spirits from the newlyweds.
  • Getting into the church. As soon as the bride and the groom get to the church, the groom will be met with a symbolic gate decorated with flowers, ribbons, and empty bottles. He will need to pay a small sum of money to signal his transition into married life.
  • Crushing a plate. Once the new husband and wife get to the wedding reception venue, they will need to break a plate into small pieces and then sweep them off. Breaking a plate is a good luck symbol in the Czech Republic, and sweeping the pieces shows how well you can collaborate.
  • Eating the soup. A Czech wedding reception includes dozens of dishes, both sweet and savory. But none of them is as important as a bowl of traditional soup that you will need to eat together with just one spoon to show that you can take care of each other.
  • Stealing the bride. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Czech brides pay attention to the manโ€™s financial status?

They definitely do, but not in the way you think. Czech women certainly donโ€™t want to be the main providers in the family, so when they are considering a serious relationship or marriage to a man, they want to make sure that he can support the family on a certain financial level. However, they are not looking for someone to create a luxury lifestyle for them โ€” they have no interest in that.

How many kids does a typical Czech wife want?

There are many traditional beliefs that are common among Czech mail order brides, but having a huge family is not one of them. Brides from the Czech Republic typically grow in small families with up to three kids, and two to three children is the ideal number of kids to them. There are even many Czech mail order wives who want just one kid โ€” these are mostly career-oriented women who donโ€™t want to spend their whole life at home.

Do most Czech wives return to work after the wedding?

Yes, the majority of Czech wives will want to go back to work after getting married. Many of them will also return to the workforce after having children, although that will probably happen in smaller capacity. Family and children will always be a top priority for a Czech mail order wife, so you shouldnโ€™t be worried about her attention being unfairly divided between work and home life.

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