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Chinese mail order brides are so beckoning for the foreign admirers because they seem exotic and mysterious to them. But letโ€™s find out whether they are really like that. Are Chinese brides really so unusual and extraordinary or it is just a stereotype and myth imagined by those who have never seen them alive? Read further, and you will get to know what Chinese women are like, what peculiarities theyโ€™ve got, and how to build relationships with them.

Why are Chinese Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

chinese mail order brides

Plenty of Western men are ready to fight for Chinese brides. Why? Because of the following features theyโ€™ve got.

Chinese mail order brides are exotic

This is about everything in them:

  • appearance;
  • manners;
  • the outlook on life;
  • character.

Everything in Chinese ladies seems unusual for Western people. So, the strangeness and a kind of mystery attract.

Chinese brides have got the unique beauty

Beautiful Chinese girls have nothing in common with Western chicks. Theyโ€™ve got the unique eye shape, cute faces looking young at any age, and miniature stature. Due to these features, Chinese mail order brides are very alluring for those who are tired of typical Eastern women and appreciate the exotic oriental beauty.

Chinese brides are bright

The fashion in this country is diverse. Some girls wear ordinary casual clothes. But there are more women that prefer bright and extraordinary outfits. This is the influence of Korean fashion on the Chinese people. So, if you visit this country you will be able to see many sexy Chinese girls in bright sparkly clothes with interesting and unusual color and style combinations. Such brightness attracts men who are tired of Western women with their boring formal or casual looks.

Chinese brides are modest and not boring at the same time

The girls in this country are mainly brought up in strict families. And the main qualities that are cultivated in them are modesty, politeness, and reservedness. So, they keep these character traits throughout their lives. But the modern lifestyle of youth and social networks make these girls be cheerful. They like to communicate with interesting people and party in the clubs. And their modest character is not an obstacle to this.

Hot Chinese women are not arrogant

Despite them getting very much attention from men, this fact doesnโ€™t make them arrogant, because they are well-bred, and modesty is believed to be the best character trait for a girl in China. So, Chinese brides are easy to get acquainted with and to communicate with. They are not stuck-up or hypercritical.

Chinese mail order brides are not hard to get

There is a big paradox in China. In the population of this country, there are much more men than women. So, Chinese brides are used to getting very much attention from the opposite sex. But a lot of ladies prefer Western men to the local ones. So, if you are from Europe or the USA you are a lucky one. Youโ€™ve got more chances to win the heart of a Chinese girl from the very beginning. And these chances are growing if you behave in the right way. Donโ€™t worry if you donโ€™t know how to act. You will find the tips on dating Chinese women further in this article.

All these traits that we have listed are about Chinese singles. But what kind of persons do they become after marriage? Read further, and you will get to know what Chinese wives are like.

What are Chinese Wives Like?

The girls in this country realize it from childhood that they are the future wives and mothers. So, they are rather good in these roles.

hot chinese woman

Chinese wives are good at housekeeping

They donโ€™t like it when there is a mess around. Order, comfortable environment, and cute details in the interior are what Chinese wives are fond of.

Chinese wives are loving mothers

Chinese wives adore their children very much. They do their best to ensure the kidsโ€™ comfort, health, self-development, and feeling beloved. They pamper them in any way, buy them everything they want, care thoroughly about their health, register them to music or dance classes, etc.

Chinese wives are passive in relationships

They give leadership to their husbands. Be ready that you will be most likely fully responsible for the financial part of the family life even if a wife has a job. Also, you will make all the important decisions by yourself. Chinese wives usually say whether they agree with the decision or not, but donโ€™t give advice while you make it.

Chinese wives are emotional

As parents often pamper children in China, the spoilt little girls often grow up and turn into moody childish ladies. Chinese brides very rarely show this character trait to strangers or even to their boyfriends, but be ready that this can show off after marriage. Chinese wives can make scenes if they donโ€™t get what they want. Donโ€™t be afraid of such situations. Just do what she wants if this is a trifle. Or try to talk with her and find a compromise when she will calm down if this is a serious issue.

Why Chinese Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are much more men in China than women. So you can wonder how it can be a problem to find a local husband? But this is the true fact that many women of this nationality are in search of Western men. And this can be explained by 3 reasons:

  • The desire for a different attitude. Local men donโ€™t perceive Chinese brides as personalities but just as a beautiful image. So, the ladies that want their feelings, interests, and preferences paid attention to are looking for Western men who look at the girls not just as at the wives and mothers of their children, but as at the full-value personalities with their own opinions and outlooks on life.
  • The plans to build a career. In China, itโ€™s very difficult for a woman to find a decent job, because the traditions and stereotypes of this country say that females are to build a family, not a career. So, there is a type of Chinese brides who want to find husbands from abroad and move to Europe or the USA for better job opportunities.

The Guide on Marrying Chinese Women

Letโ€™s imagine that you have decided to meet Chinese girls. You open a mail order brides website where there are plenty of Chinese women for marriage. You communicate with them, and finally, find the one you would like to be your future wife. What to do next? How not to fail in future relationships? Read further and find it out!

hot chinese girl

Tips on Dating a Chinese Girl

Dating a Chinese woman requires you to find a middle ground in everything:

  • Communication. Try to make conversation vivid, but donโ€™t expect her to be very talkative from the very beginning. The girls from this country are modest, so it will take some time for her to get used to you and to start communicating more freely. Also, donโ€™t get offended or think that you do something wrong if she uses her smartphone during a date. This is an ordinary thing for Chinese people. They are constantly using gadgets. And if she watches something on a social network or answers to a girlfriend on a messenger on a date, donโ€™t think that itโ€™s boring for her to communicate with you.
  • Attitude. Take interest in her hobbies and outlook on life. Create a kind of friendly attitude toward her. But donโ€™t overdo with this. Show that she is attractive to you not just as a friend but also as a girlfriend too.
  • Gifts. Chinese chicks are used to receiving presents from admirers because for the local men this is the main way to develop relationships. So, donโ€™t forget about gifts. They are important for Chinese brides. But donโ€™t emphasize this side of relationships too much. Chinese brides donโ€™t like it when they feel as if they are being bought by grooms.

And one more bonus tip for the ones who want to win the heart of a girl from China: show her that you can cook. The girls of this nationality are delighted by such boyfriends.

Meeting Chinese Bride Parents: 3 Tips

While getting acquainted with her parents:

  1. Present little gifts to all her relatives. Fathers usually prefer good alcohol, mothers will be glad to receive some cosmetics. And the same things for other relatives you will get acquainted with. But there can be some other preferences. Itโ€™s better to clarify this issue with Chinese brides in advance.
  2. If you are going to marry soon there is a tradition to give ransom. Discuss a sum with a bride and present two envelopes with money: one to mother and one to father.
  3. Be ready to answer many questions. The parents of Chinese brides usually ask all the possible details about grooms: about their jobs, families, property, health, and much more. Donโ€™t perceive this as something rude. Itโ€™s usual for this country.

Chinese Wedding Customs and Laws

Chinese brides often insist on sticking to the following traditions:

  • Grandiose photo session in wedding suit and dress. Usually, it is organized thoroughly a few weeks before the wedding. It is held not in the city of the living, but somewhere in the beautiful and romantic city: Paris, London, Hainan, or others. A bride and a groom order a photographer and specifically fly to another city for the photo session.
  • Beautiful invitations are sent to all the guests. Usually, they are red envelopes with the invitation cards and a little edible present (like sweets or nuts) inside.
  • Blowing firecrackers on the morning of the wedding day. This symbolizes driving away evil spirits.
  • Presenting tea to the Chinese brides parents by the groom right before the wedding ceremony. This shows respect for them.
  • Thanking guests for coming to the wedding. Newlyweds come up to each of them with the treat and thanks to them.
  • Chinese brides wear white dresses before the ceremony and at the beginning of it and change them to traditional Chinese wedding suits in the middle of the wedding.


Here are the last pieces of information you need to know before starting to get acquainted with Chinese brides.

Will a cultural barrier be an obstacle to communication?

The times when all the population used to stick to authentic traditions are far in the past. Now women in China live ordinary lives like all the people in the world. Of course, there are some special interests typical only for people in this country (for example, watching cartoons being adults or spending very much time searching the Web with smartphones). But in general, pretty Chinese girls spend their spare time like chicks in all the world. They like shopping, visiting bars and clubs like other girls anywhere in the world. So, you will definitely find some topics to talk about.

Are the parents of Chinese girls against international marriages?

The majority of people in this country have a modern outlook on life nowadays. So, they wonโ€™t be against their daughter marrying a Western man.

Do Chinese wives work after marriage?

It depends. If this is important for you, discuss this issue with the bride in advance. Because there are two types of women. The first ones, according to Chinese traditions, devote themselves only to husbands and children and donโ€™t plan to work after marriage. And the second type of Chinese brides look for Western men and are eager to move to Western countries especially for building careers.

Are Chinese wives ready to move to the country their husband lives?

The majority of Chinese brides are ready to move to their husbandsโ€™ place of living.

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