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Why Are Cuban Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Cuba is one of the closest to the US Latin American countries geographically, but it’s very different socially, culturally, and mentally. Cuban mail order brides first attract you with their lovely looks, but there is more to Cuban girls that meets the eye. Here is why you will inevitably fall in love with a Cuban mail order bride.

They are a fantastic mix of your favorite features

It goes without saying that Cuban brides are gorgeous, but there is no easy way to describe the beauty of Cuban women. Their ancestry consists of Latin American, Native American, African, European, and even Russian features. Most Cuban women you’ll meet have chocolate skin and curly hair, but interestingly enough, the majority of them identify as white. Cuban women are also notorious for their bombshell figures with a thin waist and mind-blowing curves. Due to the climate and the culture in Cuba, Cuban mail order brides dress rather provocatively, but they still leave something to the imagination.

They have enchanting personalities

If you went your whole life without meeting a Cuban woman, you can try your hardest to prepare for it and then fail. No amount of preparation can give you any idea about how special Cuban women are. Their way of thinking is very different from what you’ve experienced in your home country, and that’s what makes your communication with a Cuban mail order bride so thrilling. These women may not have the prestigious education of Western girls, but their sense of humor, natural intelligence, and outlook will instantly charm you.

Their views are both traditional and modern

There are foreign mail order brides who still live like it’s the middle of the 20th century and there are brides who are as modern as the Western women, but Cuban mail order brides clearly stand out from the rest. In some ways, they are perfectly modern and demand respect, equal rights, and equal pay. However, they are also not the biggest fan of the feminist movement and would rather live like the generations of women before them — with a protective and kind man by their side.

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What Are Cuban Wives Like?

Marriage to a Cuban mail order bride is the best way to experience her personality in full and even uncover some features she wouldn’t share with a boyfriend or a random fling. Here is why you should consider marrying a Cuban woman.

They won’t fight with you for leadership

For Cuban wives, the traditional distribution of power in the family is the best way of living. When the man is responsible for the financial aspect of the household and is the main decision maker, while the woman supports her husband and takes care of the children and the family home, this dynamic feels perfectly natural to a Cuban wife. She won’t work for 12+ hours a day just to prove that she’s as smart or successful as her husband.

They find joy in motherhood and housework

No amount of career success or money can make a Cuban woman as happy as a couple of kids running around a comfortable, modern house that smells of delicious, freshly made food. That is why your Cuban wife will always choose family life over a career, given that you can actually afford it. Cuban wives appreciate their husband’s help around the house, but they feel much more confident when they are the ones doing all the work.

They don’t know how to be bored

Cuban women may not have grown up watching the same TV shows and listening to the same music artists as you did, but they still have a rich cultural background and an active lifestyle. And even after years of marriage, Cuban wives don’t lose any of their attitude to life. They always know a new fun thing to do for the whole family or just the two of you. And even when a Cuban wife is alone at home while the husband is at work and the kids are at school, she will always find a way to make that time count.

Why Are Cuban Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

To foreigners, Cuba seems like an exotic land of free spirit and rebelliousness. However, to people living in Cuba, their country is less of a fairytale land. Living in Cuba is not as easy as it looks, especially for young unmarried women. With a lack of education and job opportunities and a generally low standard of living, Cuban mail order brides view marriage to a foreign man as one of their few options to escape the poverty of their home country. 

Plus, for decades, Cubans could only guess what foreigners are like, and once Cuban women got a clear idea about the appearance and personality of a typical US man, they started seeing them in a favorable light and began considering them for marriage.

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The Guide on Marrying a Cuban Woman

Tips on dating a Cuban girl

Cuban girls are very laid-back in general, so there are no special rules to follow. However, if you want to not only have a wonderful few months of romance, but also want them to result in a wonderful marriage, here are a few ways to increase your chances of success.

  • Don’t wait for her to reach out to you. Cuban women are strong and assertive, but the one aspect where they want to let go and give the reins to the man is the beginning of the relationship. You can wait for some non-verbal signals from her, but you will still need to make the first move.
  • Use her ideas for a nice date. As a man, you probably feel the urge to direct the action in the relationship, but as a foreigner, you don’t know a lot of nice things to do and see in Cuba. Trust your Cuban woman with date ideas and you’re in for a nice surprise.
  • The man always pays. It’s more of a cultural thing in Cuba, but also due to the disparity in the income of Cuban women and foreign men. Even suggesting to split the check will not be well-received by your Cuban mail order bride.
  • Maintain the communication between dates. Since you are both busy individuals who have a lot on your plates, you will probably only go out once or twice a week. However, it’s very important to keep the fire going with the help of texts, calls, and even unexpected flower deliveries.
  • Keep the relationship moving. Cuban women don’t marry too young, but they also hate to date someone for years without the relationship going anywhere. You need to set a clear direction for the relationship and let your Cuban bride know that you will do anything to land her as a wife.

Meeting Cuban bride parents: 3 tips

Chances are, your Cuban mail order bride still lives with her parents and values their opinion a lot. That is why you may meet her parents sooner than you expected, and here is how you can get them to love you like a son.

  • Don’t brag about your background or wealth. The parents of your Cuban bride will be comforted by the thought that you make enough money to allow their daughter to live comfortably, but they hate it when anyone begins openly bragging about their wealth.
  • Pay special attention to the father. The father is the undisputed head of the family in Cuba and someone your Cuban bride looks up to. He has a big influence on her worldview and opinion of you, so make sure to create a dependable and strong image.
  • Bring them something they don’t have in Cuba. People in Cuba don’t have access to many of the products we see and buy every day, so they will find it extra touching if you are thoughtful enough to give them some unique gifts from your home country.
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Cuban wedding customs and laws

The culture and overall vibe of Cuba, as well as the fact that Cubans have been living in isolation for a long time, made the country develop some unique wedding traditions. Here is what you will experience during your wedding to a Cuban bride.

  • Relaxed attitude to marriage. Even the most romantic Cuban girls don’t view marriage as a big deal. They would love to marry their dream man, but they are not some bridezillas who won’t rest until the whole event is planned down to the last minute.
  • Only civil ceremonies. Cubans may have different attitudes to religion, but they prefer their wedding ceremonies to be strictly civil. In most cases, the newlyweds take advantage of the fabulous Cuban beaches and have their ceremony there.
  • The bride’s family pays. Of course, the situation can be different when you are a foreigner who is well-off, but in Cuban wedding tradition, the whole event is covered by the parents of the bride.
  • The wedding parade. On the day of the wedding, the bride and the groom, as well as their closest friends and family members, will take part in a celebratory parade. It will feature lots of singing, dancing, and generally having fun.
  • Pinning the money. The wedding reception is a night of eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, and exercising a few more traditions. One of them is the guests taking turns to dance with the newlyweds and pinning some money onto their outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How religious are Cuban brides?

Most Cubans identify themselves as Catholics, but the Catholic Church isn’t as powerful in Cuba as it is in other Latin American countries. Cuban brides are less strict about following the church guidelines and are more modern and free compared to their other Latin counterparts. For example, they usually don’t have a problem with intimacy before marriage.

Is it hard to go to Cuba as a US tourist?

Entering Cuba as a US tourist on your own is indeed an almost impossible task due to the complicated relations between Cuba and the United States that are slowly getting worse. However, there are several loopholes you can use, including visiting Cuba as a non-tourist or planning your trip through one of the many agencies that make traveling to Cuba legal.

Are Cuban brides fine with an age gap?

Cuban women consider themselves to be very mature for their age, which is why they often find dating their peers to be unfulfilling. Many Cuban mail order brides are specifically looking for slightly older partners, and some of them are perfectly fine with a 10 or more years between them and their potential husbands.

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