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Why Are Italian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

You may know Italy as a country with beautiful architecture, world-famous cuisine, and hundreds of historical attractions, but today we want you to look at Italy from a different angle. Itโ€™s a country with some of the worldโ€™s most attractive women. Here is why you should consider choosing an Italian mail order bride.

They look absolutely stunning

The beauty of Italian brides isnโ€™t the only reason to love them, but itโ€™s definitely what will draw you to them in the first place. An Italian woman is a stunning creature with a tall, feminine body, flawless sunkissed skin, wavy dark hair, and a pair of captivating eyes. Italian mail order brides have very distinctive features and barely need any makeup to highlight them. Hot Italian brides are also graceful and elegant, which are the two features you definitely want to see in your woman.

They always tell it like it is

When you are together with an Italian woman, you will never have to guess how sheโ€™s feeling or what sheโ€™s thinking โ€” she will always tell you whatโ€™s on her mind. Italian brides are often considered to be too loud and emotional, but thatโ€™s only because they prefer to address any issues head-on and to be open about their feelings. This concerns both the negative and the positive emotions, although the positive ones definitely win.

They will transform your worldview

If you found your life to be somewhat boring and lacking excitement before, it will quickly change when you become closer to an Italian mail order wife. These women have an active lifestyle and they will want to share it with you. With an Italian bride by your side, itโ€™s impossible to stay idle. You will want to try new things, visit new places, and get new cultural experiences just to have more time to spend with your partner.

They have a caring nature

Italian brides love it when someone takes care of them, but they love it even more when they get to take care of someone they love. They maintain a fine balance between being caring and overbearing, so they wonโ€™t insist on being with you 24/7 but they will definitely want to make you feel happy and comfortable at all times.

What Are Italian Wives Like?

Marriage to an Italian bride is a way for you to enjoy all the favourite features of your partner forever. These are the things that make Italian mail order wives so irresistible to Western men.

They will do anything for their loved ones

Since the olden days, Italian women are known for being able to sacrifice a lot for the benefit of their families. From something as simple as planning a fun weekend for the whole family to effortlessly agreeing to move with you across the world, you will never find a more easy-going and supportive partner than an Italian wife.

They will make you want kids as soon as possible

Even if you have never considered yourself to be anxious to have children, an Italian mail order wife will change your mind. As soon as you see how warm and natural your woman is around kids, you will want to bring that joy to your own home. Italian wives only consider their family to be complete when there is at least one bundle of joy running around the house.

They find joy in cooking

For Italian wives, cooking is not some tiresome chore that they try to avoid by getting you to cook or buying takeout meals. In Italian families, the women always do the cooking and they have amazing cooking skills. A typical Italian wife can whip up an impressive meal using a minimum of ingredients and she will never complain about her cooking duties because she actually enjoys the process.

hot italian girl

Why Are Italian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Italy has a strong economy, a fantastic climate, beautiful cities, and a respectful environment for women. So itโ€™s not like Italian brides are desperately trying to get as far from their country as possible by marrying a foreign man. They are definitely fascinated by the life they can have abroad, but their motivation for marrying foreign guys is different.

Italian mail order brides fall in love with the manโ€™s personality, not his citizenship. A typical Italian bride simply did not find the desirable male qualities in her local dating circle. And since she doesnโ€™t want to settle for less, she is prepared to date and marry a foreign man just to get a partner who fits her idea of a perfect husband.

The Guide On Marrying An Italian Women

Tips on dating an Italian girl

Whether you are looking for an Italian woman for marriage or simply want to have an exciting time dating an Italian girl, you should definitely research the dating culture in Italy and adjust your dating habits to fit the womanโ€™s expectations. These 5 tips will help you:

  • Look for signs of interest from her. Italian brides have all the confidence in the world, but they want the men to take the initiative and reach out to them. However, an Italian woman will always show signs of interest if she wants to know you better, so watch out for them.
  • Be creative with your date ideas. If you have your first few dates in a nice restaurant or a bar over a glass of local wine, itโ€™s going to feel great both for you and the lady. However, after that, she is going to need more from you. Think about the ways you can surprise your Italian bride!
  • Match her romantic needs. Italian women are some of the most romantic females in the world. They will go to great lengths to impress their partner romantically, but they also need you to step up your romance game. Gifts, compliments, flowers, and surprises are a must.
  • Donโ€™t even mention other women. Jealousy is one of the key personality features of Italian mail order brides. These women are rather possessive and they canโ€™t even stand the thought of some other lady being close to their man. So to prevent any misunderstanding, there shouldnโ€™t be any women in your proximity.
  • Demonstrate your ability to commit. Italian brides are not just looking for someone to spend a few weeks with and then call it quits. They want to meet their soulmate, and you should want the same. Build up the trust between you by showing your deep commitment to your bride.
italian woman

Meeting Italian bride parents: 3 tips

Italian women are incredibly close to their parents and will want you to meet them as soon as they realize they want to potentially marry you. The best tip you can get here is to just be yourself and respectful, but here is what else you should know about meeting the parents of your Italian bride.

  • The meeting can be spontaneous. Many Italian brides live with their parents, so the first meeting with her parents can happen when you simply come to pick her up for a date. That is why you always need to look presentable and have a couple of cute stories about your family ready just in case.
  • Find some shared interests and views. You and the parents of your Italian bride come from different worlds, but it doesnโ€™t mean you need to be complete strangers. As long as you take an active part in the discussions, you will easily discover a few things you have in common.
  • Compliment the food and the house. The family home and the handmade food on the table are a source of pride for Italians, especially the mother of your bride. If you want to instantly win your future in-laws over, make sure to be extra vocal about enjoying the food and loving their home.

Italian wedding customs and laws

Italy is a unique country where perfectly modern views are combined with beliefs and customs that are several centuries old. In many ways, an Italian Catholic wedding ceremony isnโ€™t that different from the ceremonies you may have attended in your country, but here are 5 unique Italian wedding traditions.

  • Choosing the wedding day. While millions of people in the world are trying to schedule their weddings for Friday or Saturday, Italians consider these days to be bad luck for the marriage. Sunday is the most popular wedding day for Italian couples.
  • Good luck superstitions. Even young Italians are surprisingly superstitious and they have a few traditions that stem from their ancestors. For example, the groom will put a piece of iron into his front pocket, while the bride will make a tiny hole in her veil for good spirits.
  • Breaking the vase. After exiting the church, the new husband and wife will take a glass vase and smash it to the floor. The number of the glass pieces on the floor is believed to correspond to the number of years spent together, so you need to aim for an extra powerful throw.
  • Wedding favors. The wedding guests will obviously bring gifts to the newlyweds, but they also wonโ€™t leave the event empty-handed. Each guest will receive a bomboniere โ€” a wedding favor that consists of a small gift and an odd number of candied almonds.
  • Cutting up the tie. At the end of the wedding reception, the groomโ€™s friends will cut his tie into small pieces and sell the pieces to the guests. The money will then be given to the couple to cover the wedding expenses or to fund their honeymoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Italian brides stay with one man forever?

You may have heard that Italian mail order brides are passionate and flirty, but they make significant changes to their behavior and outlook once they find someone they care about. An Italian woman will never betray the trust of her partner by flirting with another man, so you should never worry about your brideโ€™s fidelity.

Do Italian mail order brides want many kids?

Many Italian brides come from families where there are 3, 5, or even 7 kids plus a lot of cousins. They definitely enjoy growing up in these big and happy families, but they also realize how difficult it can be to raise many children. That is why most Italian mail order brides are pretty sensible about it and will stop at two kids, but that doesnโ€™t include the children you may have from previous relationships.

Do Italian women need to date for a long time before getting married?

In general, Italian women for marriage can tell whether the person is right for them shortly after they begin dating. However, they prefer to get to know their partner before making that most important step. On average, an Italian mail order bride needs around a year to decide that she wants to get married, but some of them are ready to tie the knot in far less than that.

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