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Why are German Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Germany differs greatly spreading from its western to eastern borders. It is situated in West Europe, consists of flats, mountains, seaside and it borders six countries of European Union. 

German mail order brides also vary as well as its territory. Being blondes, brunettes, pale or tanned skinned, slim or figured, they are absolutely different in their look, having in common their dignity, sex appeal and inner magnetism.    

Nordic chic 

German women are unique due to their inner and outer beauty, which looks a bit cool. Their hair is always perfectly done either with a touch of the professional hairdresser or staying natural blonde. Blue shiny eyes, white skin, slim sporty figures, long legs add attraction for the feminine image. 

German brides make an impression of tender and sensitive creatures, which is really so. Staying young in their souls until maturity, one may meet senior ladies among German mail order brides. Being quite different, most of them maintain their slim figures with the help of regular exercises in gyms and are sexually attractive in all ages. 

Confident character

However, the main secret of nordic beauty of German mail order brides is in their character. These girls stand on their own two feet. They are not afraid of the future and are confident. Two things contributed to this: upbringing in their native families and education. 

Although a confident character is the main common feature of German women, openness, easy to get along with, faithfulness, honesty are their additional virtues.  

Stylish and sexy 

German brides select their outfit matching the occasion thoroughly. They are usually stylishly dressed either these women are on the open air walk, or in the office. Their wear highlights their inner world perfectly. 

German ladies do not hesitate to talk on any subject freely. They are extremely open. German brides have almost no taboo topics, and even the most intimate and provocative ideas may be easily discussed without any shame and dismay.           

Smart wit 

German mail order brides are very clever. Generally, German parents try to educate their children in the most prestigious universities, which they can afford. Girls usually speak at least two foreing languages. 

Additionally, German brides travel in Europe and may study in France, Italy, the USA or any other country, thus studying these languages as well. That is the reason why a German mail order bride may support any conversation easily, is an interesting interlocutor and assistant is many businesses. 

Always busy with something

Yes, it is difficult to see a German woman wasting her time without any reason or being late. Usually they are extremely punctual. German brides are always engaged in some work, business, sport, etc. German girls unlike many other women are never late. 

These women for marriage are of great demand on the job market thanks to their hard-working character and perfect education. They try to achieve good positions on their works utilizing at maximum their wit and acumen.    

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What are German Wives Like?

If you are looking for an independent and faithful companion in your life, a German mail order bride will be the best variant. Whatever she does, she does it perfectly and with love. The family is in this list either. 

  • German wives are very honest and direct. There will be no ambiguity in your life in the relations with this lady. A German bride will tell you frankly, what she thinks, and give you a piece of advice on any topic. 
  • A German bride is extremely independent. And starting from the first date you will be splitting your bills in two halves. 
  • German brides are free not only in terms of finance. They have their own opinion and it is important to listen to them and discuss any decision. 
  • However, these beauties are traditional in their family relations. German brides prefer long-term connections before marriage to understand their true feelings. And once making up their mind to marry, German wives stay faithful to their husbands for the whole life. 
  • These are the best caring mothers ever. Being punctual and strict, they love their kids and almost never use nannies to raise them. 
  • Cooking in the list of skills of German women as well. Although, a German street food is very delicious, versatile and widely spread, they love cooking at home and do it hundreds of times better than in any restaurant.
  • Hobbies take a separate place in the life of your German bride. Travel is one of them. It may even be called a way of life, because due to open boards, German girls fly, ride, drive in any corner of the Earth. In their late ages the passion for journeys is not weaker. Other hobbies are sports, cars, home decoration.  
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The Guide on Marrying German Women

Tips on dating a German girl

The main advice before jumping into relationships with a German woman is to listen and be attentive. These ladies are so diverse, that itโ€™s hardly possible to draw out any similar tips. However, there are some. 

  1. Be frank, direct and keep to your word. This is the most important paragraph. Remember, German girls are very punctual. The truth, even if it is not pleasant and may lead to uncomfortable moments, is better than lying. Keep to your promises. Avoid changing plans and being late. 
  2. Do not judge by first impression. Generally, your German mail order bride may be a bit reserved during the first date. It may look like she does not have interest in you. However, it gives the wrong impression. Usually during the first rendezvous, a German woman for marriage tries to understand your values, ideas, thoughts and find common things. Do not take her attentiveness and seriousness for disinterest.
  3. Avoid small talks and ambiguous jokes on the first date. It goes without saying that even people who value humor, cannot be sure in other peopleโ€™s interests. That is why the jokes on peculiar topics should be delayed for the next meetings.
  4. Value equality of genders. Chivalry is highly welcomed for any woman. However, German girls value equality of men and women. So once paying for them, do not be surprised if next time they pay for yours.

Meeting German brideโ€™s parents: tips

There are two main notes prior to your first meeting with the German mail order brideโ€™s parents. 

  1. Be natural, be yourself. Do not pretend to be better than you are or to know more than you really do. Your girlfriend will smooth things over if necessary. 
  2. Be ready for frank talks and directness of your future in-laws. Do not take it for rudeness. Remember, that Germans always say what they mean. 

Other details will make your introduction pleasant and informal.

  1. Bring a bottle of good red wine with you, if your country produces any. German beer and white wines are perfect. As for the red wine, they do not have a good one. 
  2. In case you are going to bring souvenirs or gifts, tend for something practical, as abstract things will look strange. 
  3. Keep good manners, which you got accustomed to in your country. Germans may have a different understanding of table behavior; however, they will not be upset with yours in case you will be polite and attentive.   
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German wedding customs and laws 

  • There is no special tradition for an engagement procedure. It may be held within the presence of the coupleโ€™s parents or just a bride and a groom alone. The dinner is also optional. A traditional engagement ring is worn on a brideโ€™s left hand. The wedding rings are put on the right hands of both, a German woman and a man, and are made of smooth gold, as a rule. 
  • A Polterabend party is one of the exceptionally German traditions prior to the wedding. This gathering involving a bride and a groom, as well as their parents, relatives and friends, is rather a noisy fest. It includes food, drinks, and entertainment. 

However, the main aim of the eve is to check how a couple gets on together. They undergo a simple trial. Abundance of porcelain tableware (plates or cups) are getting broken. The future newlyweds must clean and make everything tidy to demonstrate their mutual assistance. 

  • The bigger quantity of marriages in Germany nowadays has become civil, as it is obligatory for legal registration. A Standesamt is the place where the ceremony is conducted. Actually, there may be no solemn procedure and few family members and friends as witnesses may be present.  
  • A Christian ceremony conducted in a church is a different option. It is not obligatory and may be held in a few days or even months after the civil one. 
  • The party moves between the different locations of the wedding by cars honking loudly. They are decorated with white ribbons to be noticeable.
  • The guest reception part usually starts with the newlywedsโ€™ dance, traditional waltz. The second dance is for the bride and her father and a groom and his mother.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are German wives good mothers?

German wives may seem not to be suitable for mature family relations and parenting, having a good education and being on high demand in the jobโ€™s market. However, it is not so.

German mail order brides become perfect wives and excellent moms. 

Even though usually they do not create large families and have one or two kids, German brides raise them without any side assistance, nannies or grandparents.

Bringing up their children themselves, these women teach them to be honest and frank, to strive for knowledge, to be kind and strong on their own example. Sons and daughters of German mothers grew strong-willed, punctual, disciplined, striving to get the best education.    

What type of men are German brides looking for? 

Number one in the list of singles for German mail order brides is a frank and sincere man. Do not try to show off, pretend to be macho, wealthier or better than you really are. German girls are clever enough to recognize fakes.

These outstanding ladies appreciate humor, skill to conduct conversation. Demonstrate your amiability as German brides are very sensitive. However, remember about equality in paying your dinner or choosing a venue for a date.

The punctuality of German brides obliges you to plan thoroughly your dates and always be on time.   

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