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Why Are Dominican Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Despite its relatively small population, the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for men in search of a perfect woman to date or marry. Dominican mail order brides have more advantages than we can ever describe, but these three qualities make them particularly popular with men.

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You canโ€™t take your eyes off them

The beauty of Dominican brides is not up for debate and is actually the first thing you notice about them. Their attractiveness is the direct result of a complex genetic heritage of Dominican people where you can see Latin, European, and African features. The skin of Dominican girls has a lovely caramel tone, their hair is curly and soft, and their bodies are just curvy enough for you to think about them all the time. Dominican brides are not shy and often use every opportunity they have to highlight their beauty with the right clothes and makeup.

They are honest and straightforward

A relationship with a Dominican woman will be one of the easiest ones in your life for one simple reason: they always tell it like it is and donโ€™t play any intricate mind games like many women in the West. Dominican girls are unable to fake anything and you can easily tell whether they like you or not. If something goes wrong in your relationship with a Dominican bride, she will prefer to discuss it there and then instead of accumulating her frustration and lashing out on you when you least expect it.

They know how to have a good time

No matter how hard you look, you will hardly find a Dominican girl who loves staying home most of all. A typical Dominican woman has a tight social calendar and a variety of favorite activities she will gladly share with you. Dominican girls are always the first ones to know about the best events and locations, so when you are together with a Dominican mail order bride, you can expect her to be fully responsible for the leisure in your couple.

What Are Dominican Wives Like?

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Western men marrying Dominican mail order brides is a growing international dating trend of the past few years and those men are convinced that a Dominican wife is exactly what was missing from their lives to make it complete. Here is why you may want to do the same.

She will be the one responsible for the chores

In the Dominican Republic, the question of who performs the house chores is never even raised. Dominican girls are raised with the notion that housework is their primary responsibility and they are in no rush to change it when they start their own family. Of course, you can always offer your help to win some bonus points from your wife, but she will have no issue with cooking and cleaning day in and day out for the sake of her family.

You wonโ€™t find a more caring mother for your children

Dominican women can have brilliant careers and a string of activities, but it always seems like they are born to become mothers. From a young age, Dominican girls get plenty of experience with children by watching their younger siblings and then their nephews and nieces from older siblings. By the time they get married, they already have all the knowledge required to raise happy and healthy babies. Add that to the naturally caring and warm personality of a Dominican wife, and you will see why she will make the best mother for your future kids.

She will support you no matter what

In the eyes of a Dominican wife, a happy marriage is built on mutual respect, trust, and support. Dominican wives consider support to be one of their top responsibilities, so you can always expect at least one person to have your back. Whether you run into troubles at work or have financial problems, your Dominican wife will hold your hand through any issues and will always find time to reassure you. 

Why Are Dominican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Even if you have never been to the Dominican Republic and donโ€™t have any ties to Latin America, you can probably guess what life is like for women in this country. On one hand, Dominican women are celebrated for their beauty and passion. On the other hand, they donโ€™t get a lot of respect from local men, financial freedom, or opportunities to get decent-paying jobs.

The search for a better life is what compels many Dominican girls to become mail order brides and seek for nice foreign husbands. However, that is not the only reason. From the media or meeting foreign tourists, Dominican women have a clear image of a Western man in their head. They view Western guys as respectful, successful, and caring. Those are the exact same qualities Dominican girls want to see in their potential husbands, and that is why they choose to become mail order brides.

The Guide on Marrying a Dominican Woman

Tips on dating a Dominican girl

Even if itโ€™s your first-ever time dating a Dominican bride, there is no need to stress out โ€” if a Dominican woman wants to be with you, she will also make an effort in the relationship. This is what you can do to quickly win over a Dominican girl.

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  • Take the matters into your own hands. Dominican women are strong and ambitious, but in a new relationship, they want to relax and let the man take the reins. Your girlfriend wonโ€™t rely on you for everything, but she wants to know that you can take care of her.
  • Ask for her opinions. Even if your Dominican bride allows you to make the most important decisions, she still likes to be asked about her thoughts. Getting her opinion before doing something will help you avoid the disappointment and resentment.
  • Donโ€™t play by the rules. Dominican women are experienced in love and they know every trick in the book. Trying to play by the rules with a Dominican mail order bride will eventually backfire, so do whatever your heart tells you to do.
  • Show her something new and exciting. Dominican girls have lots of interests, friends, hobbies, and favorite activities, but they are always ready for new experiences. Surprise your girlfriend with something she has never tried before and it will quickly pay off.
  • Compliment her style. Dominican mail order brides invest a lot of effort into their appearance, especially when they are getting ready for a date. You donโ€™t need to do the same, but you should definitely notice her efforts and compliment her look.

Meeting Dominican bride parents: 3 tips

You may be worried about the progress of your relationship with a Dominican mail order bride, especially at its early stages, but there is one telling sign that she has serious plans involving you. When you are invited to the family home of your Dominican bride, you know there is a bright future ahead of you, and here is how to make her parents love you from the first sight.

  • Prepare for a warm welcome. The amount of physical contact and the loudness of greetings from a Dominican family may seem unusual to you as a Western man, but thatโ€™s just what Dominican people are like. Kiss and hug them to show your open-hearted nature.
  • Donโ€™t refuse food or alcohol. The parents of your Dominican mail order bride will spend hours filling the table and they can be hurt or even offended if you refuse to try anything. If you are offered some alcohol, itโ€™s best to take small sips instead of drinking it at once.
  • Find some shared interests. The experiences of your Dominican in-laws may be very different from your own experiences, but it doesnโ€™t mean there arenโ€™t any common grounds. You may have similar views on many things, and open communication is the only way to discover them.

Dominican wedding customs and laws

Getting married in the Dominican Republic means experiencing some of the old and new traditions first-hand. In many ways, a Dominican wedding will remind you of the Catholic wedding ceremonies, but there are also a few unique things about Dominican nuptials.

  • Starting the day together. Itโ€™s not forbidden for the groom to see the bride before she arrives at the altar. In fact, the lovebirds will often start the day together and have a wedding photoshoot before the official ceremony.
  • Escorting the newlyweds. Getting to the altar is a very solemn part of the event. The groom will be escorted by his mother, the groomโ€™s father will escort the brideโ€™s mother, and then the bride will be escorted by her father all the way to the altar.
  • Arras. Arras, or a tray with 13 gold coins, will be passed from a young male guest of the wedding to the minister, who will bless the coins and give them to the groom. The groom will then present the arras to the bride as a symbol of his desire to share everything with her.
  • Dancing the merengue. The merengue is the essential part of a Dominican wedding and is something that unites all guests in a celebratory dance, so if you are not much of a dancer, start learning the moves beforehand!
  • Wedding gifts come first. Surprisingly enough, guests donโ€™t bring any presents to the wedding reception, but they donโ€™t celebrate the wedding empty-handed either. They simply deliver the gifts to the brideโ€™s room one day before the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dominican wives smart about money?

Like many Latin American women, Dominican girls donโ€™t grow up with a lot of material wealth. However, instead of getting their hands on every luxury item when they have the opportunity, they display impressive sensibility when it comes to money. You can safely make your Dominican wife the head of your family budget and never worry about it again.

How do Dominican women feel about the role of a housewife?

With a few exceptions among the most career-oriented Dominican girls, nothing will make them happier than getting the opportunity to stay at home and take care of the children and the house. And given that Dominican brides truly excel at housework, there is no point in making your Dominican wife work full-time with no one to perform the house duties.

Does religion play an important role in the life of a Dominican bride?

Religion is an essential aspect of a Dominican womanโ€™s worldview. Most Dominican girls are brought up in deeply religious, Catholic or Protestant families, and their religious upbringing has a huge impact on their lives as adults. However, Dominican women are also accepting of other peopleโ€™s religious views, so if you are non-religious or belong to another confession, it shouldnโ€™t be a problem.

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