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Why are Jamaican Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Women from one of the sunniest and largest islands of the Caribbean Sea are amazingly exotic, tender and hilarious. They are exquisite and unique. Pay attention to this vibrant land and its feminine inhabitants, if your aim is a strong family and reliable companion for your whole life. 

A sunny appearance

Born in the beautiful and warm island, which is surrounded by pleasant sea waves, Jamaican mail order brides have bright appearance. They are dark-skinned, have thin face features, plump lips and bright shiny eyes. Their touchy appearance is supplemented with a curvy figure. Jamaican brides have thin waist and high breasts, making men go crazy with such attractive looks. 

As a rule, these island women are sporty. They pay attention to the training in gyms and regular physical work to stay in the perfect health and body condition. Jamaican mail order brides have a good sense of taste. They almost do not use makeup and their beauty is natural. As for the outfit, these girls prefer vibrant colors, however their look is always stylish.

A pleasant character

The same as their appearance, Jamaican mail order brides have nice and joyful characters. They may even seem a bit light-minded, as they are always smiling and laughing. They like noisy time spending, dancing, disco, parties.

Jamaican brides are very easy to pick up and go, which makes them perfect travel companions. You may head at any corner of the Earth by any means of transport. Your Jamaican bride will accompany you with her elevated mood anywhere.

Traditional family values

However, these girls are very firm and stable when it goes about the family and the closest people. They are brought up in respect for their dad and mom, and are prone to support them for their whole life. These women always will be grateful to their native home and will teach their children the same.

Education and wit

Jamaican girls are smart and good educated. Their general intelligence allows them to support conversation on all topics. Jamaican women for marriage speak excellent English with a pleasant accent, as this is their state language. Expect no barrier and difficulties in understanding.

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What are Jamaican Wives Like?

Jamaican brides will make excellent wives. Although in their young age they are fans of noisy parties and hilarious companies, their dream is to meet a partner and create a strong family. 

  • As soon as Jamaican girls are engaged, their preferences change. They become inventive and economic housekeepers, tender spouses and caring mothers.
  • A Jamaican wife differs greatly from any girls from western countries. She is educated and speaks excellent English. However, she is less tending to emancipation. Being hardworking, being less dependent on her husband, than many brides from Eastern Europe, they demonstrate  femininity at the same time.
  • A Jamaican mail order bride is sure to make you a happy husband. She has exotic stunning beauty and maintains it for her whole life. Being a perfect wife and dealing with a house and her job at a time, a Jamaican bride also stays engaged in visiting spa and gyms, undergoing cosmetic procedures. A Jamaican beauty uses little makeup and her attractiveness is always the same, at home and outdoors. 
  • Jamaican wives are passionate loving partners, presenting you with enjoyment all your life. She knows how to maintain her husbandโ€™s interest regardless of how old you are. Be sure your Jamaican bride will be your faithful companion and help you with all possible means is your businesses, journeys, happiness and misfortune.
  • Masters of making a cozy and attractive house, Jamaican women for marriage have been taught from their childhood how to maintain a nice house. They are very inventive and creative, making any trifles beautiful and homely, utilizing even useless elements. 
  • Jamaican mail order brides are very skilled cookers. The cuisine of this country is very delicious and spiced. They make perfect goat, fish and vegetables stews including Calabaza, a traditional West-Indian dish. 
  • Jamaican brides are perfect mothers raising their kids in love and providing them with a reliable backup.

Why are Jamaican brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The answer to this question is on the surface.

Jamaican women value freedom and their independence when they are young. Nevertheless, after they get married to a local man, the situation drastically changes. They are demanded to start a difficult life with hard work and numerous family obligations. 

Local husbands seldom are loyal toward their wives. As a rule, they are rude and behave violently. The quantity of restarted families in Jamaica has been decreasing and many marriages are broken.

Thus, Jamaican mail order brides are eagerly registered in the dating sites, are ready to marry a foreign man and relocate. Their image of the singles abroad is romantic. They are aimed at meeting a reliable and fair man, who will respect and love them.

These adorable women may be a bit naรฏve in their wishes, but they are honest and frank. They are able to give happiness reciprocally to a man of their dream.

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The Guide on Marrying Jamaican Women

Tips on dating a Jamaican girl

Dating Jamaican mail order brides is very pleasant. Having a merry character, she converts every meeting to a party. However, the following few tips will make you rendezvous incredible.

  1. Refer her seriously and with respect. Jamaican brides seem to be light minded, though they are clever and intelligent. Your sincere interest in her wit and asking her smart questions will be appreciated.
  2. Be romantic. Every woman and especially a Jamaican female like to be treated as a princess. Invent some unusual and fairy venue for your meeting. Present her a nice gift, it may not be expensive but touchy.
  3. Respect her traditions and her family. Your polite attitude and sincere interest to Jamaican customs, history, cuisine will be very appreciated. Ask her questions and, Jamaican girls will eagerly become your guide on the local peculiarities.

Getting acquainted with a brideโ€™s relatives

Jamaican mail order brides respect their families and traditions. Their closest circle usually is not only a mom and a dad, but also siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins. Their thoughts and opinions are very important for Jamaican brides.

In case your intentions towards the lady are serious, try to meet her relatives and make a good impression on them.

The attitude of her parents will sure be favorable in case you demonstrate your knowledge of their country, the history and culture of Jamaica as well as your sincere love and respect for your Jamaican bride.

Jamaican wedding customs and laws

Jamaican inhabitants are mainly Christians, thus their wedding ceremonies resemble Western ones. 

However, some traditional details and customary local rituals make every celebration unique.

A bride

The bride in the ceremony is the princess of the event, her attire is beautiful. A snowy white dress and a veil fetches out her shimmering dark skin. A Jamaican bride carries a brideโ€™s bouquet. 

An official part of the event takes place in the church in case the couple is Christians. A mother and a dad traditionally accompany a bride to give her away to her future husband.

A venue

There is no lack of picturesque sites for the marriage in this beautiful country with turquoise sea waves and sandy beaches. Although, traditionally the first day of the reception is conducted at the groomโ€™s venue. His patio is decorated with flowers, coconut palm branches and covered with a marquise. 

A groom himself cannot take part in construction works. He just supervises everything.

A cake, rum and goat curry

There are no celebrations in Jamaica without its traditional dishes. Goat curry is one of the obligatory treats during the event. 

Another ultimate constituent of the wedding party is Jamaican rum. It is added to a wedding cake. Dried fruits are soaked with it and become ingredients of this unique tasty delicacy.

The second day of the party

The celebration itself lasts until morning and continues the next day, which is usually Sunday. It is called Tun Tโ€™anks Sunday

Celebration takes place after visiting a church on Sunday morning at the brideโ€™s house. Being more joyful and noisy, this is an informal day. After it all guests taste a cake and are presented small gifts.

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Are Jamaican wives good mothers?

Jamaican brides are caring mothers. They are taught to be good at raising kids and become loving moms in their families.

Jamaican wives bring up their children in respect for families and traditions.

At the same time, daughters and sons are not restricted in taking their own decisions and develop freely their ambitions and abilities.

Some stereotypes on Jamaican girls

Jamaican rum, coffee, cigars, cannabis and Bob Marley are the first thing coming into mind if you talk about Jamaica. 

These authentic attributes of the sunny country have led to some stereotypes of Jamaican mail order brides.

They all a rastas, listen to Reggae and smoke ganja

The image of legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley, as well as his music style and religious beliefs, resulted in conventions that all men and women in this country are like him. Itโ€™s not true.

The religion of Rastafarian is practiced by less than 1% of all inhabitants. Almost all others are Christians.

Marijuana is out of law on the island. Total number of smokers is not big. However, Jamaican cigars are remarkable.

The population of the island and especially, Jamaican girls, love dancing. Numerous parties and clubs play various music of different styles: disco, pop, Reggie. There is no strict preference for definite music.

Jamaican women are lazy and aggressive

Just on the contrary. Jamaican brides are free, value freedom, openly and directly express their opinion.

These hilarious women like to spend their spare time joyfully. During their working hours, Jamaican brides work much. Being on vacation or on holidays, they lead the active life. However, unmarried girls always help their families and younger siblings. Wives often work after marriage.

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