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Why Are Spanish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

If you have ever met the lovely Spanish girls, then you probably won’t be surprised to learn that they are extremely popular among Western men looking for a loving partner. Here is what makes Spanish mail order brides so attractive.

spanish mail order bride

Spanish women look absolutely perfect

Spanish girls are often named among the most beautiful women in Europe and it’s not difficult to guess why. Their appearance is something you often picture in your head but it turns out to be even better in reality. Spanish women have olive skin, big brown eyes, and luscious black hair. The facial features of Spanish girls are so striking that they barely need any makeup to highlight them. Spanish women are not very tall or skinny, but their feminine, fit figures drive men all over the world crazy.

Dating a Spanish bride is never boring

From the moment you meet a Spanish woman, you will see why these girls are so popular for dating and marriage. Spanish women have an active outlook on life, a fierce intelligence, and a lovely sense of humor. Together, these three things make the personality of a Spanish mail order bride fascinating and addictive. After your first ever date, you will constantly wish to spend some more time with her and make her yours forever.

Spanish brides are not afraid to show their feelings

With many mail order brides, the relationship can often feel one-sided: you are constantly displaying attention to them and thinking of great ways to spend time together while they merely accept your advances without doing anything of their own. Luckily, that is not something you will experience with Spanish brides, who are always happy to let a man know they are interested in knowing him better or are already in love with him.

What Are Spanish Wives Like?

When we say that a Spanish wife is exactly what you need to achieve eternal happiness, we absolutely mean it. But what exactly makes Spanish mail order brides perfect for a long and happy marriage? In addition to the usual coveted marital qualities such as support and loyalty, here is what you can also look forward to when you marry a Spanish woman.

hot spanish woman

They will always put family first

A typical Spanish woman has a very busy schedule and successfully fits dozens of activities into one day. However, none of those things will matter to her as much as before when she meets her ideal man and starts a family. No matter where a Spanish wife is and what she is doing, her loved ones will always be on her mind and she will always rush home at any opportunity to spend time with the people she admires.

The cooking skills of a Spanish wife are second to none

Spanish women can be very different and you may struggle to find a lot of unifying qualities in them, but the one thing that all Spanish girls enjoy doing is cooking for their family. Cooking is a favorite national pastime in Spain and there is a huge possibility that your Spanish wife grew up watching her mother and grandmother working their magic in the kitchen. Modern Spanish wives simply love expressing themselves in cooking and don’t want to share this chore with anyone.

Your marriage will never run out of passion

You can often hear the opinion that Spanish wives are too fiery and too loud when it comes to arguments, but there is another side of their fiery character that makes marriage to a Spanish wife so fulfilling. Spanish women are full of passion and know how to keep it going even after years or decades of marriage. A Spanish wife knows that a happy marriage needs a lot of effort and she is prepared to do anything to keep her husband satisfied.

Why Are Spanish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Spain is not a poor, politically troubled, socially obsolete country that women are trying to escape. Spanish women have a perfectly fine life in their home country and many of them are very happy in relationships with local men. However, there is a category of Spanish girls who are looking for better things in life.

They want steady, loyal, supportive relationships with men who will be forever faithful to them and won’t create a huge scene at every little argument. They also want to be treated with respect and adoration that can often be hard to get from local guys. Those are the main things leading to Spanish women becoming mail order brides.

The Guide on Marrying a Spanish Woman

Tips on dating a Spanish girl

A relationship with a Spanish bride will require you to use all of your dating skills and knowledge. It’s going to be one of the greatest times in your life, but here is what you can do to make the relationship even better.

spanish wife
  • Assume she is going to be slightly late. When planning a date, it’s safe to assume that your Spanish bride will be at least 15 minutes late. Spanish women have a very relaxed notion of time and don’t consider lateness to be a very big deal.
  • Consider unusual date ideas. Classic restaurant dates are fine for the first few times you get together, but after that, you will need to think of something new and unconventional to impress your bride.
  • Always cover the check. Spanish women have fully accepted some ideas of feminism, but paying for the date or splitting the check is not one of them. When you are only beginning your relationship, you are expected to pay for everything.
  • Be more assertive than you are used to. Spanish women are strong and know what they want, but they want to see someone even stronger by their side. You need to display the classic manly qualities, but without being too dominating.
  • Get ready for lots of PDA. Physical contact is very important to Spanish women and they regularly hug and kiss even their friends, let alone their boyfriends or potential husbands. It may seem unusual to you at first, but you will definitely grow to love it.

Meeting Spanish bride parents: 3 tips

Spanish girls are very close with their parents and try to get their opinion as soon as possible, especially when it’s something as important as choosing a life partner. No matter how long you’ve been together, if you want your relationship to flourish, her parents need to love you, and here is how to achieve it.

  • Make an effort with your look. Despite the relaxed reputation of Spanish people, the older generation can be very conservative and will definitely pay attention to the way you look. Casual but smart clothes and neat facial hair are an absolute must.
  • Ask them lots of questions. The parents of your Spanish bride will want to know as much as possible about your family, but you can win yourself some extra points if you ask them to tell more about their family and way of living.
  • Keep it cool with your bride in front of the parents. When you are dating a hot Spanish woman, it may be difficult to keep your eyes and hands off her, but her parents definitely don’t want to see you two kissing, hugging, and being generally affectionate.

Spanish wedding customs and laws

If you have ever attended a traditional Catholic wedding, then some of the Spanish wedding customs may seem familiar to you. However, when you are getting ready for your own Spanish wedding, you want to be fully prepared. Here are the 5 mandatory traditions of a wedding in Spain.

  • Black wedding gown. A silk black wedding gown with a dark grey veil is the classic wedding outfit in Spain. And while your bride may choose a white dress to wear afterwards, she will likely be dressed in black during the ceremony.
  • Padrinos instead of a wedding party. In Spain, the bride and the groom don’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead, they have Padrinos to guide them during the event, who are usually the bride’s father and the groom’s mother.
  • The importance of the parents. In Spanish culture, the roles of the bride and groom’s parents are so important that they will be seated directly next to the newlyweds on a special 6-person table.
  • 13 gold coins. A plate with 13 gold coins, or arras, is a symbol of fortune and prosperity in marriage. It will be blessed by the priest and then given by the groom to his bride as a gesture proving he is ready to share anything.
  • Cutting the groom’s tie. In the later part of the wedding reception, the groom’s tie will be cut into small pieces and the pieces will then be sold to the wedding guests. The money gathered that way will be put towards the home buying fund or another important cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is it for Spanish brides to work after the wedding?

Spanish women are not as career-oriented as their Western or Scandinavian counterparts, but they also enjoy the feeling of financial independence. A Spanish wife will have no problem with staying at home and attending to the family and home, but she will also gladly get a part-time job or paying hobby to make a financial contribution to the household.

Who is going to do the chores in our family?

Spanish women have a very relaxed attitude to chores. If you are going to be the sole provider in the family, then your Spanish wife will likely do most of the housework. However, if you both work and have children, it’s only natural for you to help with some chores, and that is exactly what your Spanish wife will expect from you.

How many children does a typical Spanish woman want?

Spanish women are caring, affectionate, have plenty of experience with kids and generally can’t wait to have children with the man they love. However, they also feel like it’s best to have fewer kids and give each of them more resources than trying to attend to four or five children at once. Two or three kids is an ideal number for most Spanish brides.

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