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Why are Belarus Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

It is difficult to meet and be acquainted with a Belarus girl somewhere out of their country, as there are no frequent and popular travel routes to this prominent land.

The area is located in the eastern part of Europe and is famous for its mild climate and picturesque landscapes of green fields and forests. This influences the character of its people. Attractive and gentle, Belarus brides are a precious and rare gift for any foreign man looking for serious relationships. 

Slavic beauty

Belonging to one of the Slavic nations, Belarus brides resemble those of Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak or Polish women by appearance. They have transparent pale skin, blue eyes, blond or light-chestnut hair. They have a perfect constitution, being long-legged and slim. 

Belarus mail order brides possess not only their natural attractiveness. They spend much time in gyms, beauty shops; pay much attention to their perfect outfit. You doubtfully meet a girl without thorough makeup on the streets of Belarus cities.  

Intelligence and education 

The country provides perfect secondary and higher education for its citizens. Belarus mail order brides are mainly intelligent, able to support all kinds of conversations, and provide good advice in many spheres. 

A foreign language may appear to be an only obstacle. Usually, Belarus brides speak English on a basic level. However, upon the necessity, Belarus women for marriage may study any foreign language quickly up to the sufficient level. On the contrary, Russian is widely spread in Belarus, and is spoken by almost 100% of the population.  

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Gentle and free character

Meeting a Belarus mail order bride, you will be astonished by her kindness and mild character, which corresponds to the gentle climate of this country. These women for marriage do not quarrel or argue in any contradictable situation. They solve all disputable questions wisely. 

Alongside with their free and up-to-date views, eagerness to experiment, all mentioned above traits make Belarus brides exotic and sexual partners in love and life.    

Strong will 

Belarus mail order brides are acquainted with hardships, and may endure temporary difficulties demonstrating a strong will. They are hardworking and usually earn good money themselves. However, even in this situation Belarus brides put their men first place. 

What are Belarus Wives Like?

Belarus mail order brides have numerous merits, adequate self-esteem lacking at the same time any signs of arrogance. These facts make them popular among foreign grooms. Your Slavic spouse and a Belarus wife in particular is a real treasure. You will notice this from the first glance. 


Belarus wives are welcoming and fond of receiving guests. This typical Slavic feature may be compared only with Georgian hospitality. They respect guests and their family members, treat them with honor, try to anticipate all their needs and desires. The traditional ritual of welcoming guests is bread and sault treat.  

Belarus cuisine is unique and tasty. Simple dishes cooked from potatoes, vegetables and red meat are delicious, and may be prepared even by the youngest ladies, as Belarus brides are taught to manage the household and kitchen from their childhood. 


If you are looking for a devoted spouse, Belarus wives are the most reliable partners. They are family oriented and usually do not postpone their marriages. Belarus mail order brides are ready for a family life in their early ages successfully combining their studying, careers and child rearing. 


Belarus brides follow their traditions. This refers to both national customs and family values. Even keeping to modern tendencies, Belarus mail order brides still value strong family relations, friendly atmosphere and respect for a husband, which are the main conventions of their homeland.         

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Why Are Belarus Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?  

Sexual and beautiful potential Belarus wives are eager to meet and marry a foreigner. However, this desire may be hardly called marriage of convenience, as a Belarus mail order bride will do it only if she loves and observes strong mutual feelings.  

The reasons to marry a man from another country are numerous. 

  1. Looking for a better future for herself and her kids, as the Republic of Belarus is not among the richest countries. Although there is no poverty, still a former country of the Soviet Union lays behind the developed countriesโ€™ wealth.  
  2. Searching for the equal attitude towards women. There is no opportunity for the wisest Belarus mail order bride to make her career and reach high positions in this country. Men are mainly promoted to important posts.
  3. Desire to be treated gracefully and respectfully. The countryโ€™s demographic situation favors men. Their share is smaller, while the share of women is higher by several percent. Thus, not all potential grooms are courteous towards their girls, and may become rude with their Belarus wives after the marriage. 

The Guide on Marrying Belarus Women

Tips on Dating a Belarus Girl

It is easy to have success during the rendezvous with Belarus women for marriage. Just keep in mind some recommendations. 

  • Be attentive and courteous. Try to remember her stories, learn some facts from the history of her land and some words in her native language. This may be easily done even during Internet conversations. Thus, you will be quite prepared to impress her during your meeting in person. 
  • Try to mingle more with future relatives and friends of your Belarus woman for marriage. It is very important that you make a good impression on them, as traditionally Belarusians value their home, family and the close circle of mates. 
  • Respect conservatism of your beloved Belarus mail order bride. Do not hustle with kisses and touches. Traditionally it was important for future spouses to be virgin before marriage. This refers to both, a Belarus wife and a husband. Thus, girls usually do not hurry up with close relations. However, beautiful and hot Belarus brides will pay you enough attention and present you with the sweetest moments after mutual loving feelings are born.  
  • Demonstrate your reliability and strong desire in close relationships from the very first date. If you are sure in your future and make a Belarus mail order bride confident in her prosperous life-to-be, this will surely make her heart open to the relationship with you.      

What to Do When Meeting Belarus Brideโ€™s Parents

These few recommendations will be of great help to you during an important event of the first acquaintance with your Belarus brideโ€™s parents. The opinion of older family members is very important for them, as they belong to a rather conservative nation.  

  • Always remember about politeness. 
  • Pay attention to your outlook and behavior. 
  • Make small non-precious gifts for the family. Offer your help in serving the table during dining at the house of her parents. 
  • Try to speak some words in Belarussian, though Russian language is also widely spread in Belarus.  
  • Many Belarus people avoid speaking about politics. As for the religion, they are mainly the Christians, though they may be also non-religious. Make these subjects neutral, paying more attention to national customs, cuisine and the family traditions of your Belarus mail order bride.    
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Belarus Wedding Customs and Laws 

Traditional Wedding

In ancient times, the traditional wedding was a combination of new Christian and Pagan rituals. However, it has all common parts of the marriage: 

  • matchmaking, 
  • engagement, 
  • the wedding itself.  

A matchmaker, who usually was a groomโ€™s godfather, came to the house of the girlโ€™s parents and carried along a loaf of bread and a bottle of strong spirit. If the offer was accepted and a wedding date was set, a mother of a Belarus bride served some food for the guests, including alcohol they had brought. A bottle was given back to a groom filled with rice. Two families decided upon the future dowry to support a couple. 

There were numerous rituals and superstitions during a wedding party. A bridegroom has to carry his Belarus bride across seven bridges for the happiness and prosperity in future. The couple exchanges rings, which should not have any decoration for a smooth life, a golden one for a man and a silver one for a woman. Traditionally a young family stayed to live in the house of the groomโ€™s parents.  

Up-to-date Celebration 

Conventional Belarus wedding is a combination of modern and ancient traditions. After the engagement, which is decided between a Belarus bride and her beloved, they meet parents to ask their formal permission. The families usually share expenses for the wedding equally. However, the quantity of guests, a wedding venue and outfits are upon the coupleโ€™s decision. 

During the party, just-married spouses have a trip for shooting photos. They also have a tradition of attaching a padlock to a bridge for strong family ties. When coming to the dining site, newlyweds are welcomed by a tasty decorated biscuit โ€“ โ€œkaravayโ€ and alcohol beverage made of honey โ€œmedovukhaโ€. At the end of the party, a mother-in-law helps a Belarus bride put on a headscarf, which replaces a bridal veil, which goes to a bridesmaid.   

What Type of Moms are Belarus Women? 

The people of this bright land and Belarus brides in particular are family oriented. Girls are taught to take care and bring up children from their early ages. Although the number of children in an average kinship is not big and usually amounts to 3 kids. Moreover, this is considered to be a large family!  

Belarus mail order brides get perfect education and try to follow all modern tendencies in professions and careers. Education is on the first place for their children as well. They develop not only compulsory knowledge of their kids, but also try to render them the love for music, dances, sports and foreign languages. Loving and caring mothers, Belarus wives convey good manners, respectful attitude towards parents, strive for obtaining useful skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Should You Meet a Belarus Bride? 

Due to national peculiarities of this country, its people are not frequent travelers in Europe or America. Though the country is very beautiful, has an ancient history and numerous places for sightseeing, journeys to Belarus are not developed. 

Thus, except for the occasion, that you are already in the country working as an expat professional, we offer three ways of acquaintances with Belarus brides: 

  • special marriage agencies, 
  • Internet dating websites and portals, 
  • travelling in person. 

If your matrimonial professionals are reliable, you are sure to meet perfect Belarus brides and create beautiful relationships. Being strong-willed and aimed at marriage, Belarusian mail order brides try to share with matchmakers not only their most prominent photos, but also their feelings, desires, and reveal their character.  

What Qualities are Belarus Mail Order Brides Looking For in Men? 

Kind and sincere

Beautiful Belarus brides are also very tender and romantic. Their compatriot men are not so kind. Belarus women are often subject to rudeness from their side frequently. You will have great success being sincere, telling true and much compliments. Do not be shy to demonstrate your feelings and real love. Belarus mail order brides will appreciate this, as well as small gifts and other ways of showing attention to them.  

Men of means

Although Belarus brides are accustomed to hardships and are courageous facing any challenges, they have a strong will to improve their living situation. Belarus wives are also looking for a prosperous future for their children. Prove your reliability, a strong financial situation and discuss plans for your family growth. Thus, after showing that you are a well-to-do person to your lovely and adorable Belarus mail order bride, she will be sure to present you with the sweetest moments in your life, a comfy house and loving heirs.  

What are National Belarus Dishes Like?

The food cooked by Belarus brides is traditionally simple but very delicious. Potato, red meat, honey, local mushrooms and berries are the conventional ingredients of the national beverages and treats. 

Draniki are grated fried potatoes mixed with a combination of flour, eggs, sault and blended vegetables. It is usually served with sour cream. 

Borsch and Machanka are soups, cooked with local vegetables. The main ingredient of the first one is beet. It is usually made on the fatty meat broth, mixed with sour cream on the table. Mochanka is also the first dish, the thick soup served with hot pancakes. Your Belarus bride is sure to cook these dishes perfectly, thus you will never be hungry. Medovukha is an alcohol beverage made of yeast, honey and water. Its cooking method includes a continuous fermentation process. It is considered ready when the ethyl alcohol content reaches 5%-10%.

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