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Why Are Cambodian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

These days, you cannot visit an Asian dating site without seeing hundreds of Cambodian mail order wives in the process. For a relatively small country like Cambodia, there is a surprising number of mail order brides, and the demand for them only continues to grow. Here are the three biggest reasons for their incredible popularity.

They have beautiful features

If we could describe the appearance of Cambodian brides with just one word, it would be the word โ€œladylikeโ€. Cambodian mail order brides are feminine in every single aspect, from their petite yet curvy bodies to their long, flowing hair that is their source of pride. A Cambodian bride has a perfect bone structure and strong facial features, but her subtle use of makeup and her unique fashion sense make her even more irresistible.

They cherish their partners

Finding the right partner is one of the main life goals for Cambodian brides. Itโ€™s not like they donโ€™t feel like their lives are complete when they are on their own. Itโ€™s just that being together with a man they love makes their lives simply splendid. And once a Cambodian woman finds someone she can imagine growing old with, she will make sure to surround that lucky man with so much attention and love that he will never even consider leaving her.

They are calm and humble

Being with a Cambodian mail order bride is the easiest experience in the world. These women accept their partners for who they are and will never ambush you with outlandish demands. A Cambodian bride is just happy to have you around. Plus, these women are incredibly calm and put-together. They will never make a scene in public or embarrass you in any other way. Coming home to a Cambodian mail order bride is something you will look forward to all day.

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What Are Cambodian Wives Like?

Beauty and friendly disposition are some of the most appealing features of Cambodian brides, but these women have a lot more to offer to the lucky man that will choose one of them as his wife. Check out these 3 reasons to consider Cambodian mail order wives.

They will support you through anything

When a Cambodian mail order wife says her wedding vows, she naturally expects the marriage to last for a lifetime. That is why she makes it one of her main duties to stand by her husband and support him no matter what you are going through. You can share anything with your Cambodian wife and expect nothing but support, adoration, and a wise piece of advice in return. There is no judgement or nagging, only friendliness and support.

They are perfect for starting a family

If you are looking not just for a loving partner, but also for a woman to have children with, a Cambodian mail order wife should be your number one choice. These ladies are destined to become incredible mothers. Many of them already have a lot of experience with kids thanks to growing up in large families, but they are also naturally attentive and focused on keeping their loved ones happy.

They wonโ€™t bother you with housework

A Cambodian wife may not be as focused on building a career and making money as much as the women in your own country, but instead, they are ready to take care of the family home like itโ€™s their main job. Cambodian wives who stay at home spend their whole days around the house or in the kitchen, but instead of complaining about the chores or trying to make you do some of them, they proudly accept the chores being the womanโ€™s prerogative.

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Why Are Cambodian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

There are Asian countries that are doing incredibly well, and there are Asian countries where things are not that great. Cambodia is somewhere in the middle. Some women there are enjoying all the opportunities they want, and others resort to working low-paying jobs just to help their families survive.

However, financial motivation is far from being the only or the main reason for Cambodian women to become mail order brides. First and foremost, they want a loving and supportive relationship with a man who respects them and is ready to do anything for the sake of his family. This is something Cambodian mail order wives often canโ€™t get from local guys, and that is why they look for potential husbands in foreign countries.

The Guide On Marrying A Cambodian Woman

Tips on dating a Cambodian girl

You may consider yourself to be a pro at dating women from your own country, but things are different in Cambodia. Cambodian mail order brides have certain expectations when dating a foreign man, so here is what you can do to make the relationship work.

  • Show your serious intentions from the start. Hot Cambodian women are no strangers to situations where foreign men date them for a couple of weeks and then disappear forever. To prevent your bride from thinking you are simply pursuing an exotic conquest, make sure to show your true intentions.
  • Donโ€™t be stingy with compliments. A Cambodian woman speaks all love languages, but she is always delighted to hear how excited she makes you feel. Point out her beautiful features, her exquisite fashion style, her amazing personality, and her incredible intelligence.
  • The man always pays in Cambodia. In your own country, this issue can usually go either way: you can pay for the whole dinner or split the check with your date. That is not the case with Cambodian brides, who fully expect the man to pay on every date.
  • Spend time with her closest friends. Your desire to spend time with your Cambodian bride only is completely understandable, but you also need to realize that Cambodian women are social creatures. Getting close to her friend group will allow you to know more about her personality and strengthen your bond.
  • Prove that you can take care of her. A Cambodian mail order bride is not looking for a man to spend several fun months with and then part ways forever. She is searching for a man who will love and support her every day of her life, and she is prepared to do the same for you.

Meeting Cambodian bride parents: 3 tips

Many Cambodian mail order brides donโ€™t move out of their parentsโ€™ house right until they decide to get married. That is why your meeting with your brideโ€™s parents will happen even sooner than you expect. Here is how to get your future in-laws to like you from the start.

  • Bring something for the table and help set it. In 99 cases out of 100, you and your Cambodian mail order brideโ€™s family will meet over dinner. Offer your help with setting the table and cleaning it afterwards, and bring something nice for everyone, such as wine or sweets.
  • Be upfront about your own family. The parents of your Cambodian mail order bride will want to know everything about your background, but itโ€™s not to judge you โ€” they simply want to learn more about their potential son-in-law. You can share every detail without any hesitation.
  • Tell them why you are a good match for their daughter. The thought of their beloved daughter moving abroad for good can be a tough one for the parents of your bride to accept. The least you can do is assure them that you will take good care of their daughter and that she will have a better life than she would at home.
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Cambodian wedding customs and laws

  • Giving the dowry. Once the man and the woman decide to get married, the groom and his family will pay a visit to the brideโ€™s family home with a dowry to prove his readiness for commitment. The dowry is usually in the form of money, although gifts are sometimes also acceptable.
  • Blessed by the monks. The Buddhist wedding ceremony in Cambodia starts with the bride and the groom being blessed by the monks, who will pour water on them and say their chants. Everyone else should keep quiet and keep their heads down.
  • Celebrating the parents. The next step of a Cambodian wedding ceremony is honoring the parents of the newlyweds. The groom and the bride will offer sweets and fruits to their parents and in-laws as a vow to take care of them when they get older.
  • Tying the knot. The official wedding ceremony will end with the family members of the bride and the groom tying a red string around their wrists. The red string symbolizes unity, good health, mutual support, and love that will last forever.
  • The wedding banquet. After the newlyweds are officially pronounced bride and groom, the whole party will move to one of the family homes or a restaurant. There the guests will enjoy a wedding banquet that consists of all kinds of elaborate dishes, as well as plenty of dancing, singing, and toasting the happy couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cambodian brides simply desperate to move abroad?

Not at all! There are plenty of young Cambodian women who want to live in a foreign country, but they are not relying on marriage to a foreign man as the only way to make it happen. When a Cambodian bride is looking for a foreign husband, she is simply looking for a caring and modern man with similar values, not someone who will simply take her to live abroad.

Does my financial situation matter to Cambodian mail order brides?

Most Cambodian mail order wives donโ€™t have the highest-paying jobs and many of them hardly make ends meet. So when they are looking for a potential husband, they are not just looking for a romantic partner โ€” they also want to find someone who will support them and their future kids financially. You donโ€™t need to be rich, but you need to be financially stable.

What do Cambodian brides think about the role of a housewife?

There are some Cambodian wives who have strong career ambitions and want to succeed professionally as much as they want a family, but they are obviously a minority. For most Cambodian mail order wives, being a stay-at-home mother and wife is the ideal setup as it allows them to take care of their loved ones without getting constantly distracted.

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