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Why Are Bulgarian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Bulgaria is a small European country between Romania and Turkey, but lately, itโ€™s been getting more and more attention. One of the reasons why itโ€™s so popular with foreigners, especially single men, is that Bulgarian brides are incredibly appealing. Here is why Bulgarian mail order brides are so hard to resist.

They are beautiful and graceful

Even if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of female beauty, you are still going to be impressed by the appearance of Bulgarian brides. They have gorgeous features with olive skin, dark eyes, and long, shiny hair. Bulgarian women are usually petite and have subtle but noticeable curves. When you first see a Bulgarian mail order bride talk, walk, or move, you also canโ€™t help but notice that sheโ€™s also one of the most graceful women youโ€™ve ever met.

They make you feel at ease

Bulgarian women are uncomplicated and very easy to be around. They are not trying to intentionally make things harder for their partner and they care about your comfort as much as you care about theirs. Even during your first date, you will notice your Bulgarian bride actively trying to help you relax and be yourself. This is a rare female quality in the modern world and something you will definitely cherish about your Bulgarian mail order bride.

They have a hard-working nature

Bulgarian brides are not the kind of women who just sit around and wait for good things to happen to them. Of course, they wouldnโ€™t say no if their partner wanted to transform their lives for the better, but they are also prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. This is true for every aspect of their lives, from education and career to meeting their dream man even if he lives in a completely different country.

They are open to anything new

Bulgarian mail order brides are traditional, but not to the point of being obsolete and conservative. They are down for anything, as long as itโ€™s with the right man by their side. A Bulgarian woman is always delighted to try new things, whether itโ€™s an exotic dish sheโ€™s never tried before, an extreme ride, or moving to a different country for love.

What Are Bulgarian Wives Like?

Marriage to a Bulgarian wife will reveal even more sides of her complex personality than a simple relationship with her. Here are the three biggest reasons why you should consider marrying a Bulgarian mail order wife.

They enjoy doing the chores

Bulgarian wives donโ€™t just tolerate housework โ€” they actively enjoy doing it for different reasons. Cleaning helps them relax and take their mind off things. Cooking is a way for them to treat their family to something delicious and nutritious. Washing and ironing the clothes helps Bulgarian wives take care of their loved ones. A Bulgarian wife wonโ€™t try to make you do the chores unless you volunteer to help her.

They stand out as mothers

Becoming a mother isnโ€™t the only life goal of a Bulgarian woman, but itโ€™s pretty high on her list of priorities. Bulgarian mail order wives donโ€™t rush into motherhood, but you should always know that once you are ready to start a family, your wife will be on cloud nine. Bulgarian wives donโ€™t want a lot of children and are perfectly happy with just one or two, and they will give them all the love they are capable of.

They will follow your lead

One of the unique things about Bulgarian wives is that they fully accept the manโ€™s leading position in the family. Of course, your Bulgarian mail order wife will be happy to offer her opinion or suggestion, but ultimately, she will go with your plan in every aspect of life. Whether itโ€™s a new wall paint color or something more significant, such as moving abroad, a Bulgarian wife is ready to follow your lead.

Why Are Bulgarian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

The growing interest of Bulgarian mail order wives in foreign husbands can be explained by two factors. First, Bulgarian women are rightfully convinced that they can do more with their lives if they move to a different country, especially if itโ€™s with someone they love. Bulgaria isnโ€™t some destitute country, but itโ€™s relatively small and opportunities for women there are limited.

Second, Bulgarian brides are fascinated by the image of a typical Western man. They enjoy the way foreign guys look, talk, behave, and treat women. A Bulgarian mail order bride can easily imagine herself with a Western man by her side and she is prepared to invest a lot of effort into getting what she wants.

The Guide On Marrying A Bulgarian Woman

Tips on dating a Bulgarian girl

Even if you have marriage to a Bulgarian woman on your mind, itโ€™s not going to happen so fast. First you will need to get to know each other and see whether your relationship has a future. Dating a Bulgarian mail order bride is an amazing experience, and here is how to make it even better.

  • The man has the upper hand. In Bulgarian dating culture, the woman has some initiative but the man should always be the one to act. This also includes the first time you see each other โ€” you shouldnโ€™t expect her to reach out to you first.
  • Show off your gentlemanly side. You will soon notice that Bulgarian girls are very modern and forward-thinking, but they are also old-fashioned in a way. They want you to be a perfect gentleman and take care of your lady.
  • Donโ€™t insist on being with her 24/7. Bulgarian brides love spending time with their partners, but they also enjoy being on their own or hanging out with their friends. You need to give your woman the space she needs.
  • Shower her with compliments. There is no such thing as too many compliments for a Bulgarian bride. She loves hearing all the positive traits you see in her and how much you love her, so donโ€™t be stingy with those nice words.
  • You need to connect on several levels. You will undoubtedly be attracted to your brideโ€™s appearance, but there should be more between you than just physical attraction. A personal and spiritual connection is also essential for the success of your relationship. 

Meeting Bulgarian bride parents: 3 tips

When you come to Bulgaria to visit your bride for the first time, you can rest assured your trip will also include a visit to her parents. Bulgarian women value the opinion of their parents very much and rely on them for guidance. Here is how you can get them to like you on your first meeting.

  • Gifts are always a good idea. Bulgarians love giving each other gifts and they certainly donโ€™t expect you to show up empty-handed. You can go with something simple like a box of chocolates and wine for the dinner table, but itโ€™s best to ask your bride what they are like and get them gifts that match their tastes.
  • Be smart with alcohol. Bulgarian people have a special relationship with alcohol. There are a few signature Bulgarian drinks that can be found in every home in the country. As a highly anticipated guest, you will also be offered some alcohol, but itโ€™s important to know your limits and not embarrass yourself.
  • Let them know why youโ€™re a good partner for their daughter. The decision of a Bulgarian bride to marry a foreign man is not the most obvious one for her parents. That is why they need to make sure sheโ€™ll be in good hands when she marries you. Let them know you are an accomplished man with serious intentions and a good heart.

Bulgarian wedding customs and laws

A wedding in Bulgaria isnโ€™t some small, intimate event just for the bride and the groom. Itโ€™s an occasion where the whole extended family and friends come to celebrate a new union. When planning your wedding to a Bulgarian bride, keep the following traditions in mind:

  • Inviting the guests. As a Western groom, you may be used to people sending out paper or email invitations, but this is not the way things are done in Bulgaria. Here, the groom, the brideโ€™s mothers, and some family friends will go from house to house, inviting people to the event.
  • Displaying the flag. You will soon realize that people in Bulgaria are incredibly happy to be Bulgarians. They will even take a big Bulgarian flag and display it in a visible position at the wedding. Someone will also carry the flag in front of the wedding procession. In fact, in the old days, the groom had to make his own flag from scratch.
  • Retrieving the bride. Getting your bride on the morning of the wedding day seems like a very easy task, but not when you are marrying a Bulgarian bride. Before you can see her, you will need to go through a series of obstacles designed by her friends and family members. You may even need to bribe them with money, but donโ€™t worry โ€” you will get the money back later as a wedding gift.
  • The wedding godparents. Instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen, Bulgarisn brides and grooms have kumove, or wedding godparents. They are typically an older married couple who acts as witnesses during the wedding ceremony, help with the proceedings, and offer the couple advice on marital life.
  • Deciding whoโ€™s the boss. One of the most fun things during the Bulgarian wedding reception is deciding whoโ€™s the boss. The couple will stand back to back and receive a traditional loaf of bread. They will then break the loaf into two pieces without looking at it, and whoever gets the bigger loaf is believed to be the leader in the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bulgarian brides know English well?

English is far from being the most commonly used language in Bulgaria and when you visit this country, you will probably not see a lot of older Bulgarians who know English. However, young Bulgarian women study English since childhood, so by the time they become adults, they can successfully communicate in English with native speakers.

Will a Bulgarian bride only marry a wealthy man?

Not at all! Bulgarian women donโ€™t have any exorbitant expectations from men, and that includes the material side of the relationship. A Bulgarian bride will be happy with whatever you have because she cares more about the personality and attitude of her partner, not his wealth. Still, she expects her future husband to be able to provide for the family, so your financial situation does somewhat matter.

Will her whole family move abroad with her?

This is only true when your Bulgarian mail order wife has children from a previous marriage. She surely wonโ€™t abandon them and go to live in another country. However, if youโ€™re worried about a Bulgarian bride wanting to also take her parents and siblings with her, we are happy to assure you that they wonโ€™t be going anywhere, although they will be always looking forward to you two visiting.

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