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Why Are Polish Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

You may not know any Polish women at the moment, but you will want to do it once you learn how amazing they are. These are the things men love the most about Polish mail order brides.

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Polish brides look fantastic

The appearance of a Polish bride is striking but very balanced. These women are not too skinny and they have perfectly feminine figures that they love to emphasize with trendy, tight-fitting clothes. A typical Polish mail order bride has fair hair, flawless skin with rosy cheeks, and a very subtle makeup look. Women in Poland donโ€™t starve themselves to achieve a perfect body, but they care very much about their health and eat a good diet that also benefits their look.

Polish women are excellent communicators

Polish mail order brides can effortlessly communicate with anyone they meet, even when itโ€™s for the first time and they donโ€™t know the person well. They can find the right approach to anyone and always know the perfect thing to say and the funniest joke to tell. So not only will you feel absolutely comfortable when meeting a Polish bride for the first time, but you can also safely take her anywhere and expect her to charm everyone around her.

Polish mail order brides know how to have fun

Polish brides work hard during the week, but they also know how to unwind and have fun on the weekend. Polish mail order brides have an active social life and often spend time with their friends. And even when they are on their own, they are never bored. Polish women are always chasing new experiences and happy memories. They love traveling, trying new things, and even staying at home to cook an exotic dish fits into their idea of fun.

Women in Poland will follow their partners

Polish mail order brides may seem very independent and strong, but things change significantly for them when they begin a serious relationship with their dream man. They truly consider the man to be the head of the family. If you make a decision to transform your life โ€” for example, by moving to a different country or changing your career path โ€” a Polish bride will fully trust you and consider your decision to be the correct one.

What Are Polish Wives Like?

Dating a Polish bride feels pretty great, but marrying a Polish woman should make you feel like the luckiest man in the world. Here are just a few reasons why youโ€™ll enjoy it so much.

They have outstanding homemaking skills

The family home is one of the favorite places on Earth for a Polish wife and she wants it to be absolutely perfect. Polish wives are not fans of spending hours every day taking care of the house, so they are very smart about the chores. They can do a lot in very little time and still have plenty of time left for their loved ones.

They make great mothers

Motherhood is not the only goal in life for a Polish woman, but itโ€™s definitely among her top priorities. A typical Polish wife cannot imagine a happy family without children and she will have motherhood on her mind as soon as you two get married. Polish wives know the perfect balance of freedom and care that allows their kids to grow up happy.

They stand by their spouses

When a Polish wife makes a commitment to her husband, nothing will break that commitment for her. She will stand by your side both through the good and the bad periods you may have. Polish wives are supportive and will always help you get closer to your goals, whether itโ€™s at work or in other aspects of your life.

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Why Are Polish Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Things in Poland were tough for many women a few decades ago, but they have gotten notably better in the past years. These days, Polish girls have more opportunities than ever and many of them are very happy dating and marrying local guys. However, many women in Poland are very ambitious. They believe they can live a better life in another country or even continent. Plus, they are attracted to Western men and can easily agree to move abroad when they have a whole life ahead with a man they love.

The Guide On Marrying A Polish Woman

Tips on dating a Polish girl

You may be smitten with your Polish mail order bride from first sight, but marrying her after one or two dates is hardly a smart move. Plus, Polish brides are very serious about their choice of a partner and will only marry someone they know well. You will likely spend a few months to over a year dating a Polish woman, and here is how to make your relationship thrive.

  • Wait for the right time to approach the girl. Polish women may not have the most positive reaction when you approach them out of nowhere when they are just minding their business. The best way to reach out to Polish brides is to wait until they indicate their interest in meeting you.
  • Keep things fun. Polish brides have serious intentions when they begin dating someone, but they also like it when a relationship feels light and fun. Try as many different date ideas and ways to get to know each other before making the ultimate commitment.
  • Make her feel special. It probably goes without saying that when you are dating a Polish woman, you cannot be seeing anyone else. However, your bride also needs to know that you feel about her the way youโ€™ve never felt about anyone else. In order words, you need to constantly tell her how she makes you feel.
  • Let her know you care about her. Polish mail order brides are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but they also enjoy it when their partners show off their caring side. From making sure sheโ€™s not hungry to walking her home after the date, itโ€™s the little things that count.
  • Talk about the big picture. In order to fully relax in the relationship and consider you as their one and only partner, a Polish woman needs to know your relationship has a future. When you know you want to be with her long-term, make sure to to let her know.

Meeting Polish bride parents: 3 tips

The connection between Polish mail order brides and their parents is very strong. When a Polish girl gets a serious boyfriend, let alone plans to marry him, she will definitely want to introduce him to her parents sooner rather than later. Here is how you can make that meeting an absolute success.

  • Enjoy and compliment the food. In Poland, all important family events revolve around food. Your future in-laws will prepare a full spread of local delicacies for you and they will definitely notice if you donโ€™t try something. You should also say nice words about the food youโ€™re offered.
  • Meet the older relatives as well. Polish families usually leave close to their older relatives or even together with them. If you have the chance to meet the grandparents of your bride, definitely do it โ€” not only are they charming and wise, but their opinion matters a lot to your bride.
  • Let them know why youโ€™re good for their daughter. The parents of your Polish mail order bride may not necessarily understand why she needs to marry you when there are so many great local guys. You will need to try extra hard to convince them that you are the best possible match for their daughter.
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Polish wedding customs and laws

Poland is every bit as modern as other European countries, but its wedding traditions have been forming for centuries. Modern Polish couples often choose to skip some of the oldest wedding customs, but some of them are mainstays at every wedding in Poland. Here they are:

  • A church wedding ceremony. Poland is a deeply religious country and Catholicism is the predominant religion. A wedding ceremony in Poland always takes place in a church and always follows the Catholic traditions, so you may already get an idea of how itโ€™s going to go.
  • Wedding superstitions. There are numerous superstitions surrounding the big day, and most Polish brides and grooms still believe in them. For example, a Polish bride should never wear open-toed shoes or genuine pearls because those things bring bad luck. 
  • Bread and salt. As soon as the happy couple officially becomes husband and wife, they will be presented with a loaf of bread and a small jar of salt. The newlyweds will break off a piece of bread each, dip it in salt, and eat it to remember that there is both good and bad in life.
  • Party all night long. A Polish wedding reception takes hours. It usually starts in the afternoon and ends well after midnight. It goes on for so long that the guests are served hot meals four to five times, not to mention all the snacks, alcohol, and sweets that are being consumed.
  • Oczepiny. Oczepiny is a very old tradition. In the past, around midnight, the friends and female members of the bride removed the veil from her head to signify her transition from a girl into a wife. These days, the tradition is far more lighthearted: the bride will give her veil to her unmarried friends and the groom will do the same with his tie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How similar are Polish brides to Ukrainian brides?

There are definitely some similarities, both in the appearance of Ukrainian and Polish mail order brides and their worldview. However, once you talk to a Polish bride and a Ukrainian bride separately, you will see that they have enough differences. In general, Polish mail order brides have values and beliefs that are closer to European women than Ukrainian ladies.

How many kids does a typical Polish bride want?

Only a few decades ago, it was very common for Polish families to have three or more children. Since then, however, the dynamic changed. Nowadays, Polish brides prefer having fewer kids but more resources to give to their children. You can expect your Polish wife to stop at two children, although some of them still want more.

Should I expect my Polish wife to work?

In most cases, yes. Polish women work too hard to achieve a decent career to give it all up once they get married. A Polish wife may take a break from work when she becomes a mother, but most women in Poland return to work after a year or so if their income is important for the family. If you can comfortably support the family on your own, a Polish bride will be more than happy to quit work and become a stay-at-home wife and mother.

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