The Netherlands is an example of a perfect European country, where multiculturalism connects with traditions and a unique atmosphere. The state is extremely popular among tourists, and local women are not the last reason. 

Dutch women are unique owing to the combination of beauty and character features. Your interest in them is a small wonder. Proceed with reading to learn why Dutch ladies are so attractive and how to find a wife from the Netherlands.

Secrets of Dutch Mail Order Bridesโ€™ Popularity

The first thing that helps understand Dutch women is the countryโ€™s location. It neighbors Germany, France, Belgium, and Scandinavia states, so you will find many girls with different appearances. Some Dutch girls are tall, slim, and light-haired. Others are of moderate height. 

Do not forget that the Netherlands has always been a destination point for many immigrants, so girls with different shades of skin color are a feature of the state. In the 21st century, it is a multinational and multicultural country with maximal diversity. However, some mutual features of all Dutch girls help to characterize them.

They Are Independent

The Netherlands shows high rates of womenโ€™s emancipation tolerance. Women here are equal to men and have already forgotten about oppression and minor social roles. Dutch ladies are successful in building careers. There is no social pressure concerning obligatory marriage and relationships. 

They Are Active and Healthy

The national obsession with cycling has already become a stereotype. Besides that, Dutch girls love sports and an active way of life. Volleyball, basketball, football, and athletics are traditionally feminine sports.

They Are Practical

It is another national feature. Women here do not wear clothes to attract men. Instead, they pick outfits relying on comfort and their own tastes. However, it does not make them unattractive. On the opposite, Dutch brides compensate their casual outfits with excellent character features: they are friendly, passionate, and communicative.

Despite the new social trends and behavior, Dutch mail order brides manage to be very attractive to men. They become good lovers and friends. Do not forget about their talents: many Dutch women know how to cook local meals and support communication. In general, Dutch brides have many merits in different spheres of life. 

What are Dutch Wives Like?

When it comes to marriage, a Dutch mail order bride tries to find a man for the rest of her life. It is one of the reasons why the average marriage in the Netherlands still increases. Today, a Dutch girl tries to finish her education and start a career first. Marital plans play a secondary role in her life. However, it does not seem that Dutch women are bad wives. On the contrary, they have a number of attractive advantages.

They Are Obsessed With Children

The Netherlands is among those countries where children are the most significant value. They grow in happiness and constant care. A typical Dutch mother will do everything for their success. It will ensure the best meals, education, and entertainment. 

They Value Equality

In a Dutch family, partners have the same number of duties and obligations. A Dutch wife will work and contribute to the family budget. Marriage for her is a form of a partnership, where every side is satisfied. She is not ready for secondary roles. However, she will become your best friend for the rest of your life if you treat her properly. 

Again, They Are Practical

If the family budget allows, a Dutch wife will hire a housekeeper and a cook. If it does not, she will show them miracles of saving. A genuine Dutch woman always knows how to save money, where to get food, and how to keep the house clean. 

They Are Devoted

A Dutch wife will always prefer her husband over meeting friends or family. She will stay nearby as long as he needs. She is likely to share all the impressions with him as well. In a family, every possible minute of time, including leisure, is spent together. 

Finally, a Dutch wife always knows how to entertain herself. She is likely to get a couple of hobbies. Besides the willingness to spend time with her husband, a Dutch wife tolerates personal time and space. She will not be against his meetings with friends in a pub or long-term business trips.

Why Dutch Brides Are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Generally, the reasons to look for an international husband are similar to other European countries. Demographics do not play a role here, as there are more young men than women in the country. The willingness to find a man from abroad can be explained by the following:

  • Dutch women got used to multiculturalism. The idea of the Netherlands being the only location to look for a husband has disappeared. Dutch women think beyond these stereotypes. They arenโ€™t concerned about the husbandโ€™s religion, age and origins as well. 
  • Dutch brides connect relocation with career opportunities. Many Dutch women work abroad and have no opportunity to look for a husband in the homeland. As Dutch brides are not likely to break their careers, they will seek international marriage. 
  • The average marriage age of a Dutch woman is higher than menโ€™s. Some women lose opportunities to find a husband of the same age, so they try their luck abroad. 

Do not forget about their natural curiosity. An international husband is a chance to get acquainted with a new language and culture. Dutch brides value traveling and treat these marriages as never-ending adventures. 

The Guide on Marrying Dutch Women

Three main steps exist: getting acquainted, arranging a date, and meeting her parents. The first one can be done online or offline. The first way is convenient nowadays, as the Internet culture in the state is high. You can find many online dating services, search for Dutch girls, and write them. 

Otherwise, consider going to the biggest cities of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Utrecht. These tourism centers are filled with restaurants and nightclubs full of beautiful Dutch women. No matter what step you choose, a real-life date is the most important phase.

Three Tips on Dating A Dutch Girl

The Netherlands is a modern country, so dating here is similar to dating in the USA, Canada, or other countries. However, three essential hints exist. 

Be Honest With Your Dutch Bride

Clarify your willingness to marry her. Do not do it immediately or postpone it for several months. Anyway, she will make a final decision concerning marriage, but letting her know will raise your chances. It is not recommended to date other girls if you have a Dutch girlfriend already. 

Treat Her Equally

Being a true, old-fashioned gentleman can do a bad trick. A woman can be offended if you open a door for her or give up her a seat. It is better to clarify these moments before a date. Show your Dutch Bride that you will not lock her up in your house and make her breed children during a date. Dutch brides value their freedom.

Get Ready for Different Dates

Do not be surprised if your Dutch bride suggests you a trip to the other town on a bicycle or hanging out in the nearest bar. Dutch brides treat courting like meeting with friends. They do not have any traditional dating algorithms. Your task is to show your future Dutch wife that you are a comfortable company for every situation. 

Meeting Dutch Brideโ€™s Parents: Three Tips

Dutch women feel free when they look for a husband, so the opinion of their parents does not play a significant role. However, meeting the family of your Dutch bride is an important step, so get ready. 

Switch to The Informal Mode

Typical Dutch parents are loving and caring, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Tell a funny and non-offensive joke and support a conversation. You need to show the parents of your future Dutch wife that you are a normal man.

Compliment Their Household

Dutch people always try to create a unique atmosphere in houses or apartments. They like spending much time in the garden planting flowers. A couple of fair words about the interior and design will please every Dutch.

Suggest Your Dutch Brideโ€™s Parents Taking a Trip

Dutch love traveling, so visiting a resort or just a short trip to the other town can be a wonderful idea. A trip is a better chance to get along with her parents in an informal atmosphere. 


Do Dutch Brides Know Foreign Languages?

Though Dutch is an official language in the country, most of the population knows English. The situation is more complicated with French or Spanish, but it will take a Dutch woman little time to learn them. 

Do Dutch Brides Make The First Step?

Yes, they do not have problems taking the relationshipโ€™s initiative. The tradition to wait for the manโ€™s first step does not exist. So do not be surprised if your Dutch woman makes you a proposal. 

Do They Move Abroad?

Yes, they can move to their husbandsโ€™ countries. However, get ready to spend most of your vacations in the Netherlands.