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Why Are Swedish Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

There may not be as many Swedish women for marriage as there are Russian or Ukrainian mail order brides, but thatโ€™s only because Sweden itself is a smaller country and because women there are less likely to seek marriage opportunities overseas. However, Swedish brides have a lot more advantages than you can imagine.

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They are the perfect example of Nordic beauty

If you love natural beauty with Nordic features, you will definitely find your ideal match among Sweden mail order brides. A typical Swedish bride is tall and very fit. She doesnโ€™t wear a lot of seductive clothes, but she knows exactly what her strongest features are and how to highlight them. Face-wise, Swedish women have mild facial features that coexist in perfect harmony. We are used to thinking of Swedish girls as fair-haired and fair-skinned, but the truth is that the appearance of women in Sweden is much more diverse than that.

They are easy to talk to

Talking to a Swedish bride is something you can do for hours and never get bored for a second, and that is possible for a number of reasons. First, Swedish women know a good deal of English and donโ€™t have any problems with communication. Second, Sweden brides are highly educated and have read a ton of books in their lifetime. Third, Swedish women have a fantastic sense of humor that they will happily show you.

They are proactive in relationships

When you are starting a relationship with a Swedish woman, your efforts will never feel one-sided. Unlike some other foreig women, Swedish brides donโ€™t just sit around, waiting for the man to swipe them off their feet. When they are interested in a man, they will always let him know about it. A Sweden bride wonโ€™t have a problem with writing to you first or even asking you out on a date if she wants to make sure you wonโ€™t go away.

What Are Swedish Wives Like?

Marrying a Swedish woman is one of the best things that can happen to you โ€” any man who has already done it will tell you as much. Here is why marriage to a Swedish wife feels so great day in and day out.

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They cook with pleasure every day

Swedish wives work a lot and have a lot of commitments on their plate, but they will also find the time to cook fresh dinner for their family. To a Swedish wife, cooking and trying new recipes or flavors is not just a chore โ€” itโ€™s a way to take care of the people she likes, improve their health and eating habits, and even relax after a long day of work. However, Swedish women also strive for equality, so you should definitely fulfil the cooking duty from time to time.

They want to start a family with you

Swedish women may be very modern and independent, but they still consider motherhood to be one of their top priorities. Swedish wives typically have kids later in life, but thatโ€™s when they become mature and stable enough to give birth to a child. When the baby is born, a Swedish woman wonโ€™t hesitate to let go of anything that distracts her from providing the best care to the little one, including taking a long break from work.

They are exceptionally loyal and supportive

In Swedish culture, marriage does not have a lot of value if the spouses donโ€™t respect and support each other. A Swedish woman will only marry a man she respects and she is willing to offer her unquestionable support at every step of the path you are taking together. A Sweden bride wonโ€™t try to become your second mother, but she will offer you enough support to give you the strength to achieve whatever you want in life.

Why Are Swedish Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

As one of the most developed, successful, stable, and politically correct countries in the world, Sweden is definitely not the type of country that mail order brides are trying to escape. Unlike most mail order brides from Asia and Latin America, Swedish brides are not doing it for monetary gain, safety, or better work opportunities, as they have plenty of those at home.

The reason why Swedish women choose to become mail order brides is that they feel limited by the dating pool in their home country. Swedish men are reliable and respectful, but they can be bland and unemotional. This is not what Swedish women want in life, and that is why they hope to build a more passionate relationship and marriage with a foreign man.

The Guide on Marrying a Swedish Woman

Tips on dating a Swedish girl

By now, you are probably ready for marriage with a beautiful Swedish woman as soon as possible, but there is at least one important step left. Dating a Sweden bride is the only way to know you are perfect for each other, and here is how you should behave in a relationship with a Swedish mail order bride.

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  • Ask her for date ideas. Swedish women donโ€™t like it when men decide anything without consulting them first. Your Swedish bride will be delighted if you ask her where she wants to go for your date.
  • Suggest splitting the check. To a Swedish woman, there is no worse feeling than being completely dependable on someone, and itโ€™s true even for something as small as paying for the dinner date.
  • Donโ€™t put emphasis on your wealth. Most Swedish girls are perfectly well-off and while they donโ€™t want their men to be poorer than them, they also donโ€™t care how much money you have exactly as long as your family will be able to live comfortably.
  • Get a small but cute gift. Sweden mail order brides can hardly be swayed by expensive gifts and other expressions of wealth, but they are very impartial to small but adorable gifts such as a bouquet of flowers or a cute mug.
  • Meet her friends. Social circle is extremely important to Swedish women and your Swedish mail order bride probably has a close circle of friends she has known for ages. Volunteer to meet her friends to find out more about her and let them form an opinion about you.

Meeting Swedish bride parents: 3 tips

Sweden women are quite independent, but they are still very attached to their parents and will want them to meet you at least once before you two get married. Charming Swedish parents is not difficult at all since they will be delighted to have you, but this is what you can to make sure your relationship is perfect from the beginning.

  • There is no need to be too formal. The parents of your Sweden mail order bride probably view themselves as young and modern people. They donโ€™t expect you to address them as Mr. and Mrs. plus their last name. To be safe, ask them what they like to be called.
  • Donโ€™t try too hard to win them over. When meeting with your potential Swedish in-laws for the first time, donโ€™t go out of your way to show how successful, ambitious, well-read, and fancy you are. They donโ€™t need all that to approve of you โ€” they just need you to be a good person.
  • Help with the chores. Itโ€™s a common tradition in Sweden to bond over various chores and itโ€™s one of the easiest ways to get closer to your brideโ€™s family even on your first visit. Help with the food or cleaning the table after the dinner and donโ€™t forget to ask questions in the process.

Swedish wedding customs and laws

Attending a Swedish wedding is one of the most unexpected and fun experiences in life, and itโ€™s even more true when itโ€™s your own wedding that youโ€™re planning. These are the five elements you will see at any Swedish wedding ceremony.

  • Coins in shoes. Before the bride leaves her parentsโ€™ home, they will put a gold and silver coin in her shoes that the bride will wear on her big day. Itโ€™s a symbol of wealth and the parents wishing their daughter has everything she ever needs.
  • Wedding rings. When you and your Swedish bride get engaged, you two will get identical plain gold engagement rings. During the wedding, only the bride will get an additional ring, this time with a diamond โ€” the groom will continue wearing only his engagement band.
  • Walking down the aisle. Swedish is a country where respect, choice, and equality are celebrated every day. Instead of walking his daughter down the aisle, as if to say he sends her off to get married, the father will let the bride and the groom walk together as two independent individuals who made a conscious decision to get married.
  • The toastmaster. Toasting the newlyweds is an essential part of a Swedish wedding reception and every guest is expected to say a few words to the new husband and wife. To make sure everyone gets their turn, there is a toastmaster at every Swedish traditional wedding.
  • Kissing the newlyweds. Swedes have a lot of fun during the wedding reception, and one of the most hilarious traditions is the women trying to kiss the groom when the bride leaves the room and the men doing the same with the bride while the groom is away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Swedish women make a contribution to the family budget?

Yes, one of the biggest differences of Swedish mail order brides from other foreign women for marriage is that they are not content with a dependable role in the family and instead prefer to make their own money. It means that you wonโ€™t constantly feel the pressure of being the sole provider and will be able to achieve your financial goals faster.

Do women in Sweden work too much?

To Swedish women, work isnโ€™t just a way to earn money, itโ€™s also a way for them to apply their talents and get the recognition they deserve. However, Swedish brides are also very passionate about the right work/life balance. If they feel like their work schedule interferes with their family life, they will quickly make the necessary adjustments.

How do Swedish brides spend their free time?

Swedish women are famously active and have a wide outlook. They may spend a weekend or two at home doing nothing, but most of the time, they will use every minute of their free time to get some new experiences or knowledge. When married to a Swedish woman, you will learn to love hiking, theatre, traveling, and everything else that makes life interesting.

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