Why Do Foreigners Like Ethiopian Brides?

Western men who look for something exotic are fond of sexy Ethiopian girls. What makes these ladies so attractive and are they appropriate for the family? Here are the 4 most positive features of pretty Ethiopian women.

They Are Exotic And Beautiful

The natural beauty of hot Ethiopian girls is stunning. The most common features are big dark enchanting eyes and a dazzling smile. Additionally, the women of Ethiopia are rather tall, which makes them eye-catching. Most of the Ethiopian chicks are also slim and sporty.

They Are Feminine

People from this country respect traditional gender roles. That is why parents have been cultivating tenderness, calmness, politeness, and modesty in their daughters since their childhood. Adult women from this country preserve these character traits and always act like true ladies.

They Are Sociable

Social connections mean a lot to local people. Therefore, they are glad to make new friends and do whatever it takes to save old ones. Also, they are always courteous even towards people they are not familiar with. Thanks to being amiable and cheerful, Ethiopian brides are pleasant to communicate with.

They Are Peaceful

It is customary for Ethiopians to avoid conflicts. They strive for a calm life and never argue about little things. Therefore, in a relationship with a lady from this country, It is always possible to find a compromise, and there are no misunderstandings that cannot be solved peacefully.

What Family Values Are Common for Ethiopian People?

Are you interested in Ethiopian women for marriage? Before starting a serious relationship with a lady from this country, you need to learn more about what kind of wife she can make. Here are some features typical to the families in Ethiopia.

Roles of a Husband And a Wife

People adhere to traditional family values in this country. The head of the family is a husband. He makes all the vital decisions on his own and is fully responsible for earning money. A wife is in charge of all household chores like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and so on. Moreover, mothers usually pay more attention to children than fathers do.

It is noteworthy that there is a tradition to relieve a wife of all her duties when she is pregnant. So, it is important to decide in advance who can assume her chores during this period. In Ethiopia, the wifeโ€™s or husbandโ€™s parents usually do this because most families live together with elder relatives. As for Western countries where it is not customary for adult married people to live together with parents, a husband can hire a housekeeper.

Number of Kids And Attitude to Child-Rearing

The Ethiopians like very large families. According to the statistics, an average woman of this nationality has 4 children. But, of course, the number of kids varies from couple to couple. If you donโ€™t dream of such a big family, discuss this issue with your Ethiopian bride in advance.

As for the principles of child-rearing, parents love their kids very much but donโ€™t spoil them. Kids are usually involved in housekeeping, helping their mothers in doing household chores.

Attitude to Other Relatives

The Ethiopians keep strong ties even with distant relatives. Also, even adult people highly respect their parents and adhere to their advice.

Where to Meet Ethiopian Brides?

Are you eager to meet Ethiopian girls? Their homeland is not the best place to visit as a tourist. But you can meet many beautiful Ethiopian women online.

The best place to find a future wife from abroad is a mail order brides service. It provides a safe and user-friendly environment for international dating.

What Are Mail Order Brides Services?

These are specialized websites for finding life partners from abroad. They provide the full range of services needed to get a foreign wife:

  • Large catalogs of Ethiopian brides. Many girls join these services being eager to find foreign husbands. Thus, there is a large choice of women for all tastes.
  • Convenient search filters and professional help in looking for a soulmate. Finding the right person is rather difficult and time-taking, but it can become easier if you use advanced search filters or order professional matchmaking.
  • Stable means of communication. To build a relationship, you need to keep in touch constantly. And these websites have everything you need for this: text and video chats, virtual gifts, etc.
  • Organizing offline meetings. Earlier or later, you need to meet each other in person. International dating platforms can provide professional help in preparation for a long-awaited offline meeting.
  • Informational consultations. Some online marriage agencies consult their members about the peculiarities of dating foreign women, the legal side of marrying foreign ladies, and other issues.

Why Are There So Many Ethiopian Mail Order Brides?

Online marriage agencies have an immense number of Ethiopian mail order brides in their catalogs. Why are so many Ethiopian singles eager to find foreign husbands?

First of all, It may be caused by the lack of local men. Many of them go abroad to earn more money. So, among those people who stay in their homeland, there are more women than men.

One more reason for looking for foreign husbands is that polygamy is still acceptable in some Ethiopian regions. And those women who want their husbands to be faithful only to one wife believe that monogamous Western men are more appropriate for the family.

How to Get Started on International Dating Sites?

First, choose a good website, considering the following parameters:

  • reviews on independent sources;
  • feedback from ex-members;
  • usability of the interface;
  • functionality;
  • pricing of chargeable features;
  • presence of the contacts of customer support on the website.

Once youโ€™ve joined the website, make sure that your profile looks attractive to Ethiopian mail order brides. Upload several photos that show your best features. Also, add the details about yourself that characterize your personality and reflect your lifestyle preferences. Additionally, describe how you imagine your perfect wife and family.

The Guide to Relationships with Ethiopian Brides

For dating an Ethiopian girl to be an enjoyable but not a stressful experience, do your best not to contradict the local culture. And here are some tips on how to do this.

Ethiopian Etiquette: How to Make a Good Impression on Ethiopian Ladies

If you want to put your best foot forward, keep in mind the rules locals usually stick to:

  • Never use obscene language.
  • Donโ€™t provoke conflicts.
  • Donโ€™t show the bottoms of your shoes to others.
  • Donโ€™t lick your fingers after eating.
  • When you are at someoneโ€™s place, donโ€™t refuse a cup of coffee if you are offered (this is impolite).
  • Bring a small gift to the hosts when you are visiting somebodyโ€™s place.

Ethiopian Gestures: Learn More about Local Body Language

If you want to find common ground with a lady from this country quickly, use the right body language. Here are some interesting facts about local gestures:

  • It is better to avoid too long eye contact.
  • Nodding quickly means you agree to something while nodding slowly is the expression of compassion and sorrow.
  • Pointing with one finger is impolite, so it is better to use the whole palm for this.
  • The gesture of showing the index and middle fingers (the victory sign) may be taken as an offense.
  • It is very rude to show the bottoms of your shoes to someone.

Ethiopian Dating Culture: How to Win the Heart of an Ethiopian Woman

  1. Take interest in her. Ask her about her lifestyle, hobbies, and feelings. It flatters Ethiopian brides.
  2. Be kind and considerate. This will help you show your love for a lady.
  3. Give small gifts to her. Ethiopian brides like it when their suitors present something to them to show their love and care.
  4. Watch movies together. The Ethiopians are fond of cinematography. Watching movies is the favorite leisure activity of many people from this country. Therefore, if you are thinking of how to spend a date, going to the cinema is the best solution. If you havenโ€™t met each other in person yet and are having a long-distance relationship, it is a good idea to watch the same movie online and discuss it after this.
  5. Go on a vacation together. Very few Ethiopians can afford to spend a vacation abroad. If you invite your bride on a trip to a resort city covering the cost of a vacation, it will be an unforgettable experience for her, and she will be very grateful.


What Language Do Ethiopian Brides Speak?

There are three official languages in this country: Amharic, Arabic, and English. So, you are not going to face a language barrier.

Can I Split the Bills with an Ethiopian Bride?

No, it is not appropriate. People from this country adhere to traditional gender roles. Therefore, men are expected to pay for their girlfriends.

Should I Get the Brideโ€™s Parentsโ€™ Consent before Marriage?

Yes, you should get her parentsโ€™ blessing before getting married. Also, in some regions, there is a tradition of giving dowry.