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Why are Japanese mail order brides so appealing to men from all around the world? Read this article further and find out what they are like, what are the advantages of them, and how to build a relationship with Japanese chicks properly.

Why Japanese Mail Order Brides are So Popular Nowadays?

japanese mail order brides

Everyone looking at the photos of sexy Japanese women admits that they are very cute. But what else makes them so attractive to grooms from different countries? Letโ€™s discuss this issue. Here are the main qualities of Japanese brides that make them a really good match for every serious man:

  • They are attentive. Japanese wives are very interested in their husbandsโ€™ happiness. They wonder about their mood and state. So, a man will not feel abandoned while being in a relationship with such a woman.
  • They are obedient. Japanese wives are very popular because of their humble temper. These women donโ€™t like quarrels and easily find compromises. So, life with them is calm, and a husband wonโ€™t have to worry because of the bad temper of his wife.
  • They are caring. Japanese girls are taught from early childhood that they are the future wives and mothers first of all. So, taking care of a husband and children is the sense of their lives.
  • They like order. There are no women in Japan that can live in mess. They always keep their houses in order, so that itโ€™s cozy and nice to stay at.

All these are the peculiarities of Japanese wives. But what are these women like while being singles? Letโ€™s look at some more features of Japanese ladies.

What are Japanese Wives Like?

Ladies of this nationality are interesting to men from all over the world because of the following treats:

  • Cute and young outlook. Pretty Japanese women look really cute with their small round faces and miniature stature. Hot Japanese women can be mixed up with teens at any age. This makes them very desired by men because everyone wants to get a โ€œforever youngโ€ wife.
  • Being interesting. Japanese women are very active at the age of 18-25. The traditions of this country provide for getting married not later than at 25 for females. So, the girls take the most from life in the period from 18 till 25. Till the time they are becoming Japanese mail order brides, they have got a big life experience: career, traveling, etc. So, they have many things to talk about. A man wonโ€™t be bored while dating such a girl.
  • Being perfect for long-term relationships. As they are calm and donโ€™t like conflicts itโ€™s easy to date them for a long time.

As you already know what peculiarities of Japanese brides make them perfect for marriage you can wonder why so many cool girls canโ€™t find a husband in their motherland. Now we will tell you the reasons.

Why Japanese Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are many reasons for this. First of all, the family customs on the motherland are appropriate not for all the girls. Many of them donโ€™t want to marry someone early. But Japanese culture dictates that they should do this until 25 years. Women who havenโ€™t got married at this age usually look for husbands from abroad where there are no age stereotypes.

One more thing is that family values are too strict for women in Japan. Husbands often command their wives, and girls who like freedom canโ€™t deal with this. So, they are in search of not so bossy men from abroad.

The Guide on Marrying Japanese Women

hot japanese girl

Here are the steps of building successful relations with Japanese brides:

  1. Supply your profile with a high-quality picture on the website where you are going to get a Japanese bride, preferably in an official suite.
  2. While getting acquainted, provide as much information about you as possible. Japanese brides donโ€™t like surprises. They want to know every important fact about you at once: the details on your work, hobbies, health, etc.
  3. Date her for as long as it is needed to get enough information about her. Donโ€™t play for time. Japanese brides donโ€™t like it.
  4. Get acquainted with her parents and get their approval for marriage.
  5. Start preparing for the ceremony and take it seriously, because the wedding is very important to Japanese wives.

Tips on Dating Japanese Girl

  • Donโ€™t be confused if a girl takes initiative. Japanese women for marriage are used to paying attention to men and making the first step by themselves.
  • Donโ€™t be shy. The problem of men of this nationality is that they donโ€™t know how to treat girls. But if you are brave enough to run after a beautiful Japanese woman you will stand out of the crowd and become special to her.
  • Donโ€™t be bossy. If a foreigner wants to be successful in dating a Japanese woman he should be different from the men from the motherland of these girls. If you worship her and donโ€™t try to control or command you will be very attractive to her.
hot japanese woman

Meeting Japanese Bride Parents

Japanese bride parents are often very strict, so do your best to make a good impression on them. But donโ€™t worry, everything is not that difficult as it may seem from the first sight. Just take into account some tips on how to meet Japanese girlsโ€™ parents:

  • Be polite and worshiping. Respecting parents is very important in this country.
  • Tell the maximum information about yourself. Her mother and father want to know almost everything about her future husband. So, donโ€™t deprive them of such an opportunity.

This is usually enough to be attractive to her parents. And once you are getting their approval for marriage the preparation for the wedding starts. Read further and find out more about Japanese wedding customs and laws to know what to be ready for.

Japanese Wedding Customs and Laws

A traditional Japanese wedding is a rather difficult ceremony. Here are the most interesting customs and laws:

  • Thorough choice of the wedding date. It is very important for a Japanese bride to invite all the guests she wants. So, the date is chosen taking into account the schedules of all the guests.
  • Several costumes for one wedding. There is a custom for a bride and groom to change clothes. They wear one kind of suit and dress at the beginning and then change their outlooks a few times during the ceremony. There can be both traditional Japanese and European clothes.

Japanese Family Values and Customs

There are some things about Japanese families that may seem unusual for foreigners. For instance:

  • Japanese wives are responsible for the disposition of the family budget. So, marry the woman of this nationality only if you are ready to let a woman control money in the family.
  • Japanese wives donโ€™t work until their baby turns 5 years old. 


Can Japanese wives move to their husbandsโ€™ motherlands?

Of course, itโ€™s possible. There are many women who would like to move to the USA or to Europe.

How long does it take from getting acquainted with a woman to marrying?

Japanese brides donโ€™t like to waste time. They like to build relations quickly. A Japanese bride tries to get to know all the important information about you as quickly as possible and immediately decides whether she wants to marry you or not. And once she has introduced you to her parents and got approval from them the preparation for the wedding starts.

Do Japanese wives work after marriage?

It depends on a certain woman. Some of them want to work, but others sticking to the traditions of the motherland donโ€™t want to do this. But in every case, women from this country donโ€™t work for 5 years after giving birth to a child.

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