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Why Are Costa Rican Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

For a relatively small country, Costa Rica is surprisingly popular on the international bridal scene. Costa Rican brides are coveted by thousands of foreign men, and here are the qualities that will also make you dream about dating Costa Rican women for marriage.

They are gorgeous but not too exotic

Like all Latin American women, Costa Rican mail order brides are gorgeous and striking. However, they are far less exotic than many other Latin girls and have lots of familiar features you see in women from your own country. They have light skin, black hair, and fine facial features. The good news is that Costa Rican girls are as curvy as their other Latina counterparts and are as good at maintaining their natural curves as them. Due to the climate and national traditions, Costa Rican women dress rather provocatively, but change their ways after finding their soulmate.

They are cheerful and optimistic

When you have lived in Costa Rica all your life, itโ€™s impossible to be an unhappy and gloomy individual. Costa Rican mail order brides always maintain their high spirits and are always looking at the bright side of things. A Costa Rican woman is so happy and optimistic that will quickly change your personality and make you always hope for the better. Youโ€™ll see that itโ€™s a much better way to live your life, and thatโ€™s just another reason to be thankful for your Costa Rican bride.

They can support any conversation

If you are shy and reserved, talking to a foreign woman can feel rather intimidating. You want to make the right impression and talk about the right things, which can impact your conversational skills. That is not something you need to worry about with a Costa Rican bride, who will easily direct the conversation if she feels like you need help. Costa Rican women can talk about anything in the world, are very perceptive, and have a bright sense of humor, which makes talking to them such a great experience.

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What Are Costa Rican Wives Like?

Marriage to a Costa Rican wife may be something youโ€™ve never imagined for yourself until recently, but itโ€™s also something you will never regret. Here are some of the best things about being married to a Costa Rican woman.

Costa Rican wives successfully juggle a lot

You will hardly ever find a Costa Rican woman who is just a wife. A typical Costa Rican wife also successfully raises children, supports her families, works part-time or full-time, volunteers at her childrenโ€™s school, maintains several close friendships, and is very active at her local Latino community. However, she never gets tired and always has a lot of energy to complete her daily tasks, which will sometimes astonish you.

A Costa Rican wife is a natural chef

Cooking is one of the favorite national pastimes in Costa Rica. These people have access to the finest ingredients and flavors, and they also have a very fine taste. Costa Rican cuisine is unmistakably exotic, but it also has many familiar flavors that you will love from the first taste. The home cooking of a Costa Rican wife is a mix of her national combinations and techniques with the dishes and flavors she learned after moving to another country for marriage.

Family means everything for a Costa Rican wife

No matter how much a Costa Rican woman has on her plate, she will always think about her family. Costa Rican wives always spend evenings and weekends with their loved ones and they will go out of their way to plan a perfect family vacation once or twice a year. A Costa Rican wife can work very hard and barely have any time left for herself, but as long as her family is happy, comfortable, and satisfied, she can feel truly accomplished.

Why Are Costa Rican Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Compared to many other Latin American countries, Costa Rica is rather well-off. It is well-developed economically and socially and is regularly named among the happiest places on the planet. That is why Costa Rican brides are not trying to break free from the poverty and dire conditions of their home country. To them, marriage to a foreigner is about exploring new opportunities, satisfying their adventurous nature, and finding their desired qualities in an attractive foreign man.

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The Guide on Marrying a Costa Rican Woman

Tips on dating a Costa Rican girl

A good relationship with a Costa Rican mail order bride is one of the most important requirements for marriage. A Costa Rican bride will never marry a man she didnโ€™t date or didnโ€™t enjoy dating. Here is how you can maximize your chances.

  • Donโ€™t just focus on her beauty. Itโ€™s perfectly normal to be smitten by your Costa Rican brideโ€™s beauty, but if thatโ€™s all you ever talk about, your girlfriend will rightfully think you are shallow and donโ€™t care about her personality.
  • Be a perfect gentleman. Costa Rican mail order brides are tired of men overly suggestive or salacious. Your bride needs to trust you and see that you consider her for something bigger than a one night stand.
  • Donโ€™t brag about your wealth or social status. Costa Rica is not some poor, god forsaken country, and local women cannot be impressed by your wealth or career alone. They also need to know you are a nice person and suitable for marriage.
  • Show her your family values. There is no need to rush things with your Costa Rican mail order bride, but itโ€™s important to mention that you are looking for the same things as her, which is a happy family, a loyal partnership, and constant support.
  • Find out more about her views and tastes. You may develop a close connection to your Costa Rican mail order bride right away, but these women are still very different from what youโ€™re used to. Make sure to ask lots of questions to get to know the real her.

Meeting Costa Rican bride parents: 3 tips

Building a relationship with a Costa Rican mail order bride, let alone marrying her, is impossible without getting to know her parents. Itโ€™s not like she will ask them for their permission to marry you, but she will definitely take their opinion into account. Here is how you can easily make a positive impression on them.

  • Surprise them with gifts from your country. Coming empty-handed to meet your brideโ€™s parents is considered distasteful in Costa Rica, but they are not interested in things you can buy at their local store. Bring them something that is signature to your home country.
  • Tell lovely stories about your family. Costa Ricans have very strong family values and they need to know you feel the same way. The quickest way to reassure them is to tell them about your family, where you come from, and what you were like when growing up.
  • Let them know you are crazy about their daughter. We donโ€™t mean public displays of attention in front of your Costa Rican brideโ€™s parents โ€” they will definitely hate seeing those. However, mentioning that you love her, cannot imagine life without her, and want to make her the happiest woman on the planet will work in your favor.
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Costa Rican wedding customs and laws

A typical Costa Rican wedding ceremony is a mix of Catholic traditions and unique Central American customs. Itโ€™s an event celebrated by the whole community, and here are the five things that are always present at a Costa Rican wedding.

  • The pre-wedding serenade. A day before the wedding, the groom, assisted by his closest friends, will arrive at the brideโ€™s window to serenade her. You can also give your bride a single beautiful rose to go with the serenade as a token of your attention.
  • Outdoor weddings. With its gorgeous beaches and lovely views, Costa Rica is the perfect country for outdoor weddings. The bride and the groom can choose to have a wedding in a church, but open-air ceremonies are much more popular.
  • Serving the food. One of the unique Costa Rican wedding traditions is that the bride and the groom take active part in the proceedings instead of just letting other people take care of them. For example, the bride and the groom will help serve food at the reception.
  • Eating the casado. Casado is the most popular food in Costa Rica and means marriage in English, so itโ€™s only natural that casado, or plates of rice, meat, vegetables, and salads are served everywhere at Costa Rican weddings.
  • The money dance. Closer to the end of the wedding reception, which can last until morning, the bride and the groom will take turns to dance with the guests, who will pin money on their clothes to help the couple save for their honeymoon or a new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fluent are Costa Rican brides in English?

Costa Rica is one of the best educated countries in Latin America and English is widely used in education and business in Costa Rica. Even though your Costa Rican brideโ€™s native language is obviously Spanish, she will surprise you with her adequate level of English and her quick learning abilities.

Are Costa Rican women only marrying foreigners for financial reasons?

Not at all! Costa Rican women receive a good education and have bright prospects in case they choose to pursue a career in any field. They are fine with the man supporting the family on his own if he can afford it, but Costa Rican wives also donโ€™t have a problem with making their own money. That is why they rarely fully depend on the man financially.

Will a Costa Rican bride be able to live independently from her parents?

Family is a very big part of a Costa Rican brideโ€™s life and she is very close to her parents and siblings. She will not be able to separate from them completely, but she will bravely move abroad for marriage. Your Costa Rican wife will always keep a close connection to her parents, but she will not allow them to interfere in your marriage.

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