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Why Are Ukrainian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Ukrainian mail order brides are undeniably popular and make some of the most coveted mail order brides in Europe. There are lots of things that make them perfect for a relationship or marriage, and here are the three most important ones.

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They are incredibly gorgeous

When meeting a Ukrainian woman for the first time or even looking at Ukrainian mail order brides online, you simply wonโ€™t be able to take your eyes off them due to their striking appearance. A typical Ukrainian girl has thick, dark hair and a beautiful pale skin tone. The facial features of Ukrainian women are gorgeous on their own, but these girls are also no strangers to highlighting their best features with a masterful use of makeup. The bodies of Ukrainian mail order brides are very diverse, so whether you are looking for a skinny and tall woman or a curvy bombshell, you will easily find your ideal match.

They are sincere

One of the fascinating things about Ukrainian girls is that they are virtually unable to tell lies or conceal their feelings. They always say whatโ€™s on their mind and share everything with the man they love. It means that you will always be able to tell when a Ukrainian bride is enamored with you and wants to be together. It also means that Ukrainian women are not the ones to hide their disappointment when something goes wrong and they prefer to resolve issues right there and then.

They are smarter than you think

When looking at the beauty of Ukrainian mail order brides, itโ€™s easy to think that they donโ€™t have much else to offer a man in a relationship. However, it will take you just a single conversation with a Ukrainian bride to see that sheโ€™s actually a very smart individual. Not only are Ukrainian women naturally intelligent, but they also typically have at least one university degree and can talk about anything with you.

What Are Ukrainian Wives Like?

Marrying a woman from a totally different country can never be an easy decision, but you will find Ukrainian wives even more attractive when you learn about their best marital qualities.

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They will never let you get bored

Ukrainian women have bright personalities that donโ€™t go anywhere even after years of marriage. A Ukrainian woman is never idly sitting on the couch โ€” she always knows what to do to have fun, and that includes you as her beloved husband. Together with your Ukrainian wife, you will experience the sides of life you never knew before and will be always looking forward to the time you will spend together with your Ukrainian wife.

They are born to be loving mothers

Ukrainian women are very flexible and can accept any new living conditions and ideas, but there are some things they will never agree to give up. Perhaps, the most important one of them is her desire to have children. To Ukrainian wives, a family only becomes complete when there is at least one bundle of joy. As soon as a Ukrainian wife has your children, she will be forever devoted to her new happy family and will not want to change anything.

They are the masters of home cooking

Itโ€™s not uncommon for Western women to do less and less cooking, as well as try to put their husbands to the task of cooking for the family or constantly eating takeout. This is something unacceptable for Ukrainian women, who consider cooking to be not only their secret talent, but also an effective way of keeping the man satisfied. Your Ukrainian wife will begin cooking for you even before you two get married and she will only continue to display her amazing cooking skills as you continue being together.

Why Are Ukrainian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

If youโ€™ve heard about Ukraine on the news for the past five years, it was probably due to another political or economic controversy. And while Ukraine has come a long way lately, many women there still feel like their home country doesnโ€™t give them enough stability and opportunities for a happy, financially stable living.

At the same time, Ukrainian brides are well aware of the fact that life in the West can be much more comfortable, and that is exactly what they are trying to achieve. A desire to build a better life for themselves and their future children is what drives Ukrainian women to marry foreigners. On top of that, Ukrainian mail order brides find Western men to be appealing and can easily fall in love with the man who fits their idea of a good husband.

The Guide on Marrying a Ukrainian Woman

Tips on dating a Ukrainian girl

There are hardly any Ukrainian mail order brides who would agree to marry you right away without any period of dating. Dating a Ukrainian bride will allow you both to know each other better and decide whether marriage to each other is actually what you want. Check out our helpful tips on dating a Ukrainian woman.

  • Demonstrate your assertiveness. Unlike Western women, Ukrainian girls are completely fine with the man taking the lead in every aspect of the relationship and marriage. Show her you have what it takes to become the leader in your future family.
  • Swipe her off her feet. Ukrainian women are big believers in romance and are somewhat old-fashioned in this regard. They will love every little sign of your gentlemanly behavior, especially when you clearly make an effort to impress her.
  • Always pay for the dates. By now, you have probably guessed that Ukrainian women are not yet sold on the whole idea of feminism. They are convinced that itโ€™s the manโ€™s prerogative to cover the expenses on the dates, so donโ€™t make the mistake of suggesting to split the check.
  • Ask her to show you her culture. The fastest way to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture and way of living is to ask your Ukrainian bride to be your guide. She will show you exactly whatโ€™s so special about Ukraine and will make you fall in love with her culture.
  • Shower her with compliments. Ukrainian mail order brides are very impartial to compliments. If you clearly see sheโ€™s made an effort to look her best for the date, or if she surprised you with a delicious homemade cake, donโ€™t hesitate to voice your admiration.
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Meeting Ukrainian bride parents: 3 tips

For a Ukrainian bride, inviting her boyfriend home to meet her parents is a very serious step. You may need to wait for a while until that happens, but when you finally get that coveted invitation, here are the tips you will need to impress them on your first visit.

  • Bring nice gifts for everyone. Gift giving is an essential aspect of Ukrainian culture because itโ€™s a very easy way to show your affection. Something thoughtful for the mom and dad, preferably from your own country, will quickly gain you their respect.
  • Donโ€™t mention any topics that might cause controversy. The view on politics, society, gender, and culture of your future Ukrainian in-laws may be very different from your own views, so itโ€™s best not to unleash your opinions on controversial topics right away.
  • Pay special attention to the elders. Ukrainian people often live with their elderly relatives and there is a chance you will meet your Ukrainian brideโ€™s grandparents on your first visit. Be respectful, ask them questions about their lives, and they will soon love you as their own grandson.

Ukrainian wedding customs and laws

In Ukraine, religious wedding ceremonies are far less common than in the Western part of the world and even if your bride does want one, itโ€™s likely going to be an Orthodox, not a Catholic one. However, a civil wedding ceremony and reception are always a given at Ukrainian weddings, and here is what you can expect.

  • Paying ransom for the bride. First thing in the morning, you will rush to your brideโ€™s home to take her to the wedding venue, but before that happens, you will be questioned by the brideโ€™s friends and will need to pay a ransom if you get any of the questions wrong.
  • Blessing from the parents. Once you make it past the first obstacle, you will be welcomed into your brideโ€™s home. There her parents, as well as her grandparents, will give you their blessing and well-wishes for a happy married life, and you will have to bow to them as a sign of respect.
  • Standing on the towel. During the civil ceremony, the couple will be asked to step on a rushnyk โ€” a traditional Ukrainian piece of cloth with intricate embroidery. Whoever puts their foot on the rushnyk first, will have more authority in the family.
  • Lots of wedding activities. Once your wedding reception starts, typically at a restaurant, you will experience some of the most amusing Ukrainian wedding traditions. The emcee of the event, or tamada, will constantly suggest new activities and contests to keep the guests entertained.
  • Kidnapping the bride. During the wedding reception, which can last well past midnight, you will need to keep a watchful eye over your bride. Otherwise, the friends will kidnap her and you will need to fulfil their demands to get your now wife back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ukrainian brides interested in my financial situation?

There is a common misconception that Ukrainian mail order brides choose husbands based solely on their income, but this has nothing to do with the truth. A Ukrainian bride will only marry a man she is genuinely attracted to, but a stable financial situation certainly wonโ€™t hurt, as it makes her feel safer about the future of her children, as well as her own future.

Will my Ukrainian brideโ€™s parents be too involved in our marriage?

To a young Ukrainian mail order bride, her parents are the two most important people on the planet and she values their opinion a lot. However, when you two become an item, her focus will shift to you and while she will still respect and love her parents greatly, she wonโ€™t let them have too much influence on your marriage.

Are there going to be any language barrier problems?

English does not have any official status in Ukraine, but it is widely spoken in business and hospitality. Moreover, English is now taught at Ukrainian schools starting from the first grade and then in universities. That is why a typical Ukrainian mail order bride with a high school or university education will have no problem with communication in English.

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