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Why are Syrian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Charming and tender women from the Middle East live in Syria and these are not only the words. Look at any photo of a Syrian bride, and you will be sure that her calming beauty and inner attraction are irresistible. 

Even ten years ago, international singles didnโ€™t hear anything about Syrian brides. This was mainly due to religious reasons. Brides from Muslim countries used seldom Internet for marriage purposes, as their parents solved their matrimonial issues. Thus, by the end of the school a girl was already engaged or married. 

Now the situation is different. 

  • Firstly, on-line dating is widely spread and almost all Syrians have free access to the Internet. 
  • Secondly, the war on the territory of this Mid East country has impelled many people to escape from their country, becoming refugees in foreign states. 

Therefore, nowadays numerous women from Syria are looking for their destiny, and register for this their applications in the on-line dating platforms.

Lean more about these gorgeous women and make up your mind, if brides from this ancient country will be a perfect match for you. 

Divine charm

Syrian brides are magnificently beautiful, and it may be noticeable even through their multiple clothes, which they wear according to Muslins traditions. These women are dark-skinned, and this light-brown hue is very pleasant. They have dark brown eyes, black eyelashes and brows, red curvy lips. Their figures are slender and legs are long and strong.

Frequently, Syrian girls support the proper physical condition with workouts and gym training. Itโ€™s incredible how they manage to maintain their beauty up to their mature ages. 

Inner and outer attraction 

Syrian mail order brides have a perfect sense of taste. Even though they have to dress in a long garment and frequently wear hijab due to religious traditions, they look graceful in any outfit. 

These adorable women also have beautiful characters. They are tender, clever, strive for education and knowledge, and have stable tempers. Syrian wives are never worried or lose their self-confidence. They can support their partner in any situation and never panic.    

Oriented to traditional family values

Unlike western ladies, Syrian wives are brought up mainly on the basis of religious education, thus getting strong conventional beliefs about the patriarchal Syrian society and a subordinate role of a woman in the family. 

A Syrian woman for marriage is loyal, faithful to her husband, ready to support him. Kids are also a great treasure for a Syrian wife and she raises them masterfully.

It may seem that these girls are indifferent to sexual life, though it is not so. They do not have prejudices and are emotional and hot in bed issues. However, their love and feelings are usually directed to an only man and they are not prone to changing partners.  

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What are Syrian Wives Like?

With a Syrian bride you will get the most faithful and loyal wife. These women are brought up to keep a family in the first place. 

  • They are devoted wives, perfect companions, hot lovers to their husbands and loving mothers to their kids. 
  • Syriam girls are taught to deal with housekeeping chores from their childhood. 
  • In addition, these magnificent beauties are perfect cookers. They prepare tasty dishes skillfully and are able to astonish their husbands with the exciting eastern cuisine.      
  • Traditionally Syrian wives get a good education. These are smart and witty ladies, and by the age of adulthood they know at least one foreign language. 

You will have no problems in communicating with Syrian girls. They are able not only speak English, but maintain a conversation on a wide range of themes. As a wife of a western man, these women will not demand much time to adapt to new circumstances and culture.     

Why are Syrian brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Women from Syria are suffering greatly from the war actions in their country. Thus marrying to a foreign husband is their opportunity to find a new house and move to a peaceful land

However, Syrian brides are not mercantile. They are not looking for the money, but for the stability for them and their children. They will be grateful to a kind and attentive man who will be able to ensure this. 

Actually, Syrian girls are not demanding. As any woman, they are looking for a reliable man, who will treat them respectfully. Foreign singles with western values are more attractive for these eastern ladies, as they give more freedom to Syrian women for marriage. 

One more reason why Syrian brides are eager to marry a foreign man, is their will for knowledge. Usually, after relocation, Syrian girls enter universities or schools, and get good education if a husband agrees.   

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The Guide on Marrying Dutch Women 

Meeting and dating a Syrian bride

Dating a Syrian woman is not an easy thing, though it is possible now, unlike a decade ago. 

One of the basic issues you should remember, that there is no opportunity to date a Syrian bride in her native country. Due to military actions and extreme poverty, traveling to this country is not recommended.

There are two main ways to meet a Syrian bride. 

  • One is an on-line dating portal. 
  • Another is to travel to the country with the highest rate of Syrian immigrants.  

Recommendations in your communication with Syrian brides are very simple. 

  • Try to be amiable and sincere. 
  • Demonstrate your interest in your Syrian girl and her way of life. 
  • Learning some peculiar traditions of her peopleโ€™s history, culture and religion is strongly desired. Asking related questions, you will be able to maintain interest in your beautiful woman. 
  • Your Syrian mail order bride is not looking for a rich life and wealth. She doesnโ€™t need a demonstration of your capital. Suffering greatly in her country, she just wants to be safe. She expects a better life for her children and a reliable man by her side whom she may trust. 

Syrian brideโ€™s parents roles 

Remember that even in immigration the traditions of Muslims religion are very strong. 

The opinion of the family is extremely important for the decision of Syrian mail order bride to marry a definite man. Try to impress not only your girl, but also her parents, and her father in particular. He is the person, whom all family members obey. 

This does not mean that her family shall find her husband-to-be, as it was several decades ago. Young people find each other, are acquainted and take decisions to marry themselves. However, their familiesโ€™ approval is often obligatory. 

As you are the foreigner for the Syrian parents, try to learn the main Mid East traditions. In case your bride is Muslim, ask her for the main conventions of this religion, as it differs drastically from others.

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Syrian wedding customs and laws 

There is no possibility for official registration of a civil marriage. Only religious communities do this. 

Actually, there are no common traditions for the wedding ceremonies for the whole country, as there are different religions (Muslims, Christians, Druze). Depending on the region of the country and the population layer, the customs also vary. 

Letโ€™s reveal the milestones of Muslims and Christian traditions. 

Muslims weddings

The main principle of the Muslimโ€™s wedding is that the women and men celebrate marriage separately with a bride and a groom. The common gathering occurs during the engagement ceremony and the marriage registration.

Engagement implies signing a wedding contract, โ€œa ktabโ€, with an indicated dowry, โ€œa brideโ€™s priceโ€ (โ€œmahrโ€), a sum that pays the groom to the brideโ€™s parents. Sometimes the sum is symbolic, but there are cases when it goes about a significant amount. 

A night before the wedding is a time for a groom to invite his friends for a farewell party. They spend the time joyfully, dancing, singing and tasting different dishes during the party. A bride carries out the same even for her friends. 

After the marriage ceremony and a celebration itself, there is a tradition for a bride to enter a new house of her husband and to stick a piece of bread on the door. In case it sticks reliably, it means that her marriage will be strong and happy. 

Christians weddings 

A Christian marriage generally resembles western ceremonies. A day of the wedding starts from the travelling by the groom and his guests to a brideโ€™s house. Her relatives do not let her leave and demand a ransom from the groom. Usually a symbolic amount is paid there. 

Christian celebration is conducted for women and men together and is supplemented by vigorous Mid East dances and songs.

Frequently Asked Questions   

What type of men are Syrian brides looking for? 

Syrian women for marriage, being born in a patriarchal country, are eager for sincere and kind attention. According to the laws in Syria, they do not have many rights in their native land. Thus, western men are always preferable for an educated and smart Syrian bride. 

Offering her your interest, love, passion, respect you will make your Syrian mail order bride happy. 

Demonstrate your intentions to be a caring father of your kids. This feature in a man is crucial for a Syrian bride, as she wants happiness and better destiny for her children. 

Even though it is not necessary to owe a fortune, make your Syrian bride sure in your financial reliability. She appreciates your intentions to provide for a family and support a woman when she is busy by raising kids, being successful, ambitious and result-oriented.   

How do Syrian mail order brides differ from Western ladies?

A share of Syrian people practicing Christianity is not big, and the main part of people in this country are Muslims. This made an impact on the conventional beliefs of Syrians and a role of a woman in their society. 

Syrian girls are brought up with the understanding of their main family function to provide a reliable background for their husbands, deal with kids and household chores. And they do it perfectly. Here they differ greatly from western feminists, who want to get equal rights with men, rights to make careers on the same level as their husbands. 

Still, the progress has not stopped on the frontier of this Eastern county, and many Syrian brides are willing to develop themselves. They strive to get knowledge, have a good education and obtain a profession.ย 

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