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Everyone who has been to the Philippines noticed that there are many couples of local girls and American or European men. And perhaps they wonder whether Philipino chicks are really so cool that men are ready to leave everything at home and move to another country and live there together with their new wives. Letโ€™s find out. Read further, and you will get comprehensive information about Filipino mail order brides. Of course, itโ€™s better to see them alive than to read articles and look at the photos. But still, you will have a general idea about Filipino brides that is enough to decide whether you want to marry a girl from this country or itโ€™s better to look for women of other nationalities. So, letโ€™s start our overview.

Why are Filipino Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Filipino brides are known in all the world as the best match for European and American men. Now we will share with you the reasons for this.

filipino mail order brides

Filipino brides are eager to marry foreigners

In the culture of this country, marrying a foreigner is considered to be luck and a chance for a better life. Filipino girls see such a model of relationships being children and teenagers. Their elder sisters and many of their older friends marry foreigners and move to more developed countries or start to live together with their husbands in the Philippines but in better conditions. So, almost all women in the Philippines dream of the same fate.

Filipino brides are not picky

Appearance doesnโ€™t play any significant role for them while choosing a husband. But of course, it doesnโ€™t mean that itโ€™s appropriate not to look after yourself at all. Ladies from this country donโ€™t seek super handsome gentlemen or princes on white horses. Itโ€™s enough to be just an ordinary well-groomed man.

Talking about age, it doesnโ€™t matter to the ladies of this nationality at all. Visiting the Philippines you can see the couples of 50 years old men and even older with 20 years old Filipino wives. And it is not regarded as something bad or wrong. This is a normal thing for a foreigner tired from the frenetic pace of life in a developed country to move to the Philippines and enjoy his new young wife. And Filipino wives donโ€™t mind presenting their youth to the husbands of middle age in exchange for a comfortable life, help, and support.

And also, despite stereotypes, Filipino mail order brides are not aimed at richness. Itโ€™s not compulsory to be a millionaire to be attractive to Filipino women. Taking into account a very difficult economic situation in this country, any European or American man with ordinary income seems to be rich for Filipino ladies.

So, itโ€™s enough to be ordinary men of any age with usual appearance and average income to be a good match for Filipino mail order brides.

Filipino brides are pretty

Once you meet Filipino girls in real life you become charmed by them. The majority of them have got slim figures and cute faces. And furthermore, the appearance of Filipino mail order brides seems exotic to American and European men. So, it adds attractiveness and the feeling of novelty. So, even the men who have seen many women during their lives fall in love with pretty girls of this nationality.

So, weโ€™ve just overviewed the qualities of Filipino mail order brides which make foreign admirers make proposals to them. But what to expect next? How do the girls from this country act as wives? Letโ€™s pass to discussing this issue.

What are Filipino Wives Like?

There are three character traits making them perfect spouses for any man and especially for those who are tired of the difficult relationships with proud and independent women.

Filipino wives are grateful

They understand that foreign husbands really make their lives better and appreciate this. Women of this nationality are thankful for the comfortable living and the things they couldnโ€™t afford without a good spouse. They appreciate gifts, financial, and emotional support. And they donโ€™t just keep this feeling inside. Filipino wives show their gratitude every day by doing everything possible for their husbands to feel good. Such attention and care are the things that often American and European men lack in their lives with the spouses of the same nationality. But with Filipino wives, this will be compensated in the best way.

Filipino wives are accommodating

These women are not scandalous. They easily make compromises and do what the husbands ask them to do. So, the presence of Filipino wives doesnโ€™t bring any discomfort, stress, or unexpected troubles into menโ€™s lives. Vice versa, everything is calm, peaceful, and easy unlike relationships with independent women from the developed countries.

Filipino wives are hardworking

They are used to seeing their compatriots working hard on unskilled jobs. So, they are grateful to their husbands for avoiding the same life. And they are not lazy to clean the house or do some cooking. Keeping order and doing other household chores go without saying.

Why Filipino Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The main reason is the poor economical situation in the motherland. There is nowhere to work, or the job is very hard with a low salary. So, marrying a foreigner is the only way for a girl of this nationality to live without much trouble. Of course, Filipino mail order brides love their husbands not only because of money, but life without financial support from a man is hardly possible for women in this country.

The Guide on Marrying Filipino Women

Here is the step-by-step instruction for each step of relationships: from getting acquainted with Filipino mail order brides till the wedding ceremony.

filipino woman

Tips on Dating a Filipino Girl

Dating a Filipino woman is not difficult because of their humble character and unpretentious preferences. For winning the heart of the girl of this nationality itโ€™s enough:

  • To be polite and suave with her. The ladies from this country appreciate a good attitude to them.
  • Show serious intentions. There are a lot of foreigners that are interested in dating Filipino girls only for sex. So, you should show that you are not one of them.
  • Donโ€™t insist on sex. First of all, as weโ€™ve already said there are many tourists that want only this thing from Filipino women. So, if you hurry with an intimacy she can think that you are not serious about her. And secondly, many well-behaved Filipino brides from decent families prefer to stay virgins until marriage. So, the hints on sex can be perceived as disrespectful.
  • Give presents to her. This will rapidly melt the ladyโ€™s heart. Itโ€™s not compulsory to buy something extra expensive. Just show that she is important to you by presenting some useful or beautiful things.
  • Show that she can lean on you. If she tells you about some problems just sympathy and moral support are not enough. Help her to solve the problems, and she will see that you are serious about her.
  • Talk with her. As for any woman, it is important for the Filipino ones to communicate. Ask something that is interesting for you about her and answer her questions about you. And donโ€™t lie in any case. The girls of this nationality donโ€™t like liars and believe that no serious relations are possible with them.
  • Get acquainted with her parents and show respect to them. People of this nationality worship their parents very much. And they expect the same thing from their spouses. So, letโ€™s talk about the issue of Filipino bridesโ€™ parents in more detail in the next section of this article.

Meeting Filipino Brides Parents: 3 Tips

There is nothing to tell much. The tips are standard:

  1. Prepare presents for her parents and siblings. Filipino mail order brides family expect you to help them because they are most likely in a difficult economic situation like the majority of the population of the Philippines. So, show them at once that youโ€™ve got the opportunity and desire for this.
  2. Be polite and respectful. The parents should see that you are a decent match for their daughter.
  3. Discuss the details of life after marriage. Of course, parents want to know where and how their daughter is going to live.

And as for the wedding itself, you can hold the ceremony according to the traditions of the country you are from or take some Filipino customs.

Filipino Wedding Customs and Laws

These several ones may be interesting for a person that is not acquainted with the culture of this country:

  • Filipino brides rarely wear white dresses. Dresses are often of bright colors or sometimes even black.
  • Orange color is widely used for the wedding bouquet and decoration of the place of the ceremony.
  • The celebration lasts three days.
  • At the ceremony, a bride and a groom should try boiled rice from one plate and declare their love to each other three times.
  • During the ceremony, the groom gives 13 coins to the bride as a sign of loyalty and welfare.
  • At the end of the ceremony, newlyweds let two white doves fly into the sky. They symbolize a wife and a husband starting to live together.


Now that youโ€™ve got a general portrait of a typical woman from the Philippines we want to share with you the answers to the most essential questions about Filipino mail order brides frequently asked by the men who want to marry them.

filipino girl

Where can I get acquainted with Filipino women for marriage?

The surest variant is the specialized mail order brides service. Usual dating sites are not appropriate for looking for a wife from this country. From the first sight, they are full of sexy Filipino girls and itโ€™s possible to choose any of them. But in fact, on ordinary dating websites, there are the girls that just earn money by dating foreigners, and they are not appropriate for marriage. Filipino wives can be found either on specialized mail order brides sites or in the Philippines in real life. But if you donโ€™t plan to move to this country at once and then look for a wife there, the choice is obvious: get registered on the mail order brides services, and you will find a good wife.

What to talk about with Filipino mail order brides?

Communication is very important for all women. And without it, itโ€™s impossible to develop relationships. But for men, it can be difficult to make a conversation with a woman, especially if there is a cultural barrier. So, we have prepared a list of preferable and undesirable topics to talk about. It will be a pleasure for Filipino mail order brides to talk about:

  • Her preferences and dreams: what she likes and would like to do, where she would like to travel, etc.
  • How she usually spends her free time.
  • Her family. Usually, theyโ€™ve got many brothers and sisters. So, there will be a lot of interesting things to tell about them.

And try to avoid the following topics because they may be unpleasant for her to talk about:

  • Where she works or worked before, how much she earns. The jobs in the Philippines are usually hard, boring, and low-paid.
  • In what kind of accommodation she lives. Usually, people in the Philippines live in small and poorly equipped accommodations together with siblings, parents, and sometimes even grandparents, aunts, or uncles.

Are Filipino wives good at housekeeping?

Yes, they are. Pretty Filipino women not only please the husbands with their beauty but also take thorough care of the comfort and coziness at home. Everything is clean and kept in perfect order in the houses where Filipino wives live.

Do Filipino wives work after marriage?

The answer is โ€œNoโ€ with a probability of almost 100%. The girls in this country are educated very poorly. So, they can hardly read and write. Filipino singles usually either donโ€™t work at all because of the high unemployment rate or have got a job that doesnโ€™t require any qualifications (like cleaning ladies or saleswomen). So, the only chance for a better life for beautiful Filipino girls is to marry well. So, these women donโ€™t work after the wedding.

Who moves to the other country after the marriage: a wife or a husband?

It depends on personal preferences. For many Filipino brides, it is not a very important issue. Many of them are ready for both variants if only a foreigner makes a proposal to her. A lot of Filipino mail order brides are ready to move to the country their husbands lives in with great pleasure. And many of them will be even more glad if they donโ€™t have to move to any other country because the man changes his place of living. A lot of men move to the Philippines because they are tired of living in a big city somewhere in the USA or in Europe. The real estate property prices are low in the Philippines, so the men buy houses there, marry hot Filipino girls, and start their new lives.

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