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Why Are Latvian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

The number of Latvian brides who want to meet foreign guys is surprisingly high, and that is not a coincidence. Latvian women for marriage are in high demand, mainly thanks to these three features.

They have a charming appearance

From a visual point of view, Latvian girls are a perfect mix of Slavic and European beauty. Like Slavic women, Latvian mail order brides have a fair skin tone, perfectly balanced facial traits, and beautiful blue or grey eyes. Like European ladies, Latvian brides have an incredible fashion sense that allows them to look their best in any situation. The healthy lifestyle of Latvian women also influences their appearance and helps them retain their youthful looks for decades.

They are polite and well-behaved

Latvian women are traditional to a degree. They are very ladylike and never behave too loud in public. You can take your Latvian bride anywhere and be consistently proud of the impression she makes on everyone she meets. Latvian girls are also the epitome of politeness. Whether you have known a woman from Latvia for a few minutes or a few years, you will always feel like she is the most courteous and friendly lady you have ever met.

They will make you feel special

Women from Latvia never take their partners for granted. Your happiness and satisfaction from the relationship is their top priority. They will never sacrifice the special thing they have with you for anything else. When a Latvian bride is in love, there are no distractions that can make her lose focus on her end goal. Dating a Latvian mail order bride means always being at the centre of her attention and never doubting her true feelings about you.

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What Are Latvian Wives Like?

Having a Latvian girlfriend is such a life-altering experience that you will never want it to end. Luckily, Latvian mail order brides are not looking for a temporary partner โ€” they are looking for something far more permanent. Here is why Latvian mail order wives stand out from the rest.

They have a traditional approach to family roles

With a Latvian wife, you will never have a discussion about who should do most of the chores and who should make more money. To Latvian mail order wives, there is only one correct way to divide the roles among the family. The man is the one who provides for the family financially, and the woman is the one ensuring that everything at home is perfect. A Latvian wife may want to work, but only when she feels that her family life is absolutely perfect.

They will make you want to become a father

Latvian mail order wives have a special attitude to motherhood. Itโ€™s not their only life goal and they are not trying to have kids as soon as they find the right partner. However, becoming a mother is something every Latvian wife wants, and once you see how naturally caring she is around children, you will want it too. Latvian wives donโ€™t want too many kids, which allows them to continue being successful at everything.

They want the marriage to last forever

Divorce is not prohibited in Latvia and itโ€™s perfectly normal for all modern Latvian mail order brides, but itโ€™s not something they will consider for themselves. On average, Latvian women get married later than many of their Slavic and European counterparts, but thatโ€™s only because they want to make the right choice of a partner. If a Latvian mail order wife agreed to marry you, it means she can envision a future with you.

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Why Are Latvian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

At first glance, Latvia is doing fairly well. Itโ€™s a member of the European Union and has come a long way since its Soviet past. However, a closer look reveals a number of problems. Latvia is a small country where the economy is not exactly thriving. The unemployment levels are high in Latvia and the youths are often dreaming of moving abroad.

However, the desire to build a better life elsewhere is not the only thing that motivates Latvian brides to search for foreign partners. They are also often dissatisfied with the local dating scene, considering it to be too limited. Plus, Latvian women often have different values than local guys and they feel like they have more in common with Western men.

The Guide On Marrying A Latvian Woman

Tips on dating a Latvian girl

Hot Latvian women take marriage extremely seriously. They will only marry someone when they have a strong connection with him, and the best way to achieve it is through dating. Once you meet your ideal Latvian mail order bride, these 5 tips will help you build your most successful relationship ever.

  • Donโ€™t expect too much activity from her. You will soon notice that Latvian girls are very modern in many aspects of life, but the one thing they wonโ€™t budge on is letting the man be the leader in the relationship from the very start.
  • Spend time to actually get to know her. By now, you have a pretty good idea about the personality of Latvian mail order brides and a few assumptions, but you need to actively try to get to know your bride better and not approach her with a list of stereotypes.
  • Try different types of dates to see what works. Latvian women for marriage can be very different. Some of them prefer classic romance with candlelit dinners, while others want to spend time in a more informal setting, so you need to try different things at first.
  • Let her into your inner world. Your Latvian bride will have no problem with opening up to you, but she also wants to see you opening up to her. Talk about your childhood, dreams, hopes, experiences, and fears to create a stronger bond.
  • Make sure you are on the same page. When you meet a Latvian woman for marriage, you both know the preferred outcome of your relationship. However, you should also discuss the important things, such as your attitude towards kids, family budget, and home.

Meeting Latvian bride parents: 3 tips

An invitation to your Latvian brideโ€™s family home can only mean one thing: she is serious about you and wants her parents to give their blessing. Here is what you can do to make your first meeting a complete success.

  • Bring some gifts from home. The parents of your Latvian mail order bride donโ€™t expect anything particularly valuable as a gift, but they will be delighted to get something like a bottle of wine or a signature sweet treat from your home country.
  • Donโ€™t bring up sensitive subjects. When you get to know each other better, you will gradually learn more about your brideโ€™s family. But when you are meeting for the first time, certain topics like religion and politics should not be discussed.
  • Show a genuine interest in their family. You need to be visibly in love with their daughter, but they also want to see you have a real interest in the family she comes from. Ask lots of questions, embrace their family traditions, and get them to show you family photos.
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Latvian wedding customs and laws

From a religious standpoint, Latvia is a very diverse country with nearly equal parts of the population being divided between Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheran religions. Plus, the younger generation of Latvian brides are not religious at all, so there wonโ€™t be too many religious traditions at your Latvian wedding. Here are the customs you should prepare for instead.

  • Choice of wedding locations. In Latvia, brides and grooms are not restricted in their choice of wedding locations. If you are both fairly religious, you can get married in a church, but town hall and outdoor weddings are equally popular.
  • Exploring the city together. Once you two are officially pronounced husband and wife, you will go on a little tour around the city. You will visit local bridges, hang locks with your names on them on the railings, and will take photos at the cityโ€™s most famous sites.
  • Vedฤ“ji instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen. These are some of the most important people at your wedding next to the bride and the groom. The Vedฤ“ji will act as the witnesses during the ceremony and as guides in your subsequent married life.
  • Kidnapping the bride. This is one of the oldest wedding traditions in Latvia. Closer to midnight, the friends of the bride will try to sneak her out of the room when you are not watching. You will need to perform tasks or pay ransom to get her back in time.
  • The miฤoลกana ritual. During this ritual, which is performed by an older woman from the brideโ€™s family, the bride will officially transition from girlhood to womanhood. The miฤoลกana ceremony is short but incredibly touching and will feature a beautiful flower wreath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fluent are Latvian brides in English?

People in Latvia mostly speak Latvian with the older generation also being fluent in Russia. However, the younger generation of Latvian mail order brides also has a good grasp of English, mainly from school and from their active interest in Western culture. Plus, when a Latvian bride decides to date and marry foreign men, she will quickly catch up on her knowledge of English.

Are Latvian mail order brides closer to Europe or Russia in mentality?

Latvia and Russia have a lot of shared history, but there is also some animosity between the two countries and their people. There are some Latvian brides who have Russian roots and are proud of them, but the majority of women in the country feel much closer to Europe in their views and lifestyle, so they likely have a lot in common with you as well.

Are Latvian women for marriage prepared to leave their home country?

Latvian women for marriage are very patriotic, but many of them also realize that Latvia is a small country that may be too limiting for their ambitions. The dating pool in Latvia is also far from being big. This is why the decision to leave Latvia and move abroad permanently for marriage is an easy one for Latvian mail order brides to make.

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