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Why Are Armenian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

There may not be as many Armenian mail order brides as there are other European and Asian women for marriage, but they have a fair share of fans around the world. Armenian brides have a lot to offer to their potential suitors, and here are their top 3 best features.

They are simply stunning

The beauty of Armenian women for marriage is the first thing you notice about them and something that makes you obsessed with them starting from the first meeting. Armenian girls have pale skin with flawlessly chiseled features. Their eyes are dark and mesmerizing. Women in Armenia have gorgeous wavy hair that is usually dark brown or black. You wonโ€™t meet a lot of tall Armenian brides, but their ladylike and perfectly fit figures will definitely impress you.

They have traditional views on life

An Armenian mail order bride is a woman who has strong values and will not change them for any modern trend. Armenian brides know their place in a relationship and in the family. They are looking for someone who will let them be the weaker sex and will not force them to make decisions on their own or provide for the family. An Armenian mail order bride will not argue with you being the leader in the relationship โ€” she will actually embrace it.

They will surround you with love and care

Armenian mail order brides donโ€™t begin relationships or get married for personal gain or other reasons. They simply want to love and be loved. As long as you treat your Armenian bride well and donโ€™t violate her trust, you will soon realize that you have never met a more loving and caring partner. When you start a relationship with an Armenian woman, you will instantly become the centre of her universe and you wonโ€™t want it any other way.

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What Are Armenian Wives Like?

Dating an Armenian girl will already let you experience some of her best features, but Armenian wives are even more incredible. Here are a few reasons to consider Armenian women for marriage, not just a romantic relationship.

They make incredible mothers

Children are an integral part of Armenian family culture. A family consisting of just the husband and wife is never viewed as a complete one in this country. Armenian wives are ready to have kids very early in their lives, and itโ€™s not just a dream for them โ€” they actually know how to be great mothers even if they donโ€™t have any children of their own. An Armenian wife probably wonโ€™t stop at just one child, but you can rest assured she has the emotional resources and kindness for many kids.

They enjoy working around the house

An Armenian wife can work full-time or spend most of her days shopping, going out with friends, and enjoying an active lifestyle. However, the one thing she will always find time for is housework. Taking care of the house allows Armenian mail order wives to also take care of their loved ones by making the family home clean, nicely decorated, and filled with the tempting flavors of delicious home cooking.

You can always count on them

Passion and a similar sense of humor are both nice things to have in marriage, and they will also be present in your marriage to an Armenian wife. But there is something that matters even more than those things. We are talking about the incredible dependability of Armenian women for marriage. No matter how busy they are, they will always make you feel like you are the most important person in their lives.

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Why Are Armenian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Armenian brides are not the type of women who often travel abroad or consider moving to a foreign country on their own. They know that things may not be perfect in their home country, but they are not ready to give it up on a whim. At the same time, the idea of marrying a Western man and moving with him to a different country is very attractive to them for two reasons.

First, they are incredibly devoted, so if they happen to fall in love with a man from abroad, they wonโ€™t think twice before going to live with him. Second, they are inspired by the stories of fellow former USSR women who found their happiness by marrying a foreign guy and they want to experience that on their own.

The Guide On Marrying An Armenian Woman

Tips on dating an Armenian girl

Marriage to an Armenian woman may be something you already have in mind, but before it can happen, you will need to date your Armenian bride to see whether you are a good fit for each other. These 5 tips will help you be successful on this journey.

  • Armenian women never approach men first. Whether you are trying to meet your ideal Armenian bride in a bar, in the street, or on a dating site, you should know that itโ€™s simply not in their nature to approach the man first. So you will need to make that first step.
  • Classic approach to romance works best. An Armenian mail order bride will enjoy every opportunity to spend time with you, but most of these women will prefer a lovely restaurant or theatre date over a casual walk in the park or a date at home.
  • Let her set the pace of the relationship. Armenian brides are mostly old-fashioned and prefer to take things slow, especially in a new relationship. However, they are not the same and you shouldnโ€™t make any assumptions. Instead, let the lady take the leading position.
  • Help her with everyday stuff. To an Armenian woman, declarations of love and nice dates matter a lot, but she also wants to see that you can be there for her when she needs it. Something as mundane as driving her where she wants to go or bringing her groceries to her home can go a long way.
  • Tell her youโ€™re in it for the long run. The last thing an Armenian mail order bride wants is to date someone for a couple of weeks or months only for him to disappear forever. Armenian brides are looking for potential husbands, so you need to show that you are ready for that level of commitment.

Meeting Armenian bride parents: 3 tips

A typical Armenian mail order bride is so attached to her parents and relies on their opinion so much that you will probably meet them very early in your romance. Donโ€™t worry too much about making the right impression because they will be already very excited to meet you, but these 3 tips will help you give your future relationship a good start. 

  • Give them a signature gift from home. Armenians always bring gifts when visiting each otherโ€™s houses and they will definitely expect one from you. However, you shouldnโ€™t get them something they can get at the nearest supermarket. A cute souvenir or something food-related from home is a much better idea.
  • Prove yourself to be serious and successful. The parents of your Armenian bride are very traditional in a way that they believe a man should be the one supporting the family financially. So you need to prove that you have the means to do it and can potentially achieve even more in the future.
  • Show excitement over meeting the extended family. In Armenian culture, the grandparents are the most respected and significant people in the family. If youโ€™re lucky enough to get a chance to meet them, you need to be visibly excited about this opportunity and demonstrate the utmost respect for them.
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Armenian wedding customs and laws

Armenia is a country that is built on old traditions and beliefs, so itโ€™s not surprising that an Armenian wedding is incredibly rich in traditions. You will get a chance to experience dozens of them while preparing for your own Armenian wedding, but here are the 5 most important ones.

  • The Khosk-Kap ceremony. Once the bride and the groom decide to get married, they will gather their respective families at the brideโ€™s home. Sweets, tea, and cognac will be served, and the details of the wedding will be discussed.
  • The engagement ceremony. Next, itโ€™s time for the official engagement ceremony. The bride and the groom, along with their family members and closest friends, will come together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials while the groom will give symbolic gifts to his bride.
  • The church ceremony. Every wedding ceremony in Armenia takes place at a church. It lasts for around one hour and is a solemn event that consists of 7+ crucial steps, such as saying the wedding vows and drinking red wine from a joint cup.
  • Tossing the coins. When the bride and the groom are walking down the aisle, the guests will shower them with coins. This is an ancient tradition that is said to bring good luck to the newlyweds and ward off the evil spirits.
  • Lavish wedding reception. An Armenian wedding reception is an expensive, gorgeous, and very loud event. There will be at least 200 guests at your wedding, although some Armenian couples go for 400 and more. They all are going to mingle, dance, singe, enjoy food and drinks, and celebrate the newlyweds until the early morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the religious views of Armenian brides?

Armenia is a very traditional country and itโ€™s also quite religious. Close to 100% of the Armenian population identify as Christians โ€” specifically, Armenian Apostolic Christians. Most families in Armenia diligently observe religious traditions and use their religion for spiritual guidance. However, young Armenian brides put less emphasis on religion and more emphasis on being a decent human being.

How hard is it for Armenian mail order brides to get used to living in a new country?

Armenian mail order brides are very attached to their families and deeply patriotic. They enjoy living in Armenia, so the decision to move abroad for marriage is a difficult one for them to make. Getting accustomed to living abroad is also not easy for them. As a thoughtful partner, you can create the most comfortable environment for your Armenian wife to make the transition easier for her.

Should I expect my Armenian wife to return to work?

Armenian mail order wives are big believers in traditional gender roles in the family. To an Armenian wife, a situation where the man works and the woman looks after the kids and works around the house is the most normal family setup. However, if you happen to meet a career-oriented Armenian woman, she will likely want to go back to work.

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