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Colombia has a rather controversial reputation compared to many other South American countries. On one hand, we constantly hear about the political, social, and criminal troubles in the country. On the other hand, Colombian women are simply unmatched on the international dating scene. Here are a few things you need to know about Colombian women for marriage if you want to enjoy your own โ€œhappily ever afterโ€.

Why Are Colombian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Colombian women are among the top 5 most popular nationalities among Latin women for marriage, and there are many factors that contribute to their popularity. Here are just 3 of them.

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They look gorgeous all the time

Colombian girls are repeatedly named as some of the prettiest women on the planet. Colombian women have an appearance that is signature for Latin American countries, but even by their high beauty standards, Colombian girls are still breathtaking. They have striking facial features, long wavy hair, and a body to die for. Moreover, Colombian brides are not very modest in their approach to fashion and often wear clothes that make it impossible for you to look any other way than a Colombian womanโ€™s curves.

They are stronger than you think

For ordinary people, life in Colombia can be tough. However, instead of allowing the circumstances to break them, Colombian women become stronger by the minute. From the moment they grow up, Colombian girls are perfectly able to stand for themselves and even protect their loved ones. These women are resilient and resourceful, which are the two qualities you should be always looking for in your potential wife.

They appreciate their men

Even though Colombian brides are capable of doing everything by themselves, they want to share the good and bad in life with someone who understands them and always has their back. Colombian women are not promiscuous and finding a partner isnโ€™t their main goal in life, but when it does happen and a Colombian mail order bride meets someone she likes, she will make sure to surround him with enough attention and love for him to never consider going away.

What Are Colombian Wives Like?

Out of all foreign men who married Colombian brides, the percentage of guys who regret their decision is very low and the number of single men who want to marry Colombian mail order brides continues to grow. These are just some of the things that make Colombian wives look so appealing.

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Colombian women are born to become mothers

There are very few childless married women in Colombia, and there is no secret about it โ€” Colombian women simply love children and cannot imagine a family without at least one child. Once you and your Colombian wife decide to start a family, you can expect her to treat the baby as the most precious human in the world. Her husband and her children will become her top priority and she will make it her life goal to raise the kids into accomplished and happy adults.

Life is never boring with a Colombian wife

Colombian women are full of life and love, and they want to share it with the people they love. A Colombian wife will always find something new and fun for the whole family to do, whether itโ€™s a spontaneous visit to the family friends or a one-day trip to a nearby farm. A Colombian woman will always keep you entertained and she has enough energy for both of you even when you are too tired after work.

She will take care of you every day

To a Colombian wife, marriage means taking care of each other. Your Colombian woman will want her husband to be the happiest, healthiest, most satisfied man on the planet. She will control your diet, convince you to engage in some physical activity such as dancing, book your appointments with doctors, run you a warm bath when youโ€™ve just come home from work and pack you a tasty homemade lunch for you to enjoy at the office just because she loves you.

Why Are Colombian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Like most women in the world, Colombian girls donโ€™t want a lot when it comes to romantic relationships and marriage. They want reliable, caring men who can provide for the family and take care of their loved ones and their safety. Unfortunately, that is not something every Colombian woman can experience.

Men in Columbia are not particularly known for their perfect treatment of women and attitude towards family. They can be rude, unappreciative, unable to support the family financially, or even involved in some shady business. That is why Colombian mail order brides begin looking for marriage opportunities overseas and they can offer all of their love and affection in return.

The Guide on Marrying a Colombian Woman

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Tips on dating a Colombian girl

Dating a Colombian woman is something you will always need to experience when you plan to marry a Colombian mail order bride. Colombian women are not difficult to date, but there are a few simple ways to turn your relationship into an absolute success.

  • Gifts are always nice. Colombian women are used to the attention of men, and one of the tokens of the attention is gift-giving. A Colombian bride will be delighted to get something cute for you on the first date and any other date that comes after that.
  • Show your sense of humor. Colombian girls are known for their vibrant, fun personalities and they enjoy being with a man who can understand them and make them laugh. Thereโ€™s no need to be tightly wound around a Colombian bride.
  • Let your Colombian bride show you her world. For the first few days, you will probably go someplace nice like a restaurant or the cinema. However, later you will probably be invited to her home or her get-together with friends, and it can be your best chance to truly get to know your Colombian woman.
  • Make her feel secure. Safety is a big issue for Colombian women and one of the reasons why many of them donโ€™t want anything to do with local men is that they donโ€™t feel safe around them. This is where you can stand out and offer your Colombian bride your protection.
  • Have fun for a while before a serious commitment. Colombian women are not ready to settle down immediately after meeting the man they want to marry. They want to keep things simple for a while and you donโ€™t need to pressure them into anything.

Meeting Colombian bride parents: 3 tips

Introducing her boyfriend to her family is a very serious step for a Colombian mail order bride and she will never take a random acquaintance or a fling partner to her family home. However, the opinion of her parents is very important to a Colombian bride, and here is how you can make the best first impression.

  • Show your serious side. You may get the impression that Colombians are very relaxed and casual, and while that may be true for the most part, they have a very serious attitude to the well-being of their daughter and they expect you to behave in the same way.
  • Pay special attention to the mother. Most Colombian families are built on the same model where the father is responsible for providing for the family and the motherโ€™s job is to make sure everyone is alright and happy. As soon as your future mother-in-law likes you, everyone will like you as well.
  • Donโ€™t come empty-handed. The parents of your Colombian bride will spare no expense on giving you the warmest welcome into the family, so the least you can do is bring some nice gifts for them, preferable something from your own country.

Colombian wedding customs and laws

A wedding in the family is often one of the happiest events during the year for Colombians, and you can rest assured that your wedding with a Colombian bride will be an occasion to remember. Here are the 5 mandatory elements of a Colombian wedding ceremony.

  • Serenading the bride. The day before the wedding, you will sneak up to the brideโ€™s family home and perform a romantic song or two to impress her. You can take your closest friends with you to make the performance even better.
  • Lots of floral decorations. Colombian weddings are always richly decorated with flowers. The venue, car, and the brideโ€™s wedding look will all feature floral themes, which is done to honor Virgin Mary and symbolize the purity of the event.
  • 13 gold coins. At some point in the wedding ceremony, the groom will take a plate with 13 gold coins, or arras, have it blessed by the priest officiating the wedding, and then give them to the bride as a symbol of his willingness to share everything he has.
  • Lighting the candles. After the couple gives their vows, they will then light up thin individual candles. Once the two candles are burning the bride and the groom will use them to light up one big candle and then blow out their individual candles as a symbol of unity.
  • The crazy hour. A Colombian wedding can last until the morning, but about an hour after midnight, the music will change, the hired dancers will take the floor, and the crazy hour will begin. Your only job there is to have as much fun as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Colombian brides materialistic?

Like most mail order brides in the world, Colombian women for marriage definitely care about your financial situation and what you bring to the table. However, that is not because Colombian brides are interested in a luxury lifestyle or expensive purchases. They simply want to ensure that they and their future children can have a good life once you tie the knot.

Can a Colombian woman fall in love with an older man?

Colombian mail order brides have no problem with dating or marrying men who are 10 or more years older than them. Colombian women consider themselves to be mature for their age, and they feel like an older partner is a better fit for them. Plus, they prefer their partners to be successful, which is a quality that typically comes with age.

Are Colombian wives loyal to their husbands?

Loyalty is one of the key personality traits of Colombian women and a Colombian bride will never make you suspect her infidelity simply because she respects and values you too much. However, there is one exception to this rule. If you donโ€™t treat your Colombian woman the way she deserves, then she may no longer consider herself obligated to be 100% loyal to you.

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