The whole world adores Estonian women, and if you want to know the reason โ€“ just get acquainted with one of them.

Why are Estonian Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Did you know that Estonia is the leader in the number of top models? Of course, this is not the only reason why Estonian brides are in high demand among men all over the world. Want to know the rest of the reasons?

Their appearance is a paradise for aesthetes

The fact about models didnโ€™t just happen. For most Estonian women, the appearance really strives for ideal proportions. In addition to being rather tall (the average height of an Estonian woman is 169 cm), they have long legs, thin waists, and toned hips.

 Estonians are predominantly blue-eyed blondes. Their Nordic type of beauty, combining Slavic and Scandinavian features, causes sincere admiration of men all over the world.

They are friendly but unobtrusive

Estonian girls are polite, friendly, and sincere. At the same time, they tend to show maximum delicacy and will never impose their company or topic of conversation. Estonian women know when to remain silent and what questions it is better not to ask. In a conversation, they resonate with the interlocutor as much as possible.

They have taste and sense of proportion

Estonian girls know how to look seductive and attract men without looking like a woman of easy virtue. They do not use flashy makeup and extreme minis with cleavage, and at the same time, they do not look like European women who have chosen comfort over beauty. Estonian beauties look elegant, charming, and sophisticated, which drives men crazy stronger than revealing outfits and intricate hairstyles.

They have a rich imagination

Estonians are endowed with solid creativity and imagination, which they use in the right way. For this reason, it is always interesting and exciting to work with them โ€“ Estonian girls know how to surprise.

What are Estonian Wives Like?

Marrying an Estonian woman is like winning the lottery. It is the peculiarities of the national character that make Estonian wives ideal.

They rarely quarrel and conflict

An Estonian wife will not be easily angry. They are reserved and not accustomed to flaunting their emotions. If she is unhappy with something, she will say it in a calm tone and in a friendly atmosphere. Tantrums and broken dishes are not about an Estonian woman.

They are economical and frugal

Estonian women save not only on emotions but also on resources in general. This does not mean that they limit themselves โ€“ they simply do not spend too much. Spontaneous purchases are not typical for Estonian wives, so it is not difficult for them to save up for something important. Everything they buy is meaningful and useful.

They are careful and considerate

If your wife is Estonian, then there will always be order and comfort in your house, everything will lie in its place, and at the same time, you will be amazed at how your darling manages to cope with everyday life. The whole secret is that it is clean where they do not litter. Estonian women initially manage to manage their household in an orderly manner and therefore do not have to spend hours cleaning.

They are active and creative

Restraint and orderliness in everyday life are organically combined with creativity regarding leisure and the ability to relax well. Estonians love to spend their spare time in an interesting way โ€“ traveling, going to quest rooms, or taking part in theme parties. The more intricate the event, the more willingly she takes part in it.

Why are Estonian Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Estonian chicks have an enviable patriotism and mostly choose compatriots as husbands. However, there are situations when Estonian brides go to men from other countries. Why is this happening?

They want more passion

Estonians are reserved and calm people, but sometimes women want a little fire and romance in a relationship. When she does not find them in her homeland, she doesnโ€™t mind considering options for foreign marriage.

They want new experiences

Estonian girls are happy in their homeland, but sometimes they get bored and look for adventures. Most often it is traveling and meeting men from another country. Sometimes such an acquaintance can turn out to be fateful and end in a wedding and long life together.

They often travel for work

Estonian women typically occupy high positions in society and frequently go on business trips, communicate with foreign colleagues. Sometimes such communication can go beyond the business โ€“ after all, Estonians are quite charming ladies, and they know how to charm men. And interesting partners are frequently a reliable tool for creating a strong family.

The Guide on Marrying an Estonian woman

Any marriage begins with an acquaintance, communication, and dating, and the right steps in this direction will inevitably lead to marriage with admirable Estonian beauty.

Tips on Dating an Estonian Girl

Following elementary tips will help impress an Estonian girl at the stage of romantic relationships and first meetings. How to date an Estonian beauty?

Laugh at her jokes

Many have heard that Estonians have a slightly peculiar sense of humor. However, it eloquently shows the features of the national soul. Tell your crush that you find her jokes very creative โ€“ especially since they are.

Be a little weird

Estonian girls are very fond of everything strange, mysterious, and unusual. So, if you have noticed such qualities in yourself, now you cannot be shy about them because your Estonian lover will be indescribably delighted with them and will appreciate your character traits.

Go to the sauna together

Nothing brings lovers together like sitting naked in a heated sauna. Sauna is almost a national sport in Estonia, many people even have it in their apartments. Ask your lady if she has one at home โ€“ if up to this point she has not offered it herself.

Meeting Estonian Bride Parents: 3 Tips

At first glance, Estonians may seem withdrawn and even aloof, but thatโ€™s only because they donโ€™t waste energy talking about anything. When you get to know each other better, you will find that your future relatives are the most pleasant people. How can you please them?

Donโ€™t try to flatter

Estonians instantly feel when someone starts lying out of flattery โ€“ for example, telling the mother of the bride that she looks young. If this is not so, it is better to be silent. In general, in any incomprehensible situation, it is better to remain silent. This is the credo of the Estonians, and you can use it for a while.

Admire their country

Here there definitely cannot be flattery โ€“ few people cannot admire Estonia. They are great patriots and simply hide when foreigners enthusiastically describe the beauties of their native land. After several such tirades, the brideโ€™s parents will consider you a favorite.

Find an interesting topic for conversation

As a rule, Estonians are well-educated, intelligent, and appreciate interesting interlocutors. You can talk about politics, the latest technology, travel, global issues โ€“ also movies, popular culture, whatever. The main thing is not to get personal. This is accurately what Estonians donโ€™t like.

3 Estonian Wedding Customs and Laws

In general, weddings in Estonia are at the same stage as in other European countries. But there are still specific Baltic traditions.

Getting the fatherโ€™s permission

The tradition is typical for many countries, but in Estonia, it is followed especially carefully. Without the blessing of the father, a wedding is impossible!


This is a white or red wedding canopy that the bridesmaids hold the head of the bride and groom during the ceremony. It is also considered an original Baltic tradition.

 Next Groom Prediction

It is the Estonian tradition โ€“ the groom blindly determines which of the men will lose their single status. To complete this, they blindfold him, unwind him, after which he randomly puts a top hat on the head of one of the guys. The one who received the headdress is supposed to be the groom.


Is it true that Estonians speak slowly and generally react slowly to everything?

There is such a stereotype, but it is largely exaggerated. The impression of slow speech was formed, obviously, due to the peculiarities of the melody of the language, and the myth about slow reactions is since Estonians are as calm and unperturbed as possible.

Is it true that Estonians are not sexually active enough?

This is also a myth that has developed due to the peculiarities of their character. We must not forget that the Nordic temperament does not mean passivity in bed. With their passion and energy in sex, Estonians will outshine many southern beauties.

Do Estonians take the first step in relationships and sex?

You may be surprised, but Estonian women quite often take the initiative in dating and having sex with a man. If they like a person, they see no obstacles to informing him about it. Many men are very impressed with the imperturbable looseness and simplicity of Estonian beauties.