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Why Are Romanian Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

When you want to meet Romanian women for marriage, it wonโ€™t take you long to find the woman who meets your needs. Romanian mail order brides are now some of the most popular women in Europe, and here is what you need to know about them.

They look cute and natural

The appearance of Romanian brides is, on the one hand, typical for that European region, and on the other hand, itโ€™s unique because of how natural it is. Romanian girls have tanned skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. Their facial traits are strong and Romanian women are very comfortable with their appearance. They never use drastic measures to improve their look, so you can always see their real features.

They enjoy an active lifestyle

Romanian brides love life and they try to make the most of it. Whenever you meet a Romanian mail order bride, she always has some new hobbies or ideas. These women may not have as many resources as women in the Wester, but they are very smart about it. A Romanian bride enjoys new experiences and instead of buying a designer garment or a new gadget, she will spend the money on an exciting trip for her and her soulmate.

They value the people around them

Women in Romania donโ€™t take people for granted, especially when itโ€™s their partner or husband. They notice and appreciate everything you are doing for them and they try to do as much in return. A relationship with a Romanian mail order bride always feels like both parties are spending equal amounts of effort to keep their other half satisfied. Doing something for a Romanian brides feels very rewarding.

They love spending time at home

Even though weโ€™ve just said that Romanian women like to travel and visit new places, they love spending time at home even more. They will go on vacation once or twice a year, but most of the time, nothing makes them happier than spending an evening in the comfort of their own home. Itโ€™s even better when itโ€™s with the right person. Romanian brides like making their home a better place to be in, which is why they also enjoy staying there.

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What Are Romanian Wives Like?

If youโ€™re interested in Romanian mail order brides, chances are youโ€™re not just looking for a temporary girlfriend. You are looking for a woman you can potentially make your wife, and with Romanian women for marriage, you will always make the right choice. Here is why you should pick Romanian wives.

Romanian wives are incredibly caring

To Romanian wives, marriage is not just a union of two people who choose to live together. Itโ€™s a commitment to have one more person in their life to care about. Romanian brides are very caring individuals. They often know what you need before you even say it and they will make it their top priority to take care of you.

A Romanian wife is a talented cook

Romanian cuisine may not have an iconic status around the world yet, but itโ€™s only a matter of time before the world finds out about it. Romanian food has the rare quality of being very comforting while still having a great nutritional value. Itโ€™s safe to say that Romanian wives are the experts in their native cuisine, but they are also open to trying new recipes that you love.

Romanian wives support men all the way

A Romanian wife is not someone who will abandon you when things go wrong. Romanian brides take their wedding vows seriously. They are prepared to spend a lifetime with just one person, and that means sticking together both through the highs and the lows. Whatever you are going through in your career or family life, a Romanian wife will support you completely.

Why Are Romanian Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Romania is often imagined like one of the poorest countries in Europe, but while things in Romania arenโ€™t as great as in some Western European countries, itโ€™s still not the number one reason why Romanian girls consider marrying foreign men. The main reason why they are doing it is because they have an adventurous spirit. They know that life can be more interesting and fulfilling outside of their home country, and when they have a reliable man by their side, they believe they have everything they need to live happily and comfortably.

The Guide On Marrying A Romanian Woman

Tips on dating a Romanian girl

Dating a Romanian woman is the only way to properly get to know her and to let her get to know you. On one hand, a relationship with a Romanian bride will be pretty easy, but on the other hand, there are a few things you need to know if you want things to work out:

  • The initiative always comes from the man. In Romanian dating culture, the woman is never the first one to reach out to a man. However, she may indicate her interest in some other form โ€” for example, by smiling at you from across the room.
  • Go for different date ideas. There are women in Romania who love to go on fancy dates and there are women who consider a walk in the park to be the best date. Still, most women are happy with any opportunity to spend time with you as long as itโ€™s fun.
  • Women donโ€™t pay on dates in Romania. The feminism movement has not reached Romania in full force yet. That is why a Romanian bride will not even take out her wallet when the check arrives. The man should cover all the expenses on the date.
  • The relationship has to be serious from the start. Romanian mail order brides never waste time on casual relationships, especially when itโ€™s with a foreign man. If you want your woman to fully trust you, explain that you are serious and exclusive about her.
  • Make sure youโ€™re on the same page. Before your relationship takes the turn to wedding and family, you both need to know that your views on marriage, children, finances, and other aspects of life match. The best way to do it is through honest discussions.
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Meeting Romanian bride parents: 3 tips

Even when you come to Romania for the first time to meet your bride, you will definitely meet her parents. Many Romanian girls live with their parents until they get married, so the meeting can happen even sooner than you expect. Here are 3 tips for making it an absolute success.

  • Bring gifts from your country. Romanians never go to other peopleโ€™s houses empty-handed, but you also canโ€™t bring something they can buy at the nearest grocery store. Plan ahead and bring signature gifts from your home country for everyone.
  • Offer your help with anything. When you finally meet the parents of your Romanian mail order bride, the most important tip you can ever get is to not act like a stranger. Offer to help with the food or to clear the table and you will make a very positive impression.
  • Mention your achievements and plans. The parents of your Romanian bride need to know that their daughter will be in good hands if she marries you. Let them know that you have a lot to offer to her and that you plan to achieve even more.

Romanian wedding customs and laws

A wedding in Romania isnโ€™t some intimate event only for the closest friends and family. A Romanian wedding is an opportunity for the whole community to gather and celebrate the newlyweds. These are the 5 things you will see at every Romanian wedding, including your own.

  • Getting ready with the help of friends. In Romania, both the bride and the groom wake up early on their wedding day and get ready with the help of their female and male friends respectively. Needless to day, they will get ready at separate locations and avoid seeing each other prematurely.
  • Godparents instead of the wedding party. Romanian brides and grooms donโ€™t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead, they have godparents: a married couple that can be slightly older. The couple will give advice, guide the newlyweds through the proceedings, and be close to them throughout the day.
  • Getting your bride is not that easy. When you arrive at the brideโ€™s house and want to take her to the wedding venue, you will first need to get through some obstacles. The obstacles are planned by the brideโ€™s family and friends. They can involve fulfilling little tasks, answering questions, and even giving them symbolic gifts.
  • A religious wedding ceremony. The bride and the groom will arrive in separate cars to the church. Romania is a country where religious weddings are still the most common ones. In most cases, the ceremony will be conducted according to the Orthodox Christian tradition, which may be different from the Catholic weddings you are used to.
  • Partying for 12+ hours. Surprisingly enough, a typical Romanian wedding reception starts at around 1 or 2 p.m. This may seem like itโ€™s very early, but there is a simple explanation for that: Romanians like to celebrate the weddings for 12 and more hours, so the earlier they begin, the more time theyโ€™ll have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average age of Romanian mail order brides?

Romanian women are very similar to other European females in many regards, but there is at least one big difference between them. On average, Romanian brides are ready to settle down much earlier than their European counterparts. A typical Romanian girl is ready for marriage at around 25 years and canโ€™t wait to start a real family, so youโ€™ll have more years to spend with her.

Do Romanian brides only marry foreign men for money?

Absolutely not! There is a common stereotype about Romanian mail order brides that they only choose husbands based on their financial status, but itโ€™s simply not true. There are many features a Romanian bride wants to see in her future husband, and while his financial situation is important for a comfortable family life, itโ€™s far from being the main deciding factor.

How common is it for Romanian wives to work?

Itโ€™s somewhat common, but not as common as it is for most other Western nations. A Romanian wife can go to work in two cases: when she has a great, high-paying career that sheโ€™s tried very hard to achieve, or when her family needs an additional source of income. In all other cases, Romanian wives prefer to stay at home and take better care of the family.

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