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Why Are Greek Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

Greek brides may not be the most common women you can meet in the international dating scene, but they enjoy a steady popularity among Western men. There are many reasons to want to meet Greek mail order brides, and here are the most important ones.

They have captivating looks

The appearance of a Greek mail order bride is nothing short of gorgeous. These women are tall and lean with lovely feminine features. They have olive skin, dark curly hair, and beautiful eyes you can look into for hours. Greek women are big believers in natural style. They may put on subtle makeup when getting ready for a special occasion, but you will get to see their bare beauty on a daily basis.

They always look at the bright side

You can meet hundreds of European women, but you will never meet someone as optimistic and cheerful as a Greek bride. No matter what kind of life a Greek woman has had or what kind of feature she is facing, she is already ready to do her best and expect the best from the world. Whatโ€™s even better is that Greek mail order brides try their hardest to cheer up everyone around them, so itโ€™s impossible to be upset with a Greek woman by your side.

They have a fun lifestyle

It will take you just a couple of days with your Greek bride to completely change your lifestyle. A Greek woman is not someone who will spend 24/7 at home, only going to work and to do grocery shopping. These women have a full social calendar and a variety of activities they enjoy. It goes without saying that a Greek mail order bride will want to share them with her partner, which is why the most exciting things expect anyone who chooses a Greek bride.

They are ready to change for you

Greek girls are rightfully proud of who they are, but they also understand the importance of compromising and changing in a relationship. Greek women are generally ready to give the reins in a relationship to the man, and if you feel like certain aspects of your brideโ€™s life need to be changed in order to make things work, she will definitely consider your suggestions. Flexibility is one of the biggest personality traits of Greek brides.

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What Are Greek Wives Like?

Dating a Greek woman is something you need to experience, but we guarantee that you will enjoy it so much that youโ€™ll want to continue experiencing it every day. Greek women for marriage are simply incredible, and here is what itโ€™s like to be married to one.

They canโ€™t wait to become mothers

For Greek wives, family can never be imagined without children. A Greek wife may wait for a few months or even years before starting the family, especially when you both are still young and finding your footing. But after youโ€™ve been together for some, you shouldnโ€™t hesitate before making your family grow. Greek women are intuitive, caring mothers who consider family to be their one true calling.

They wonโ€™t pressure you to do the chores

Greek girls are brought up in mostly traditional families where the man is responsible for making money and the woman takes care of the house. Greek wives usually want to continue the same traditions in their own families. A Greek wife is someone who will cook, clean, and do the washing up not because she doesnโ€™t think you canโ€™t do a good job with the chores, but because itโ€™s just another way for her to take care of her loved ones.

They will keep the romance alive

Inspired by her parentsโ€™ successful marriage, a Greek wife understands the importance of romance and passion in marriage. It can be very easy to feel excited about each other when youโ€™ve only been together for a few months, but after youโ€™ve been married for years, things can take a different turn. Luckily, that is not something you should worry about with Greek wives, as they know how to keep the spark alive.

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Why Are Greek Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

Like most countries in the world, Greece has had its ups and downs. Currently, Greece does not have the strongest economy among European countries. However, Greece is also known for its respectful and equal treatment of women. That is why most Greek women are satisfied by living in their home country and they are not actively trying to move out permanently by marrying a foreign man.

The reason why Greek mail order brides even consider moving abroad is that they find Western men irresistible. Even if a Greek girl has never met a guy from a Western country in person before, she still knows plenty about these men from the media. The way Western men behave, look, and generally go about life are very attractive to Greek women and they are prepared to follow them anywhere.

The Guide On Marrying A Greek Women

Tips on dating a Greek girl

Dating Greek women is exciting and uncomplicated, but you still need to approach it with some knowledge about Greek dating culture. These are the five tips that will help you date Greek girls like a pro.

  • Be romantic and persistent. In short, Greek brides like to be wooed and conquered. Even if you meet some resistance at first, never hesitate to ask her out the second time. And make sure your date ideas are impressive, memorable, and romantic.
  • Find the things you both enjoy doing. Your goal is to build a strong connection that will create a solid foundation for your relationship. So you need to focus on your similarities and try many new activities to see how you two are going to spend time.
  • Let her know about your feelings. A Greek woman will enjoy when you do nice things to her, but she also wants to hear everything about the way she makes you feel. If youโ€™re in love, there is no need to keep it to yourself โ€” be bold and share everything with her.
  • Introduce her to your loved ones. A declaration of love may delight your Greek bride, but she will know your relationship has moved to the next level when you introduce her as your soulmate to your friends and family members at home.
  • Show her your relationship has a future. Greek mail order brides donโ€™t mind hanging out as friends or casual partners, but they will only seriously consider you if you share your vision of the future and how you see your Greek bride fitting into your life.

Meeting Greek bride parents: 3 tips

Family connections are essential to Greek brides and they often live with their parents until they get married. So not only will you definitely meet them a few times before the wedding, but it will probably happen sooner than you think. Here is how to make the best impression on them with your first try.

  • Gifts are always appreciated. Greek visit each otherโ€™s houses very often and they never show up empty-handed. They wonโ€™t be disappointed if you donโ€™t bring anything, but they will be delighted if you bring something signature to your home country or city.
  • Be ready to answer many questions. When you are meeting your Greek brideโ€™s family for the first time, you should know that that meeting can often feel like an interview. Be confident and show them that you will take good care of their beloved daughter.
  • Meet the extended family as well. In Greece, itโ€™s common for several generations to live under the same roof, so it may happen even without your active involvement. And even if not, ask your bride to introduce you to her grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles โ€” you will enjoy those meetings very much and will prove your serious intentions.
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Greek wedding customs and laws

When you first get to know Greek people, you will quickly realize that they are some of the most traditional people in the world. Many of the Greek customs are several centuries old, and there are plenty of them to experience during a traditional Greek wedding:

  • Wedding dates matter a lot. The first decision you and your Greek bride will need to make after getting engaged is the date of the ceremony. Generally, the dates surrounding the big religious dates in Greece are out of the question.
  • Preparing the bed. A day before the wedding, the family members of the bride and the groom will make the marital bed. They will sprinkle it with rice and money, and will even roll a baby around to boost the coupleโ€™s fertility.
  • Koumbaro and koumbara. Instead of a bridesmaid and a groomsman, Greek brides and grooms have a koumbara and koumbaro respectively. These are older friends or family members who will be with the couple throughout the day and will actively participate in their life after the wedding.
  • The religious ceremony. The most common religion in Greece is Greek Orthodox, so your wedding will likely follow Orthodox traditions. It will involve several important customs, including wearing symbolic crowns and sipping wine from a joint cup.
  • Dancing all night long. A Greek wedding ceremony lasts for around an hour, but the reception will not end until the early morning. The guests will eat, drink, dance, mingle with other people, and cheer the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a language barrier with Greek brides?

The level of English among Greeks differs from generation to generation and even from profession to profession. The people with the best knowledge of English are typically younger Greeks, including Greek mail order brides, and the ones who work in the hospitality industry. So there is a good chance your Greek bride will speak English on an adequate level.

How long does it take Greek brides to decide whether they want to marry the person?

Greek brides donโ€™t typically make rash decisions, so itโ€™s unlikely that they will agree to marriage after just a few weeks spent together. However, they also donโ€™t like wasting their time on a relationship that doesnโ€™t go anywhere. Typically, a young Greek woman will expect a proposal in 6 to 12 months since youโ€™ve started dating, but she may be ready to wait more than that for the right man.

How common is it for Greek wives to continue working?

In general, Greek women view themselves more as mothers and wives and less as career women. A Greek wife may work if the family is struggling financially. But if you are able to support the family on your own, your Greek wife would much rather stay at home and take care of the household instead of working full-time.

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