If you want to marry a beautiful woman who will take care of herself and, at the same time, take care of you and your children, pay attention to Moldovan girls. They can become wives from whom you do not want to leave. 

Why Moldovan Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Moldovan brides have a luxurious dowry โ€“ these are beauty, intelligence, and liveliness of character. Letโ€™s take a closer look at what is special about Moldovan girls.

Their appearance is seductive

Moldavian women combined the prettiness of the Slavs and the seductiveness of the southerners. Moldavian chicks are characterized by brown or green eyes combined with dark, often curly hair and slightly swarthy skin. Most Moldovan women can boast of luxurious forms โ€“ a rich bust and lush hips excite the imagination of men. At the same time, Moldovan women try to keep their figure and avoid excess weight.

They are sociable and friendly

Moldovan women have an easy character, it is fun to communicate and spend time with them. To people, they show kindness and participation. They love to spend time in society and know how to keep up a conversation on any topic.

They never get bored

Moldovan girls know how to spend time usefully, know a lot about entertainment and love jokes. Moldovan humor is very perky and cheerful. Local girls are incredibly charming and charismatic, they simply radiate the joy of life and instantly convey the mood to others.

They are polyglots

Most Moldovan girls know 3-4 languages โ€‹โ€‹- in addition to their native tongue, these are Russian, Romanian, and very often English. Young Moldovan women will be able to freely use any of them in conversation.

What are Moldovan Wives Like?

Moldovan singles strive to acquire the status of a married woman as soon as possible โ€“ already at the age of 20, they choose their life partner. Girls in this country are used to a patriarchal model of behavior. What are they, Moldovan wives?

Family comes first

Girls in this country are used to a patriarchal model of behavior. When they get married, they will try their best to get closer to the ideal of a wife โ€“ to take care of the house, cook delicious food and take care of their family members. As a rule, they put the interests of the family above their own.

They are hardworking

Moldovan women are accustomed to working hard and with high quality โ€“ at work, at home, and everywhere. The industriousness and energy of Moldovan wives can only be envied because they are also tireless in bed.

Moderately hot, moderately accommodating

On the one hand, they are meek and recognize male leadership, on the other hand, they are emotional and able to defend their interests. It will certainly not be boring with a Moldovan wife.

They are caring

Loving wives, wonderful mothers โ€“ all this is about Moldovan women. They adore their children, strive to protect their husband from the domestic routine, and in every possible way maintain a comfortable microclimate in the house. At the same time, they do it skillfully and selflessly.

Why are Moldovan Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Foreign marriages are not uncommon for residents of Moldova. They search for men abroad for many reasons.

Their financial situation is not good

Moldova can hardly be called a prosperous country. Many citizens must work hard for a small salary. A woman strives to provide her children with a decent life, and chooses a man who can help her in this โ€“ and there are more such men abroad.

They are searching for a reliable man

Moldovan men are distinguished by a certain carelessness, a tendency to laziness and too relaxed lifestyle. This does not suit many Moldovan singles, and they begin to look for more responsible and serious men abroad.

Women want variety in relationships

Moldovan women are passionate, sensual, romantic, but sometimes they want everything to be calm. European and American men are more restrained than Moldovan โ€“ and women pick them to avoid endless showdown over trifles.

Tips on Dating Moldovan Girl

Moldovan girls love attention, tenderness and romance. How can these qualities be best manifested?

Give her a bouquet of flowers

For a first date, as well as on the occasion of an anniversary or a holiday, it would be appropriate to buy a beautiful bouquet for your Moldovan girl. Girls love flowers and will take this as a gesture of special attention to her.

Invite her to a place where she can dress nicely

It can be an elegant restaurant or a theater โ€“ any place where it would be appropriate to wear an exquisite dress, do hair and look like a queen. Moldovan women love to dress up smartly, especially for the man they love.

Introduce her to your friends

For a Moldovan girl, it will be of great importance if you go out with her more often and communicate with other people. Girls in Moldova love to be the center of attention and will gladly enter your circle of friends.

Show your feelings in public

Hug her more regularly, kiss her, hold her hand โ€“ do not hesitate to seem overly romantic in public. For your darling, this will be another proof of your strong feelings and how proud you are of her.

Meeting Moldovan Bride Parents: 3 Tips

Hospitable Moldovan are always glad to see guests. Especially if this is the future husband of their daughter. There are some features of the mentality, having learned it you will surely pal up with the parents of your Moldovan bride.

Give flowers to the mother of the bride

This is optional, but the mother of the bride will be touched if you bring her a bouquet of flowers. If appropriate, you can make a compliment.

Praise their food and especially their wine

You will definitely be fed with delicious dishes with the obligatory drinking of amazing Moldovan wine. Moldovan will be offended if you refuse their wine. Thus, to praise him is a prerequisite. 

Be open and sociable

Moldovan brideโ€™s parents will certainly want to hear your biography. Do not be embarrassed, tell what you think is necessary. They are sincere, curious and just like to communicate. If you are uncomfortable with a topic, you can turn the conversation in any other direction. The main thing is not to be silent.

3 Wedding Customs and Laws

Moldovan attach great importance to the wedding โ€“ this is a holiday for two, in which all relatives, friends, and acquaintances participate. There are several wedding traditions that are essential for Moldovan.


It is customary for Moldovan to come to the brideโ€™s parents and ask for the hand of their daughter. As a rule, the groom comes with his eldest relative, and receives the blessing of his brideโ€™s parents for the wedding.

Wedding invitation

Moldovan pay special attention to invitations to weddings of relatives and friends. The bride and groom usually do this. According to tradition, honorary grooms personally invite guests who come to them with a scarf tied around them and with a wooden flask.

Rolls exchanging

According to one of the Moldovan traditions, the bride and groom exchange special wedding rolls, one of the rolls is decomposed into pieces and all unmarried people begin to receive a piece as a sign of happiness.


Is it true that Moldavian women are overly expressive due to their mentality?

The southern temperament of Moldovan women makes them emotional and expressive, but at the same time, upbringing and patience teaches them self-control. Therefore, in expressing their emotions, Moldovan women, as a rule, know the measure.

Where is the best place to meet Moldovan women?

Young girls often spend time in cafรฉs and nightclubs, it is there that they are most likely to meet one of them and start a relationship.

Can Moldovan women get married purely for convenience?

Moldovan women strive for a better life and want to secure the future of their children, so the financial situation of the groom matters to her. But she will not marry solely for profit. The generosity of the groom will be a nice bonus, but the main thing for her is still feelings.

Do Moldovan women develop strongly with age?

Moldavian women of age are as beautiful as young chicks. They take care of themselves and even with minimal funds, manage to look astounding. After a certain age, women begin to gain a little weight, which makes them even more seductive.