Why are French Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

The country of the Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower has many stereotypes, such as wearing berets, listening to chanson and playing accordion.ย 

Hot French mail order brides are also widely known all over the world as dignified and full of love. However, this picture is not complete without features, which are essential for close relations and splendid family life. 


France is a native land of beautiful outside, and passionate inside women. French mail order brides are born with flirting and love in their blood. They often take initiative in affairs with men. Being easy-going, it looks very natural and is never vulgar. 

Pleasant manners and openness 

Unlike feminists in Europe, gorgeous French brides avoid rudeness and bad manners. They are extremely polite, being at the same time openhearted and frank.

French brides always say what they think. However, their sincerity wonโ€™t ever be onerous. Discuss openly any issue regarding your future life or your todayโ€™s relations, intimate sex questions. 

Outstanding appearance and chic

Once you see a French bride, you will fall in love with her image and posture. It is a real wonder, how these hot girls manage to combine a simple but elegant outfit, invisible make up and an attractive look, staying chic, elegant and stylish day and night. 

What are French Wives Like?

Love themselves

French wives are sure that relations depend upon the attitude towards yourself. They create perfect loving families, as French ladies adore themselves, their figures, their characters. They are never boring, are full of energy and can inspire their husbands. French mail order brides are interesting for their partners, sexy and hot. 


However, being open and frank, French brides manage to remain mysterious. They do not fully reveal their inner world and their husbands have an opportunity to find out something new and interesting in their beloved. 

For instance, an element such as lingerie plays a very important role with this. Men are astonished in intimal moments, as their women look gorgeous in both outer garments and underwear. 

Know what they want

Being straightforward, French brides always know what they want. This is a perfect feature for family life. A French wife can find a stimulus for her beloved to strive for better and reach higher peaks, revealing more opportunities for their families and kids. 

Skilled hearth keepers

As for the housekeeping abilities and skills for bringing up children, French women for marriage are quite ok with it. Be sure your family will always be well fed and kids will always be protected, well-educated. 

French brides do not provide excessive attention to their youngsters. However, these family members are taught to become independent of their parents very soon. 

Why French Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

As the European Union citizens, French mail order brides are flexible, strive for changes. They do not feel like people of one country, but a part of the world. Thus, French brides are eager to learn about different cultures.

Thinking about French brides you have pleasant recollections (vineyards with ripe grapes, beaujolais champagne with its light taste). This is unlike French men, whose traits of character sometimes are hardly attractive: greediness, impoliteness and untidy looks. French brides try to reveal common interests and a unity of souls with men outside their country, who often are better than their compatriots. 

Besides, French women for marriage are curious and always interested in travels, new impressions and even adventures. Marrying a foreign man looks like a pleasant journey for them. 

The Guide on Marrying French Women

French Girl Rendezvous Recommendations 

Dating a French girl is very easy and comfortable. However, be prepared in advance to avoid unexpected moments. 

  1. French cafes are perfect and widely spread places for encountering, meeting and spending time. Once you havenโ€™t met any French woman for marriage, you have a perfect chance to do it in the cafรฉ drinking your afternoon cup of coffee. Be sure your French mail order bride will take initiative in speaking and make your mutual time spending pleasant. 
  2. French brides are not puritans, thus sex on the first date is not a rare occasion. However, it will happen only if you impress her and she loves you. French mail order brides are not easy to conquer. If you have succeeded, you are really a superman.
  3. As any woman, French brides like compliments, flatter and small gifts. Be polite and courteous, and your efforts will definitely be rewarded.  

Tips on Meeting with French Bride Parents  

Once youโ€™ve decided to marry a French girl, you will surely face the option to meet her parents. Do not be afraid โ€“ you have plenty of time to get ready for this event.  

Your French mail order brideโ€™ relations with her parents 

  • Your French bride has very close relations with her predecessors, and parents, in particular. Their opinion is very important for these women.
  • French mail order brides are independent. They have been taught to live on their own from their early youth. Actually, the grown up life usually starts at an early age for them, as soon as they have graduated from high school.
  • In case your feelings are strong and she loves you very much, no one will influence her opinion to marry. The family of your French mail order bride will warmly welcome you anytime.

The first rendezvous with your future French parents-in-law

  • Wear smart clothes even if you prefer jeans. Try to look traditional, well-dressed, tidy and perfectly hair-dressed. Your outlook is extremely important for French older generation.  
  • Be courteous, flattering and joking, make all women fall in love with you. 
  • Although French people have easy access to deciliters of good wine, they are not heavy drinkers. Restrict your alcohol consumption to be sober.     

A Conventional French Marriage Ceremony

Weddings in France inherited many traditions from the Middle Ages. However, it doesnโ€™t make this ceremony dull. On the contrary, the process of marriage in this country is beautiful and jolly. The procedure is worth coming and practicing.  

Wedding participants

It is interesting that a French bride and a bridegroom do not have any bridesmaids and best men. Usually, one or two witnesses substitute them. 

However, there are children wearing white dresses, who accompany the wedding procession and scatter flower petals along the way to a venue. They also stretch white ribbons across the path of the newlywed. A French bride should cut or remove them. This symbolizes her ability to overcome the difficulties in the future family life. 

Traditionally a mom of the bridegroom accompanies him to the wedding place, and a father of the bride walks beside his daughter. When all guests take their places for the ceremony, a bride and a bridegroom sit down on red velvet couches to take their oaths.  

A venue for an espousal 

A ceremony in the church is an option. However, a legal registration of the marriage is obligatory in France, and it is conducted in the government or mayorโ€™s office. Usually, a mayor of a town or a settlement personally is responsible for an official part of the civil ceremony. 

The publicity of the event is assured by open doors of the room during the registration procedure. It means that any person who contradicts this wedlock may enter and say his words. 

A guest reception place and a dining venue should be thoroughly chosen. Take into account that this event usually continues through all the night and ends by the next dawn.    

Traditional foods and drinks  

Champagne is one of the main drinks during a French wedding. This is an element of the show. A beautiful and romantic procedure of bottle opening is not a simple cork removal. It is called โ€œSabrageโ€ as a sabre is used to cut a bottleneck. Another French wedding tradition is a champagne stemware pyramid. It also became popular for receptions in many countries.    

Profiteroles cake, called Croquembouche, takes its beginning from the ancient ages, when each guest had to bring a small cake for a wedding party. All the gifts were piled in one place, which made a big pyramid of pastries. Currently any small French sweets, such as macrons, may be used for this pie. Numerous tiny cakes symbolize the happiness of French bride and bridegroom.    

Onion soup is a customary dish of French cuisine. Usually, it is served in the morning to the guests who have stayed such late hours. It gives a perfect refreshment and satiety.   

Dragรฉes with almonds and a sugar coat are customary not only of the French ceremonies, but also are widely spread in other countries. However, only a French bride and a bridegroom have a tradition to give 5 almonds to each guest. This symbolizes long life, fertility, wealth, health, happiness. 

Are French wives good mothers? 

Traditionally French kids are happier and healthier than children in other countries. This is one more phenomenon, in addition to the fact that French brides are slimmer without hard workout, have better complexion using fewer make-up, and are healthier consuming French wines. 

  • French children are accustomed to the discipline from their early ages. 
  • Toddlers sleep in their own beds, according to strict time schedules. 
  • Kids always eat wholesome food. Excessive bread and pasta are prohibited by French wives. 
  • Almost all kids are calm, behave well and can sit firmly at the restaurant or other public places. 

Even though French wives may not be called ideal moms, who watch their kids thoroughly, still they manage to bring up free and self-assured people making no efforts. There is also a special approach to children rising in the French style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of men are French brides looking for? 

Some qualities of French men, such as impoliteness, shabby look and excessive traditionalism, differ greatly from French bridesโ€™ habits, who are always elegant, dignified, smart and witty. 

These adorable French women for marriage are seeking men who deserve their love and manage to create equal relations. 

A romantic and courteous person, who understands the language of love, flirt, will be the best match for a French mail order bride. Your reliable background and ambitious plans for the future will be highly appreciated.     

Dining out and flirting with a French mail order bride

Restaurants and cafes play a very special role in the lives of French mail order brides. Dining out with different men is almost a part of their culture. Colleagues, business partners, tourists may easily have a meal, chatter and flirt innocently. 

Flirt is in the blood of French brides. As feminine creatures, French brides behave sexually. They demonstrate their striving for love with words, glances and gestures. Both partners may be married to other people, but still enjoy the atmosphere of love play. 

Love and sex for French brides 

One more stereotype about French mail order brides says that they are very liberal in sex. However, it is not so. 

French women for marriage are more about love, than a sex. There is no place for casual rendezvous or one-day stands. French brides give their consent to intimate relations only in case that there is something special between both of you. 

If you like a woman, you should be very persistent and tenacious. Your French mail order bride will definitely reward your efforts.