Why are British Mail Order Brides So Popular Nowadays?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is a country of the EU with one of the most developed industrial, political and cultural traditions. Its climate is temperate maritime, ensuring green plants growth throughout the year. Thus, both cities and villages always have a beautiful verdant decoration.

British mail order brides also have a flourishing look all year round and are attractive for all potential foreign grooms. The secret of their beauty is in constant development of their virtues.

British women for marriage have subtle polished elegance

Oh, British brides arenโ€™t beauties is the direct meaning of this word. Nature hasnโ€™t presented them with a sexy body or appealing face features, as some Asian or Latina women.

Meanwhile, British mail order brides are cute in their mature ages. British brides learn very quickly how to enhance their best traits or hide disadvantages. Being a so-called ugly duckling in adolescent ages, British women for marriage turn into swans later.

Girls of this land are generally slender, long legged, touching and sexy; British brides preserve these traits even in their maturity. 

A slightly cold Nordic look of British women for marriage makes a contrast with their hot and devoted nature. Together with elegant outfits and skilled make-up, British brides produce an irresistible impression on any man, especially on a person with strong matrimonial intentions.

Women of real deeds, British mail order brides are industrious and single-minded

British women for marriage always know exactly what they want. They are not only good employees, but also perfect wives and mothers. 

British brides set goals for themselves, their husbands and children. It is always advantageous to have such an engine in the family. The couple may gain prosperity at no time; kids will get relevant education, become independent and achieve their personal targets.

What are British Wives Like?

Humorous and exiting 

Women of Albion are witty and have a sense of humor. Alongside with outer chic, British women for marriage have inner elegance, sharp wit and outstanding sense of humor. Their irony will make your common life easier and always will help withstand challenges. 

It is quite comfortable speaking with any British bride on various topics. They support conversation in a light manner, making any interlocutor feel at ease. Besides, the accent of a British bride is absolutely neat and pleasant.

Educated and skilled 

British women are well educated, have high intellectual abilities and are perfect at etiquette. Great Britain and England in particular is famous for its ancient scientific centers and old universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London

There are few British mail order brides, who have managed to graduate from these institutions. Still, almost all educational establishments of GB provide profound knowledge. If a British woman for marriage doesnโ€™t have a university degree, she can still be a good professional, advise on various fields, and support any conversation.

Why British Brides are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

British men do not tend either to marry in their youth, or to create strong monogamy relations too early. British people in general try to create families in their mature ages. Their first concern is to get a good basis for the future and build careers. Marriage is on the third place for these people usually.

Being able to combine both education, professional growth and childbirth, British brides are ready for family life earlier and do not wait long. Thus, meeting and marrying foreigners is a good option for them.

Another reason to marry a man abroad is the natural curiosity of British mail order brides. They are eager to learn more about different cultures and foreign countries. Being fond of travelling and ready to relocate, vigorous British brides create new relationships with good men even from exotic countries.

The Guide on Marrying British Women

Rendezvous with British Women, Tips and Advice

  • Relaxation. Anxiety is not a good friend during the first date with a British bride. Thus, try to arrange maximum comfort in advance. Think ahead about all details, which may make you feel ill at ease. Avoid disturbing moments to be more concentrated on your British mail order bride and your relations.
  • An Outfit. The first impression being positive is the direct way to the success in your future relations with a British bride, and your clothes and footwear are the bedrock. It does not mean that you must put on all brand new garments. However, comfort, tidiness and ironing are necessary. A clean deodorized body and a perfect haircut will allow you not to be distracted by the thoughts about possible failures in these fundamental issues.
  • A site. Although it may be tempting to allow your partner to choose a place for a date, avoid this. If a venue will not be comfortable for you (i.e. a very noisy Friday pub, or a concert hall with an annoying music repertoire), you will not be relaxed.  Take initiative at least for the first date promising to pass initiative in the dating place for your British woman for marriage next time.
  • Conversation. Do not be afraid that subjects for the conversation will be boring. Your British woman for marriage is a perfect interlocutor. With her lovely accent and numerous topics for discussion, your rendezvous will be vivacious. Try to keep an adequate balance between speaking and listening. This ability will help you to reveal your best qualities and find out more about your British bride.
  • Paying bills. British women always pay for themselves. However, offer to pay for your dinner with your British lady on your first date. This will demonstrate not only your financial situation, but also your attention and concern about her.

Meeting Parents of Your British Mail Order Bride

As one of the conservative nations, British people value traditions, rituals and various conventions. Besides, practicing late marriages, children very often stay with the parents until their maturity. Thus, it is no wonder that moms and dads play a great role in the life of their grown-up daughters.

Moreover, your British mail order bride will be eager to introduce her new partner to the relatives as soon as possible. Get prepared for this special event to impress your future in-laws.

  1. Think ahead about possible awkward situations to avoid them. Get ready at 100% in the sense of a perfect outfit and image. 
  2. Prepare some neutral topics for small talks, omitting such ambiguous subjects as racism, Brexit or LGBT movements.
  3. You are sure to face a waterfall of questions about your job, family and traditions, as usually parents of your British bride are deeply concerned in their childโ€™s partnership. To avoid drowning in this stream, get ready to ask your own questions. Demonstrate your interest and attention to your future relatives.
  4. Your good manners and generosity will be appreciated if you bring along some small gifts or pay the bills for dinner.

British Wedding Customs and Laws

Any British bride dreams not only about a happy and flawless family life, but also about a solemn wedding ceremony, impressive and unforgettable for newlyweds and their guests.

There are some customary rituals and conventions making an event a fairy tale for an every British mail order bride:

  • wearing white dress, 
  • the first dance of newlyweds, 
  • smooth golden rings, 
  • the wedding cake, 
  • brideโ€™s bouquet toss, 
  • carrying a bride through the threshold, 
  • the honeymoon.

Queen Victoria in her wedding with Prince Albert in 1840 initiated the tradition of a white dress. Since then, many British brides and newlyweds from other countries have opted for formal dresses with delicate embellishments of lace, ribbons and pearls.

Traditional smooth golden rings are a symbol of a happy family life. A British bride and a groom exchange these accessories during the wedding ceremony. Surprisingly, this ritual goes back to ancient Egypt times. The belief states that the ring on the left hand finger is the vein of love and will bring love for a new family. 

Another interesting UK wedding tradition is that a British bride should have something new, old and borrowed. A new thing means a future life of a new family, an old one โ€“ the past of the couple, and a borrowed thing represents happiness, which a woman brings to the life of her husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of men are British brides looking for?

  • Proactive living position. Gorgeous British mail order brides are smart and vigorous, having various interests. They prefer active relations with constant development. In case, foreign grooms are able to provide much entertainment, travels, walks in the open air, British brides will have many advantages as compared to conservative men compatriots.
  • Empathy and emotions. British women for marriage appreciate the ability to sympathize. The people of their country are rather reserved. However, British brides are kind-hearted and empathic. Do not be afraid to invite her for a cinema film with a loving plot or a musical concert with a touchy repertoire.
  • Sense of humor and irony. Be ready that your British mail order bride gets the banter. Humor is one of the most outstanding qualities of the people in the UK. Thus, if you joke a lot, understand pranking and are not frustrated with a bit of sarcasm towards you, British women for marriage are your ideal wives.

What do British mail order brides think about gender roles in the family?

The feminist movement affects the views for gender roles in families of men and women in Europe. This also refers to UK families and British wives.

Generally, British brides and grooms try to maintain equal relationships. A couple shares duties in their everyday life, from cooking, washing up to loading the laundry in the washing machine. This also applies to the way families are provided for life. Both spouses work, earn money and pursue careers.

However, conservative views of Albion country inhabitants make UK women more traditional in their views for a gender role compared to European feminists. British mail order brides become excellent wives and housekeepers. They are taught and eager to perform customary duties of a wife: cooking, cleaning, dishwashing. 

Taking care of kids themselves is very natural for British brides. However, their professional development is very important for them, even if they specialize in working or servicing jobs.

Do British mail order brides marry men of the same age?

Nope, this is not always the case. Marrying a British bride means that you have a reliable background and a strong financial position. The age of a groom is not important for girls. Therefore, the couple may have a 5, 10, 15 year gap. Usually, husbands are older than their British wives are. This occurs only because men need more time to strengthen their positions in society, career and finance.